Written by Poolman

8 Sep 2009

…. and she draped herself over the hood. It was still early but getting cold in the late autumn. The setting sun meant that we could not see everything. The man from the car started to take pictures. The flash of the camera capturing frozen movement as the woman moved on the bonnet of the car. Shaved pussy held open by her own hand. Finger stuck in, finger sucked.

The man beckoned to one of the guys to come forward. Some more flashes, pictures of cock. Then he was allowed to enter the hood ornament. More flashes. Legs up. The guy pounded her with his trousers around his ankles. The guy finished and there were more pictures of leaking cum.

I asked Shelly, “Would you like to do that?”

“No way pervert.”

It did not stop her looking with her hand on my stiff cock. The next guy went forward. More cock pictures. Then he was permitted his fuck, all the time flashing away. He was banging away fast and egger. Shelly started resetting her cloths. I pulled my flies shut.

The last guy did not wait to be invited. He just went forward. He was stopped by the man. The other two guys intervened as an argument broke out. The third guy let pictures be taken of his cock then he entered the woman from behind. Her leaning on the car, I did not know where he had it, but he was not gentle fucking her.

“Are you sure you do not want to?”

She was. The woman on the car was not so held back. Now having had three men she posed for more pictures. It was cold, and I could tell. She pointed her fanny at us. She poked her finger into the milky lake of her gaping hole. Taking her finger out, she cast cum towards us.

It was time to go.