1 Jan 2019

I have written two stories about Annastasia, my beautiful, horny, shy wife of 13 years ( Wife's Stag Weekend and First Meet). I still haven't the courage to show her these stories.....yet! I should also add that I have never strayed from my wife

I occasionally need to go away for courses, for work. Sometimes we are lucky enough to be put up in some decent hotels. They usually have very attractive , young receptionists; when they find out we work for the emergency services, one of two things happens - they treat us with complete disdain, as though we aren't good enough for their establishment; or they become super helpful (spoiler this is about a super helpful receptionist!)

I arrived at the hotel late in the evening, on the Sunday - a large country house, built some time in the early 1800's, for an important family, now long forgotten.

I was checked in by Clare, a tall, stunning blonde, in a figure hugging white blouse, and a skin tight pencil skirt. She had the most engaging light blue eyes, that amplified her mesmerizing smile. I gave her my name, and the name of the service under whom the room was held. She looked briefly panicked, as her perfectly manicured fingers darted expertly across the keyboard; apologizing, she informed me that all the single rooms had been taken, presumably by my colleagues, who had arrived hours before me. There were no suitable double rooms either; these were all taken for one or two nights throughout the week; the only room available was a suite; complete with Jacuzzi! Well who was I to argue! Clare gave me directions to my 'home' for the next 6 nights, and sent me on my way with a professional, but warm smile; her scarlet red lipstick contrasting sharply with her perfectly white teeth.

The next morning, there was a new receptionist, not at all happy that I was occupying a suite! After a grueling day of learning, returning to the hotel, and being greeted by the supermodel cum angel that was Clare brightened all of our days; each of us was flashed a warm, slightly flirtatious smile. I was on the course with 7 other guys, being the second oldest (37) and slightly out of shape I didn't harbor any expectations of anything more than a pleasant hello as I passed the reception desk. Happily I was about to be proven very, very wrong.

After dinner, we retired to the bar; and one by one the guys drifted away, leaving me nursing a pint, and propping up the bar. At about 2200hrs, Clare came gliding into the bar, and sat on the stool next to me; her tight pencil skirt hugging her slim, shapely hips, and giving a perfect impression of her long slender thighs. She hooked her high heels on the stools foot rest, and leaned forwards to the bar, brushing her chest, barely contained by her brilliant white tight fitting blouse against the bar top.

The barman served her immediately; slimline G&T; we got chatting about our days, small talk, polite. After a couple more drinks I discovered that Clare had recently moved from the home counties, and was staying at the hotel until she could sort out a place of her own.

Steadily the conversation turned more flirty, I guided her towards some of the younger guys, but she made it clear she was after me. We slipped away to my suite, I walked about 5 yards behind Clare, giving me the most amazing view of her tight arse as she wiggles seductively down the long corridor to my room; at the door, she dramatically paused, placing her hands behind her against the door, and planted a long slow, sensual kiss on my lips; pushing her tongue into my mouth. I could feel her press her perfectly firm C cup tits against my chest. I slipped my keycard into the lock and we spun into the suite, still locked in the horniest kiss I had ever experienced.

Inside I pulled her blouse from her skirt as we kissed; we stopped as I unbuttoned her blouse, exposing the most amazing, pert tits; held in a tight, white lace bra. I lowered my head and kissed them through the thin fabric, causing her to let out a low moan.

I slid her blouse off her shoulders, and undid the bra; her tits didn't move; her pert little puppies stayed exactly were they were.

By now I had a raging hard on, and could feel the pre-cum on the tip of my dick. I bent down, kissing from Clare's jaw, neck, toned shoulder, chest down to her left nipple - which was a pale coral dot placed upon a firm, pert mound. Her moan now became deeper and longer, I moved to her other perfect little tit. I could see both of her hard little nipples glistening with my saliva as I pulled my head away, and unzipped the tight grey skirt; as the skirt was pushed down over her hips, I revealed a white lace thong, matching the freshly removed bra. I could see through the patterns in the lace that she was completely shaved/waxed. Soon I felt the warm dampness from her pussy as I rubbed her through the thong.

At this point Clare grabbed my wrist, stopping any further pussy play; kissed my neck and pulled me towards the huge super king sized bed. She spun us around 180; pushing me down - before straddling my body, pulling my t-shirt over my head and skimming her hard little nipples over my chest and abdomen as she kissed her way down my body towards the waistband of my jeans.

She undid my belt, and ripped the buttons open, gently, rapidly kissing above the waistband of my boxers, before disappearing into the en-suite. I heard the water running in the Jacuzzi, and Clare reappeared at the foot of the bed, standing between my legs in just her lace thong and high heels. She pulled my shoes and jeans off, ;leaving me in just my boxers, before crawling seductively up my body, finishing with her beautiful thighs astride my head; commanding me to lick her pussy though the lace thong; with my arms trapped at my side by her legs, I had to use my tongue to move the gusset of her thong away from her warm, wet snatch; I then ran my tongue up and down the length of her perfectly smooth slit, spending considerably longer with the tip of my tongue circling the entrance to her vagina; than I did at her pierced clit. All the while her moans and cries of delight mixed with the sound of running water from the bathroom. After a good 6 or 7 minutes Clare decided that it was time to move into the bathroom, and enjoy the Jaccuzi, but not before taking a bottle of Prosecco from the minibar.

She removed my boxers, taking time to admire my cock, holding it gently in her hand and slowly wanking me for 30 seconds or so; the entire time I was lost on her gorgeous blue eyes.

She sat me in the Jaccuzi, and then knelt on the side before opening the bottle of 'secco. Again she straddled my face; this time holding her amazing tight, wet snatch a couple of inches away from my eagerly waiting tongue; I then saw her pour the ice cold prosecco over her chest, tits, and down her perfectly toned stomach, where it rained off her pussy, into my mouth like a pornographic waterfall. I drank most of it, what wasn't swallowed by me was liked off my face by Clare's powerful tongue.

After washing my face with her tongue, she slipped gracefully into the jaccuzi, and sat me on the side; kneeling between my legs she looked up at me, and told me she'd been looking forward to wrapping her lips around my cock since she checked me in the previous night.

I thought briefly of my faithful wife at home, as my cock disappeared past Clare's brilliant red lips into the back if her throat; the filthy gagging noises coming from this dirty receptionist brought me back into the room. I felt an orgasm surge through my body, down my spine into my overfilled balls (I'd spent the day thinking of Clare too) and pumped a wad of spunk into her mouth; the most erotic sight was watching dribble spill from her scarlet lips onto her chin, as she came off my cock and gulped my load down. She then rested her head in my lap, kissing my balls, thighs and semi-erect cock and tried to wank an erection back into it.

Pulling me into the Jaccuzi she straddled me, which after a couple of minutes of playing and whispering filth into my ear got me hard again, she worked my cock into hr tight pussy; it was a very snug fit!!

After a little while of Clare on top I got her doggy-style, leaning over the side of the Jaccuzi, the water just covering the top of her arse, I positioned her clit over water jet and then proceeded to fuck the life out of this hot little blonde; filling her cunt with a load of cum, before retiring to bed, both waking several times through the night, still naked; to fuck, suck and play.

We continued to be each others playthings fro the rest of my course; I told Clare about Annastasia after the 1st night, the thought of having my wife join us turned her on so much I thought she'd break my dick.......