Written by Angela

17 Oct 2007

I’d made the trip to Barcelona to attend my best friend’s daughter’s hen party. We’d spent the day out and about with all the young girls but had decided to give the evening shenanigans a miss and instead made arrangements to go out for a nice meal and a few drinks around the bars in the city.

We’d had our meal and we were in a wonderful lively bar and ended up talking to a group of six lads who turned out to be staying in the same hotel as us. They were much younger than us but we had a great time with them, all the usual stuff like them taking the mickey out of us because of our age and the like, but it was all in good fun. We ended up leaving together and walking back to the hotel. Once in the hotel we were talked in to one more drink in the bar.

To cut a long story short we ended up buying a few bottles of wine and all eight of us went to our room. I think we all knew what we what we were looking for so it wasn’t long before my friend was lying on the bed snogging one of the lads. He was running his hands up and down her body and was bit by bit inching her skirt higher and higher up her thighs. He soon had his hand under her skirt and it was clear what he was doing as my friend opened her legs to give him access to her fanny. They were joined on the bed by one of the other lads and she rolled onto her back and started kissing the second lad. Her skirt was now up round her waist and the first lad had his hand inside her knickers and was fingering her to her first orgasm. The second lad was undoing her shirt; she wasn’t wearing a bra and soon her braless tits were on show and he was massaging them as he kissed her.

To see her lying on her back with her legs apart and two fit young lads giving it to her was a real turn on and I was pleased when one of the others pulled me to my feet and started to kiss me too. Almost immediately he was massaging my boobs through the fabric of my halter neck top. I wasn’t wearing a bra either and he soon had my tits out and was massaging them and playing with my nipples. His hands roamed down my bare back and on to my bum and round the front on to my thighs. I so desperately wanted to feel his hand on my fanny but my skirt was too tight and I couldn’t open my legs far enough.

I looked over at my friend again and saw that one of the lads was now in between her legs with his trousers round his knees and was fucking the living daylights out of her while the others watched. Her legs were wide open and her knees bent. I noticed that she still had her shoes on and her black knickers were hanging around her left ankle. It was the first time I’d watched anyone have sex and it was much better in real life than any film I’d ever seen. It was great to see his buttock muscles flexing as he pounded in to her and to see her boobs bouncing in time with the banging was wonderful. It didn’t seem long before he off loaded in to her and rolled off onto the bed beside her. He was quickly replaced by one of the others who went at it furiously, my friend could hardly contain her screams as she reached what must have been a great orgasm but he carried on banging into her and she came again and again.

As she was being fucked one of the other lads was standing next to the bed, he had his trousers undone and he held his huge throbbing dick in his hand. It was massive and he was slowly moving his hand in a sort of wanking action to get himself hard. I heard him say to one of his mates that he wanted to “fuck the other one first”; he meant me and I was game on.

As the third lad took his turn between my friend’s legs, the one with the giant dick came over to me and started to kiss me. I grabbed hold of his monstrous dick and moved my hand up and down its length, the bell end completely filled the palm of my hand and I couldn’t get my hand all the way around it. It was massive; by far the biggest dick I’d ever seen. I told him that I wanted his dick inside me and he smiled. I pushed him away from me and he sat down on the edge of the bed next to where my friend was still getting fucked. My skirt was too tight for me to hoist it up round my waist so I undid it, wriggled out of it and let it fall to the floor. In an effort to avoid underwear lines showing though my tight skirt I’d not worn any knickers that evening and I now stood there in only my halter top and high heeled shoes; to see his face as he looked at my freshly shaven fanny was a real treat. I told him to take his clothes off and lie on his back on the bed when he was naked. As he was taking his clothes off, I sat on the chair in the corner of the room and told one of the other lads to get to work on me with his tongue. He knelt on the floor in front of me and I got myself into a position where I could open my legs wide enough for him to get at me. He tongued me for a good few minutes before his friend started to become impatient and told me to get over to him because it was his turn. I pushed the lad who was licking me away and went over to the bed.

He was on his back on the bed with his massive, rock hard dick in his hand. I climbed on top of him and straggled his throbbing meat. Pushing two of my fingers into my smooth, wet fanny to open myself slightly, I positioned his iron hard dick at the entrance to my fanny and eased myself down on to him. Although I was soaking wet from the tonguing I’d previously had, it took some time, but eventually I managed to get his bell end to part my fanny lips and force its way into me. I couldn’t help but gasp as I felt the thickness of his dick stretch me as I took the length in to me. He felt absolutely massive and it took me a few seconds to take the whole length completely and comfortably inside me. I was soon sliding myself up and down his pole and loving the feeling of its size deep inside me. I started to feel my first orgasm on its way and increased the speed of my movements; pounding myself down onto his magnificent dick I could feel my braless tits bouncing under my top as I rode him. My first orgasm was followed almost immediately by another and another and I was loving the fucking I was giving myself on his hardware.

I exchanged a glance and a quick smile with my friend on the bed next to me who was enjoying her fourth dick of the night and clearly eager for more. Her face and chest were flushed and shinny with droplets of sweat on her forehead and neck. I’ve no idea how many orgasms she’d had but there seemed no end to her enthusiasm for more.

It was time for me to get on to my back and let him do some work. Lifting myself off his dick, I rolled on to my back and spread my legs. His dick still massive and hard, he smiled at me as he crawled up the bed between my legs and started to kiss me again. He wasted no time in getting inside me, holding his massive dick in his right hand he guided it to the entrance to my tender, twitching fanny. I felt him push against me, and again his huge bell end forced its way between the lips of my baldy fanny. He was soon deep in to me and making long, slow, powerful strokes in and out of me. Within a few seconds I felt another orgasm start to build; I could hardly breathe as I reached climax and I pulled him hard against my body, moving my hips in time with his rhythm. He continued to pleasure me with slow gentle movements and kept me wonderfully on the edge of orgasm the whole time; occasionally increasing the power or speed of his thrusts and giving me long, deep orgasms that seemed to fill my whole body.

Without me having to tell him, he seemed to know what I wanted and increased the speed and power of his stokes. He was soon hammering into me like a machine. I put my hands over my head and pushed on the headboard to stop myself moving too far up the bed. I could feel my boobs as they moved under my top and I undid the thin tie at the back of my neck to release my braless tits from my top. Seeing my naked breasts and hard nipples seemed to spur him on and I wrapped my legs round the back of his knees and hung on for the ride.

I couldn’t help but scream as he wacked his meat into me, the whole length of his shaft being stroked in and out and the thickness stretching me and filling me with every thrust. I’d never experienced a fucking like this before, even between orgasms I seemed to be in a state of ecstasy and when I did orgasm, they swept through my whole body in shuddering waves of electricity like sensation taking me the limits of what I could endure. The world was a blur and I was about to call for him to stop when he slowed the speed but increased the power of his strokes and I knew he was about to come. He started to groan as he lay heavily on me, pinning me to the bed as he continued to pump me. After a few moments, he again lifted himself on his arms and fucked me in such a way that the only parts of our bodies that were touching were his dick inside me and my legs wrapped round the back of his. We looked each other in the eyes, communicating the exact time for him to release his load. I gripped and released him, matching him thrust for thrust with my hip movements, he stroked in and out of me, skilfully manoeuvring his hunk of meat inside me, ensuring that we both got the maximum benefit of the last seconds of our session. I was soon bringing myself off and he instinctively knew that I was ready. He increased speed and pounded into me as I screamed to the deepest orgasm of the session. I felt his dick throb followed the feeling of the warmth of his come as he off loaded deep inside me.

He continued to gently move his softening dick inside me until every sensation of the orgasm had left us. We kissed as he withdrew himself from me. I lay with my legs still wide apart for a few seconds as I let my fanny recover. One of the others attempted to get between my legs but I’d had the fucking of my life and I didn’t want any more that night. I wanted to remember the feeling of him inside me and although my friend had taken five dicks I felt I’d had the best deal by far and was a very content woman with firsthand experience that big dicks a better.