Written by Musta55

27 Jan 2014

I'm standing outside a house in Paisley, my heart is thumping in my chest - with each beat I can feel the Bra strap. It seem like an eternity since I rang the bell, but eventually as agreed a hand appears round the door with a blindfold.

I put the blindfold on and am guided in, I hear the door close behind me. Then I feel the ball gag being pushed into my mouth, then the strap being buckled at the back of my head. In just a couple of minutes I'm out of my male clothes, standing in lingerie and a blindfold. I feel a hard cock against my pantie clad ass and hands sliding round my waist, along with the hot breath on my neck. I'm guided to the stairs and pushed up each one, reaching the landing I'm guided around a corner and into a room - two steps and I feel the bed against my shins and knees.

I'm gently maneuvered face down onto the bed and I feel each wrist and ankle being fastened to a corner of the bed. Then for the first time I hear the heavy breathing, a few seconds before I feel the insistent fingering of my most secret place. Then I feel the cold lube between my cheeks and the insistent pressure, I instinctively clench my cheeks - it's just a matter of seconds and I know I am his. As I feel him force his way into me, with a squeal muffled by the gag I surrender my virginity.

After the initial pain I feel the warmth of the moment, then I feel the insistence as the tempo increases. Then I feel the pulsating cock inside me, hear the gasp and know that he has spent. My own cock is hard as I feel the restraints being released, then I'm guided to the door and pushed outside. I hear the snap of the fingers and I undo the blindfold and the ball gag handing them to the outstretched hand.

The door closes and I stand there looking, my phone beeps - "fuck off whore" is the message. I leave and walk to my car, the phone beeps again - "Tomorrow 7:30 PM" the message says.