Written by merrydale

23 Apr 2010

Do you remember the night we were in the Crown Plaza last time we were in Amman? We chatted with the American guy who was in the lift and we parted with a goodnight and went our separate ways.

Instead, on an impulse I said to him that we were going to the club floor for a nightcap and would he care to join us. You raised an eyebrow because we had planned an early-ish night of passion. Little did you know that that was still my idea!

When we reached the club bar I asked for drinks to be brought to our table. As we waited for our drinks you excused yourself to go to the ladies room and said you wouldn’t be long.

After you had left, Jim (his name) said that it looked as if you were not expecting to be stopping before going to our room. That’s OK, I just fancied something a bit different. This time his eyebrows rose! I asked him how long he would be away from home and he replied that he had been away from his wife for nearly a month and still had two weeks to go. That’s a long time I replied, maybe when my wife gets back a bit of sweet talking might be in order.

I had seen you returning across the room, as you sat down I quickly got up and said that it’s my turn now and left with indecent haste.

I took my time and it was several minutes before I returned. As I crossed the room I could see you were leaning close to him and laughing at his chat but the thing that caught my eye was your hand gently laid on his thigh and your fingers were tracing small circles on his leg as you looked into his eyes, intent on his every word. I realized that my spur of the moment idea had been taken up by you and I would have to see it through.

After a couple more drinks it was decision time and it was up to you. We left the bar and waited for the lift to our respective floors, we entered the lift, I pressed number five and Jim reached for number three, before he could touch it you caught his hand and said, I don’t think so, there is plenty of room in our bed, don’t you think!

You turned your back on me and reached up to pull Jims face down to yours and kissed him, I reached around your waist and slid my hands under your dress to discover that your panties were not there! You broke the kiss and said over your shoulder, did you think I hadn’t got the idea as soon as you invited Jim for a nightcap? The pants are in my bag and have been for a while.

In our room the lights were dim, you had wanted the darkness but I insisted on some light. I wanted to see you being loved by us both. You and I had come prepared with oil and a small toy from the bedside drawer. I lifted the dress over your head and tossed it onto the floor and then released your breasts from your bra, and then you were naked before us. I reached around and cupped your breasts; I could feel your nipples hardening beneath my fingers and I heard you give a gasp. I looked over your shoulder and saw Jim lowering his trousers, his shirt was already gone, and as he kicked away his trousers and boxers I could see why the gasp, his dick was impressive, not overly huge but large and well veined and with a heavy head. My clothes soon followed onto the floor.

You and I had prepared the night before by giving you a shave and you had trimmed me down to short. Jim and I led you to the bed and laid you down with your arms straight out above your head which flattened your tits into soft mounds topped by hard extended nipples. I started at your neck, gently kneading the oil into you and moving on to your shoulders. Looking down I could see Jim was above your knee already, I thought, well it has been nearly a month!

I was at your breasts now, raising them up with my hands and gently tweaking the nipples. Your moans were getting a little louder. Looking down again I saw that Jim was massaging around your pussy but not going inside, he looked up at me with a question in his eyes, I looked at you and all you said was a strangled ‘Oh my God yes’ . Gently he slipped a finger into you and then two. He parted your pussy lips with his fingers and lowered his mouth to you. His tongue was busy with every part of you and your moans became more insistent but when he reached your clit your body arched upwards and you cried out in ecstasy. I continued to concentrate on your body caressing every part I could reach.

Working on your body was having its obvious effect on Jim and I, I was as large and hard as I had ever been and if Jim had ever been larger or harder it must have been very impressive! Jim and I swapped ends; I was at your pussy with my mouth. Jim was going to carry on the massage but you reached for him and took his cock in your hands. My tongue was busy but my eyes were fixed on you, you worked him even harder. You then fixed your eyes on mine and brought his cock to your lips, kissing the end and allowing it to slowly disappear into your mouth all the while looking into my eyes. The sight made my work at your cunt even more urgent.

I raised myself up to get into position to fuck you as I watched suck him off. You released him from your mouth and said, not yet, its Jim first. So we swapped ends again. I lowered my lips to yours and I could feel the heat in your mouth that had been around Jims cock only seconds before. I felt the weight shift as Jim moved to enter you, he was raised on his arms and I watched spellbound as he slid into you further and further, you arched again into him and reached for my dick, but carefully because you didn’t want me to cum yet. So you sucked, Jim found a rhythm fucking and I watched the sight of a cock stretching your cunt to its limits. Jims movements became more urgent and I knew he was going to cum first (don’t we always) He cried out as he came but didn’t pull out, he wanted you to cum as well so he kept going and I could feel the orgasm building inside you as you sucked me. With a shudder you came and your body shook from head to toe and Jim slid out of you.

With a strangled voice you pushed at me and said, Now you! Again we swapped ends and I slid my aching cock into your red hot cunt, it was hot, smooth and slippery from being already filled with Jims cum. I had never felt anything like it, we fucked like never before. Looking up, I saw you bringing Jims cock to your mouth, his cock was softer, but if I knew your mouth it wouldn’t stay that way. The sight of you sucking and the sensation and heat in your cunt brought me to a shattering orgasm as my cum joined Jims in your pussy.

Jim was soon ready to go again but you said that you wanted to be able to walk in the morning so it would be mouths only. Jim and I kneeled either side of you and you sucked us one at a time and sometimes together. There was still some cum left in me and it spurted into your mouth you looked up at me and held your arms out and took my face in your hands and brought my mouth to yours and gave me a wide open mouthed kiss and I tasted my own cum in your mouth. At the sight of this Jim was wanking furiously. So you swallowed what was left of my cum and reached for Jim. I slid down till my mouth was at your clit and started to flick it gently with my tongue; your pussy was still slippery with the mixture of cum. Looking up I saw Jim slowly and gently fucking your mouth, as I watched his body stiffened and he came, you pulled him out and I was in time to see a spurt fly into your mouth and more landed on your cheek. He didn’t wait for you to pull his face down but he dived down and sucked all the cum from your mouth and even licked your cheek clean. My work was not in vain, in a few short seconds you had your third orgasm of the night.

Over breakfast the three of us chatted about this and that until eventually you asked about what his wife would say if she found out about the night before. She knows already he said, I called her and told her about this hot couple I had met and all the details. She told me that she wants BOTH of you if you can make it to the States’.

Am checking flights now!