Written by watchers

11 Aug 2008

It had been a long week , not much time for play . Niks and my body had only engaged briefly this week due to busy schedules and work.

It was friday afternoon and i was sat at my desk . Thoughts of Nnk came to my mind and i felt my pussy twitch. God i needed a fuck .

I was supposed to be working but was quickly distracted by Nik ringing my office phone. I answered to hear his smooth seductive voice at the other end. Nik was calling to discuss ideas for a promotional event. I listened to his voice and allowed its smooth tones to caress my thoughts.

I was meant to be behaving as my boss was in the room next door but i hadnt seen Nik all day and had to rush out the door this morning , only having time to steel a quick kiss.

Nik had seen me leave in my tight denim pencil skirt , white shirt and white heels with his favorite thick lace top hold ups with the line up the back.

I teased him a little on the phone , telling him that i was checking that no body was looking and then slowly crossing and un crossing my legs .

Nik said \" what you like you tart \"

\" but im thinking of you Niky \" i replied

Nik then warned me that he could hear some one walking down the corridor so he would have to take one of his ear phones out to talk to them. I heard him say \" hi Chris \" so i knew his boss was there. I stayed on the phone and whispered down the line \" iI want you Niky \"

I heard him give a cough at the other end. I continued to tease .

\" im sliding my hand up my thigh and i can feel my stocking tops \"

I could still hear his boss in the background , she had no idea that i was on the phone in his ear. I knew Nik would be struggling to follow her conversation but this just encouraged me more.

\" do you want me to touch my pussy ? \"

Unable to respond clearly , Nik managed to reply \" arh ha \" so his boss thought Nik was acknowledging what she was saying but i knew he was responding to me .

\" oooh my lips are so wet , this is really naughty Niky , im slipping two fingers deep into my pussy \" I continued giving little groans down the line to let him know i was getting turned on.

\" are you hard Niky ? \"

I heard Nik cough in surprise. Even though his boss was standing at his office door , i knew he would have one hand on his cock under the table.

\" are you desperate to stroke your cock Niky ? \" Nik was quite for a moments then he replied \" shit , Chris has gone now but fuck you\'ve made me hard , i now have pre cum dripping from my cock , i think you should come down and lick it off ! \"\" I laughed and dismissed him by saying \" i will see you later \"

A few moments later i was stood in the door way to his office . Clearly surprised he said \" oh hi ya babe , alright ? \" I knew he wouldn\'t really have been expecting this so without saying a word i looked him directly in the eye and closed his office door . Walking towards him , he sat slightly to one side in his chair , casually leaning back with a slight grin on his face. As i looked down i could clearly see he was hard.

Nik leaned in and kissed me ., As he did i quickly un zipped his jeans and his cock immediately stood proud.

\" behave naughty girl , we are still at work ! \" said Nik.

I dropped my head down , looked up at him through the hair that was draping in-front of my eye and whispered \" sshh Niky , you know you want this , let me give it to you \" Before he could respond i had sunk my lips down his shaft right up to his balls . He didn\'t fight it long . Within a few minutes Nik was gently holding the back of my head as i continued to caress the full length of his cock with my lips.

I looked up at him and as i did he leaned his head back and groaned in pleasure saying \" your good at that baby , i can tell you have sucked alot of cock \". I could feel his head pulsing against my tongue. this turned me on more .

I stood up beside his chair , bending down with my legs straight , giving his cock full attention-but raising my arse in the air so that Nik could slip his hand up my skirt to gently stroke my arse as i continued to suck him. I knew Nik was well experienced and was well practiced at holding off but we hadnt fucked all week so he was loosing control.

\" do you want to fill my mouth with your cum Niky ? \"

\" yeah baby \" he replied \" i want to splash cum all over your pretty lips \"

I felt his cock twitch and knew he would soon cum. I I slipped Niks cock out of my mouth and sat across his lap . Lifting my skirt high so he could see the lace top of my hold ups. I carried on wanking his cock . Gripping it firmly with two fingers i stroked up and down , building up as i gripped round his head.

\" arhh ...im gonna cum Helen , im gonna cum \" \" yeah go on Niky , give me your spunk \"

As he thrust , i aimed his cock and his glossy white cum sprayed over the lace top to my hold ups , glistening and making puddles. \" oohh you dirty bitch ! \"

I returned a smile and smeared Niks cum all round the tops of my hold ups and down the inside of the sheer fabric .. I knew it would turn Nik on to know that i would be walking round the rest of the day with his cum on my hold ups.

\" god your a filthy tart but i love it \" stated Nik. \" wait till i see you tonight ! \"

\" I will look forward to it \" i replied \" it will be a good evening ! \" and with that i blew Nik a kiss and walked down the corridor . N iks questioning followed my steps . \" what did you mean by \' it will be a good night \' ? what have you planned ? \"

I gave nothing away by my reply . \" see you tonight Niky ! \" and i gave a little giggle .

Hearing the front door shut and \" hi hunny ! \" Niky was home .

I greeted him on the stairs already showered and wearing my black and white pleated skirt , white thigh high socks and my glossy pink heels with my grey t shirt top fitted tightly over my pert breasts and tapering in around my waist to show off my curves.

\" if you get changed Niky , we can go to Hardies for a drink \"

\" nice idea baby \" replied Nik. I waited out side for the taxi while he got changed as i knew i would want to fuck him if i stayed in the house while he got ready . I was still horny from sucking his cock earlier that day at work .

Ready to go we sat in the back of the taxi , holding hands as we chatted casually to the driver. Nik flirtatiously stroked his fingers up the inside of my thigh , just exposing a small amount of flesh above the top of my white socks . I immediately looked at the driver in his inside mirror , aware to maintain his conversation in hope that he wouldn\'t notice Niks wandering hand. I could see Nik looking at me out the corner of my eye , he was smiling and obviously enjoying teasing me.

The taxi driver proceeded to tell us how busy the company was tonight and advised us to pre book for the journey home. By this part of the conversation Niks fingers had slipped inside my pussy.For a moment my mind drifted off , enjoying the little thrusts that Niks fingers where making . Nik needed to be careful as i was begging to imagine myself getting extremely turned on. Had the driver seen Nik touching me ?

What would they both say if i lost all inabition and just laid back and spread my legs across the back seat , hooking my glossy heels around the front head rests ?

\" thats £3.50 please \" I was quickly returned to reality when i heard the drivers request. We had arrived at our destination . \" pick up at 12.30 out side Hardies \" confirmed the driver.

Mendies was lively but still had space to sit and room to dance. Nik went to the bar to get drinks. I found us a seat , nicely positioned by the dance floor and slightly in a corner. Most people were up dancing but there were two blokes sat on a table opposite.they were both casually dressed but smart , small to medium build and well groomed . One had a trimmed goaty and had dark hair. Every now and again i caught their gaze looking my way. We exchanged a smile and i couldn\'t help but play to this.

I positioned myself so they could see the length of my leg crossed over my knee. One of the blokes noticed my glossy shoes as i innocently flexed and pointed my foot. I watched his gaze move up the length of my leg , then i saw him nudge his friend as his gaze stopped to take in the flesh that i was showing between the top of my thigh high socks and my pleated skirt.

Nik returned with our drinks and immediately noticed the two guys looking at me .Sitting beside me Nik kissed me passionately , looking over my shoulder at the two guys opposite. For a moment the guys looked away but their focus was soon drawn back as they saw me stroking Niks cock through his jeans . As i stroked and teased Niks cock i could feel him pushing against my hand as he got harder. Seeing guys watching was obviously turning Nik on . I encouraged this viewing by making eye contact with the guys . Nik whispered in my ear as he caressed my neck with his tongue . \" go on bay give them some thing more to look at \" . Initially surprised i said \" but Niky we are in the club , some body else might see ! \" Niky knew how to persuade me . \" come on baby you know i like to show off your pretty pussy . Let them have a glance , it will make them hard \" I knew Nik wanted to assert that I was his and show other guys what they couldn\'t have .

I held the guys eye contact and teased my tongue round my lips . I kept one hand on the strained bulge in Niks jeans and used the other to push my knees apart , pushing my legs wide open. \" thats it bay spread them a bit more \" said Niky. As i looked at the guys i couldn\'t help my pleasure \" Niky they are both really hard \" They tried to arrange their cocks but i was willing them to get them out and imagining them near my pussy.

Nik leaned into my neck and whispered \" imagine them sitting hear touching your pussy baby , imagine their fingers tracing round your lips and lightly rubbing your clit \" Nik knew the thought of this would turn me on as he reached round and stroked my already moist pussy . Not meaning to say it so loud \" you dirty bitch , you have no knickers on and you\'ve had your legs open and your hole on full view to those two guys ! \"

I put my head back and laughed and pushed my self forward so it forced Niks fingers to fall effortlessly into my warm little hole. The two guys watching couldn\'t take any more . Trying to cover their hard cocks they walked back through to the bar. Me and Nik sat laughing and kissing at what we had just done. We ordered a couple more drinks . Vodka was flowing and inabitions were lower.

Waiting outside for the taxi i felt tipsy but was still in control and fully aware of my surroundings , i could tell Nik was the same . He had just enough to feel relaxed.

Unusually punctual our taxi arrived. It was the same guy that had dropped us off but he was accompanied by a front seat passenger. The driver introduced him as a new member of the company who would be driving solo tomorrow and was shadowing him to get familiar with regular routes.

During the journey home both the driver and his college amused them sulfas with chatter. Inabittions already low , me and Nik started to cuddle up and kiss in the back. Seducing me Nik ran his hand softly over my neck and down the side of my face . His fingers occasionally brushing through my hair. Without being conscious of it I was already offering myself to him and everyone else by opening my legs to reveal my bare pussy , glistening where it was all ready wet. Forgetting where i was I let out a groan as Niks tongue had found its way to caressing my nipple which was now pushing erect in his mouth.

Looking up i was faced with the interior mirror which had been adjusted to directly reflect my glowing pussy. The front seat passenger had already turned himself round so he could see between the two front seats . Hearing my gasp , Nik looked round and confidently addressed both guys . \" do you like the look of my girlfriends pussy ? do you want to watch her pussy get licked ? \" The passenger didn\'t need asking twice . He already had his cock in his hand stroking it. Seeing his thick girth i hooked my pink heels around the head rests of the front seats displaying my pussy .

Nik leaned in from the side and proceeded to lightly suck my clit . Fuck i was ejoying these two strangers looking at me . Getting more turned on i held the back of Niks head \" oohh Niky i like that , yeah just there Niky \" as he flicked his tongue against my clit. I could feel the other guys hand stroking the inside of my leg and the vibration of him wanking was a welcome vibe.

I didn\'t look to see where we were driving but i knew we were moving slow as the driver strained to watch in his mirror and grab the occasional glance over his shoulder . Seeing the another guys hand on my thigh , Niky offered \" do you want to taste her pussy for a while ? is that ok with you Helen ? you dont have to , I can carry on if you want ?\" Wanting to see Nik get really turned on I reassured him with a kiss and a smile before pushing myself forward as the guy leant through the gap in the seats and buried his face greedily into my cunt. Nik had got me so wet . Every time the guy came up you could see my juices glossing his face. I could feel myself building up but hadnt yet reached my point , until i looked round to see Nik wanking his own cock . He kept adjusting his pace , it was so horny to see a guy in such control.

Holding his hand as the stranger continued tasting me , Nik recognized the familiar flushing to my cheeks and the arch in my back as i was building up. Knowing how to push me over the edge Nik spoke seductively in my ear \" yeah come on baby enjoy it , let your self cum , i dont mind its just on his face I can handle that \" . I felt Niks hand under my bum , lifting my arse up and pushing it closer into the strangers face. Then Nik sunk his tongue into my mouth and i groaned . Jerking forward and back in short sharp un controllable bursts , clenching my fist beside me i was about to cum on another mans face and my boyfriend was watching . Holding the back of Niks head as he kissed me , i wrapped one leg round the back of the other guys head and let out a groan \" arrhh Niky im gonna cum , im gonna cum , can i cum Niky , its on his face baby oohh oohh \" \" yeah ok baby cum on his face \" Nik replied

Now i had cum i wanted more. I wanted to make them all explode.

I asked the driver to pull over in a lay by . We could still hear some traffic passing by .

I directed the driver to come in the back and kneel over me , the opposite side to Nik. Still on my back , legs in the air , i took Nik and the drivers cock in my hands and started to wank them and taking turns licking their balls . As they both got really hard i pulled them forward and managed to take them both in my mouth. Nik was a little surprised but pushed himself in deeper. I knew the driver wasn\'t going to last much longer so i positioned myself to face him and raised my arse in the air so Nik could fuck my tight little pussy. Feeling Niks hands on my hips , he pulled himself into my cunt giving long hard thrusts as i ground back on him . \" go on baby give this guys cock some more attention , let us spit roast you \" Nik requested. As he pushed my head down to engulf the thick cock in-front of me. Every thrust Nik made in my pussy pushed me down further on to another guys cock.. Obviously enjoying having a 29 year old sinking her lips down the length of his cock , looking at Nik he said \" your girlfriend has a pretty little mouth but i want to spray my cum in it \" Nik didn\'t hesitate to will him to do this.

Before i knew it Nik was pulling the back of my head up so that the driver could-watch his own cum spraying onto my tongue and over my face.

As the driver melted into his orgasm , I turned round to look at my Niky . His blue piercing eyes . My mouth full of cum , some ran out over my lips and onto my tits. I sat up on my knees and took hold of Niks cock and pushed it deep into my mouth as another guys cum flowed down onto Niks balls. Pulling my head back to look at Niky , i continued wanking him over my mouth and reminded him \" you\'ve just let a stranger cum on your girlfriends face and you\'ve pushed your cock into my cum filled mouth \"

The passenger who we still watching had stayed hard and was proving this by wanking his cock and repeatedly s;lapping it against my arse . It didn\'t take long before he exploded . He was a heavy cummer and it ran down my arse and onto my pussy . Seeing this Nik groaned . Pushing his cock forward he exploded over my face and then kissed me tasting a mixture of cum .

Seeing three satisfied cocks and rubbing their cum into my tits , arse and face I laid back relaxed but to my surprise it wasn\'t just Nik who could stay hard !

I looked up at my adoring Niky and questioned \" can i have more cock baby , can i make them cum again ? \" Nik replied instantly \" yeah go on baby get them going again.Niky knew that i loved sucking cock.

I turned myself round so my back was still flat on the seat but my legs were now stretched onto the percale shelf at the back . I had positioned myself so that my head would hang slightly off the seat so that the guy in the front could reach his cock through and fuck my mouth.

Niky had the other guy licking my pussy while he sucked my tits. Fuck this was so horny getting serviced by three guys.

The car was getting hot and we could no longer see through the windows due to the steam. Realigns that it was now the early hours of the morning and traffic was light , we took the chance to get some air and stepped out side the car..

Still clad in my pleated skirt , heels and white high socks , Niky lifted me onto the bonnet-and told me to spread my legs. I knew Niky was turned on but didn\'t realize how much . He directed the other two guys \" hold her legs open while i fuck her \'

Opening my lips Niky sunk himself up-to his balls in my warm inviting pussy. Niky knew how to fuck me. Teasing a little with quick thrusts of his head then long slow strokes using the full length of his shaft. I felt my face deepening red and a warm wave was rushing over my body. Niky knew i would soon cum . \" dont you cum on my cock you dirty bitch , your not cumming on me \" this just made me want to cum more. I closed my eyes. Niky was pushing my legs further apart . I could feel the other guys touching my legs. Niky pulled back , not completely pulling his cock out . I was waiting , wanting , willing his next thrust . I felt my pussy get really tight as i felt another cock entering my hole . I reached out for Nikys hand and he reassured me \" ok baby ? can you take both of us , can your sweet little hole take two cocks ? \" I felt them both push deeper . My pussy contracted and was now milking two cocks as they pushed against the walls of my cunt. Niky and me had often fantasized about this situation and i knew Niky was dirty but now i knew just how much . Taking a breath in , i exhaled \" Niky im gonna cum again , im gonna cum on both of you \" Nik responded with a deeper thrust \" yeah go on baby splash your juice over our cocks \"

\" are you sure Niky , there is another cock inside me too and you want me to cum on it ? \" \" arrhh , fuck , ooohh yeah , yeah .... \"

\" you dirty bitch you just covered us both in your cum \" said Niky . \" now its our turn \"

He slid me off the bonnet and sat against it him self and directed me to sit on him. I eagerly lowered my open pussy onto his cock. As he laid back i remained sitting up , fucking him slowly. One of the guys was knelt beside us on the bonnet and thrust his hard cock directly into my mouth. I was in a haze of orgasm as i rhythmically sucked cock and squeezed my pussy on the other.

\" do you like being naughty baby ? \" grinned Niky

I returned a smile as Niky reached round my arse and gently pulled my cheeks apart . \" spit on her arse \" he directed the other guy stood behind me . \" go on she likes that \"

Looking up at me sucking cock Niky said \" im gonna let him fuck your arse now baby and im gonna stay in your pussy \" I gave an accepting nod , trusting Niky completely.

\" pull yourself into her slowly \" Nik told the driver . \" just give her long slow thrusts and i will do her pussy \" Nik had it working . \" how feel getting all three holes fucked , and we are all going to cum in you \"

Nik was nearing the edge but he held off as the guy on the bonnet shot cum into my mouth , i held it there waiting to be filled up by Niky and the driver . The driver pulled his hips back and i felt a surge of warm cum pulse from his cock to fill my arse. Ccum was running out from two holes now. Feeling the driver cumming in my arse , Niky exploded into my pussy .

Standing up off the bonnet every hole was dripping with milky white cum.

As the guys re arranged them self\'s in their jeans , i squatted down against the car and peed . The warm throbbing of my pussy , pushing out a mixture of we e and dollops of cum puddled on the floor beneath my legs.

Nik took my hand and helped me to my feet . Kissing me gently he remarked \" you\'ve been a bad girl , i c can taste cum on your lips and you have been sucking cock \"

We both smiled and finished the journey home.

For some reason their was no charge for the taxi pick up ?

Maybe its because they took so long getting us home ?...........