Written by Juicy

21 Nov 2012

We were all in our Jacuzzi having a great time lots of laughs and drink was flowing like the bubbles in the tub,Sue sat across from me and I could she her smirking about what had just happened,her face was flushed and it wasent from the heat of the tub.We all moved places and Sue sat next to me I felt her hand on my leg under the water,the boys we totally oblivious to this with the blanket of bubbles.She pushed he hand into my bottoms and felt my juicy wet slit I closed my eyes briefly with pleasure hoping the boys haddent noticed.I slid my fingers down and did the same to Sue she twitched with excitment.

Here we were two virtual strangers messing with eachother and we were lovig it.

Chris sat next to me and I brushed my hand over his shorts he was stiff it must have been the combination of heat and the sexy jokes cus he didnt know yet was was going on beneath the waves.I slid my other hand down his shorts and grabbed his shaft it was solid and I gave it a squeeze .He looked at me and kissed me.Sue was darting her fingers into me at the same time.

I said "How about playing truth or dare" Chris said I dare you to kiss Sue,Steve said yeah kiss Sue.Sue looked around shocked and laughed.I said ok no problem.I pulled my had off Chris's hard erection and turned to Sue closed my eyes and covered here lips with mine I wanted to eat her I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and she did the same to me ,I reached down under the water and fingered her pussy her legs were wide open by now and she was rubbing me too without the boys noticing still.

"Phew " said Steve looked like you enjoyed that now its Sues turn,Sue said ok now what Steve said I dare you to lick Julie out. Sue said are you fucking joking Steve ,Steve said no will you. Sue looked at me and said "fuck it yes" I knew she was really dying to do me and here was her chance.I sat on the edge of the tub legs wide open and she moved towards me tugged my bottom's to one side and licked my clit for England I pushed her head into me as she licked I was in heaven,I ripped the bikini top away from my chest and rubbed my erect nips hard as she lapped my juices."fuck me the is great "said Steve Chris agreed.By now the boys were sitting on the edge opposite us with there rock hard cocks out wanking this made me cum I jerked into her mouth as she licked the strings of juices flowing from me.She kissed me and I could taste myself on her tongue.

I pulled her bottoms off and pushed her backwards she opened her legs without asking and I started on Sue she was dripping ,I darted two fingers into her and my thumb rubbed her clit I could feel her rough G spot swell she moaned omfg .I pushed a wet finger into her ass slowly and my thumb into her pussy this took her to another place,we kissed frantically she moaned fuck me oh my god fuck me.She sent her fingers into me and we were both loving every second I never wanted it to end.

to be cont