Written by aliobaby

17 Feb 2010

Hi again, as i told in part one we are a middle aged couple ,she 46 and me 51. As time has passed we fell into the usual boring life and after me pestering her for years we tried a few threesomes. They were great for a while then sort of fizzled out. We had met one guy and unknown to me she had been seeing him every 2 weeks for the last year.

Needless to say when i accidentally discovered all that went on we had many massive rows.

It was not the meetings that upset me it was the lying. In truth i was turned on and insisted in hearing every detail.

Well things have progressed ans we have agreed to let it go and move on.

However my wife has begun to get noticeably bossier and more force full.

In the mornings now if i have no work on she expects me to get up, clean the house, get the kids to school and bring her up a cup of tea.

When she is ready to get up she calls me and i run her a bath, while she bathes i tidy the room and lay out some clothes she might like to wear. When she has a gym class i am expected to have ready her sports bra and tracksuit but other days if she is going out for coffee or lunch i am expected to have laid out a skirt and stockings. Her boots cleaned and ready. When she gets out of the bath she will sometimes lie on the bed and open her legs and call me to her.

Kneel down she will say and eat my pussy. I don't want to go out with my sisters feeling randy as i would be looking at men. Thinking of them naked, how big would their cocks be. How i would feel kissing them and sucking them so they can fuck me.

All the time i would be licking and sucing her lovely sweet tasting pussy until she comes. Sometimes its fast and other times it takes a while. On those occasions my jaw and tongue can get quite tired but i cant stop as she will ave hold of my hair and be grinding her pussy into my face.

I love her taste and feel great knowing she is going out dressed sexy with a fully satisfied pussy.

When she is gone sometimes i will have a quick wank thinking about licking her pussy when she gets home and tasting something different . hoping she had been fucked and licking er as she tells me about it.

I always have a great orgasm and cum really hard.

Lately we have been fucking quite a lot in the evenings and she has let me fuck her arse a good few times as well. For the last year it was totally off limits as she was getting him to fuck her arse every 2 weeks and was more than happy with that.

Any way for years i have fantasized about her getting fucked by a black guy with a huge big cock. She knows this and as always said that black men do not do it for her. So our 3 sums were always with white guys. Now from time to time i have looked up sites of wives getting fucked by black guys.The camera angles are always positioned to enhance the size and width . It would not really be possible to have a cock as large as that on a real man, sometimes it looks bigger than my arm.

She was looking through my computer the other day and found one very hot one i had been watching. I had downloaded it and forgot to delete it. It showed 2 really well hung black guys giving it to a middle aged white woman for hours. Video lasted 90 minutes and from about 5 minutes in she was moaning and screaming out. Close ups of her cunt showed her squirting as she came again and again. The last clip showed a white guy with a bald head having the woman pull his head in between her legs as spunk ran from her arse and cunt . Holding his head she was telling him to lick her and clean her up.

God when i watched it i had such a good wank and came hard.

Well when she watched it she also got turned on and when i came home from work she was lying on the bed with my laptop open.

Get in here she said. Opening her legs she pulled my head in and told me to lick her pussy. As i licked and ate her pussy she kept saying imagine now thats my pusy there on the screen ,open ,used and full of spunk. And you are licking it all out of me as they wait to fuck me again. I was licking and sucking like crazy as she came grunting and shooting her juices into my waiting mouth.

When her orgasm had subsided she pulled me up kissed me and said fuck me now hard.

I pushed my rock hard cock deep into her sopping wet pussy and all too quickly shot my load. Harder she was demanding, fuck me harder. When i came she pushed mo off and said fucking typical, i want cock and you cant hold it for even a bit.

Moving up the bed she straddled my face and powering her wet pussy down onto my mouth told me to finish her off and lick every bit of my spunk from her pussy.

As i lay there licking and sucking i felt her start to cum again. She was talking about how good it would feel to have a big black cock fuck her hard. As sha was saying this she came into my mouth again only this time there as a gush of my spunk mixed with her juices flooding my mouth. Now i knew i had cum hard inside her but it seemed to keep on flowing from her pussy.

I licked and sucked her until she came 2 times shouting out ,yes thats it lick that black cum from my pussy you useless bastard. Lick me , suck me and swallow every drop you useless fuck you.

She pounded my mouth and assaulted my lips and tongue while i was forced to swallow what seemed like gallons of our combined juices.

When she was done she lay down on the bed and said you better get down to the kitchen and prepare me some lunch. All that has made me hungry. I climbed off the bed and was taking my pants to put them on when she said, You dont need those silly. Here shae said and threw me a frilly pink dressing gown she had had for years. Wear that she said ,you will look better in that than pants.I just bowed my head, took it and went to prepare her lunch.

When it was ready i called up to her and was told to bring it up.

She was sitting on the bed looking at my laptop. I tried to see what she was looking up but she pushed me away and said better get on with he hovering honey ned to keep the house clean . Again i reched for my pants. She put her hand on them and said no honey only real men with hard cocks wear pants. Now wear your new housecoat with some pride and get busy cleaning i have some stuff to do today.

I went down and got busy doing the housework . when i had almost done she called me up and handing me a list said, check off the things you have done and here is a list of other jobs hat need doing.

I looked at the list. It was all the things she used to do. ironing, shopping dusting, etc. Eh i asked are these all my jobs now. Why yes dear she said i am going to be too busy to bother with silly little things like them. I will be going out soon for a bit. Need to get my hair and nails done and maybe a spray tan too.

She soon enough headed off and quick as a flash i was up the stairs and into the laptop to see just what she had been up to.

She had spent the morning surfing web sites looking for information on cuckolding, how to do it, what to do. and how to be more dominant with your wimp of a husband.

She had also looked up some adult contact web sites Could nor really see what she had been doing on them but wondered if she was placing an advert maybe.

When she came home she was relaxed and quite easy company. That night she had me go down and lick her pussy as she sat and watched the television. It was one of her long slow sessions and she held my head stroking my ears as i ate her for at least 40 minutes.

She came in a series of mini orgasms until the final one when she really ground my face deep in. Then we went off to bed sleeping the night. at least she did, i was nursing a massive boner and was afraid to move or make any sound in case she should wake up. She gets very cranky when woken from her sleep.

Over the next couple of days things settled down , I would keep busy with the house work, cook the meals and wear a couple of new frilly house coats she had bought fot me.

On the days when i would have to work she would revert to our old way and do the work herself, However on those days i was expected to massage her feet in the evening and then service her with my tongue until she came.

Time passed and we sort of fell into a little routine.

Then out of the blue she said make sure to clean the house really well today as i am expecting some friends over later for drinks ok. Then off she went to do her usual,hair nails etc.

When she got home she had a few bags with her and shot up the stairs. Hearing her call me i went up. Look what i got to wear this evening she said. Twirling around she showed off a lovely small sexy mini skirt, thigh high black boots and stockings to complete it a really tight top which allowed her nipples to poke through.

What do you think she said.

wow i replied you look sensational . But just who is coming over this evening.

Dont worry she said its just a couple of friends from work

Now she does a bit of part time work in marks and sparks where the girls are all good fun. She has been out with them a few times. So i was relieved a little.

As the evening wore on she was in the room a lot. On the computer as usual and i could hear her phone beeping a lot as she was getting a few texts.

Around 6.30 she called me up and said i also got some thing for you today dear.

Reaching down she lifted a bag up and placed it on the bed.

Kneel down she said in a harsh voice. I did as ordered and watched as she removed from the bag an assortment of straps and buckles.

Whats all his i asked.Lifting my head up she looked deep into my eyes and said things have changed around here. And this evening they will change some more.

I am in charge now and you will do as i want or i will leave and never come back.

Do you understand me she asked. Oh god i thought is this it. All over.

I looked at her and asked what do you want me to do.

Taking a collar from the bag she placed it around my neck , you are mine now she said, to do with s i wish. Handing me some belts and buckles she said put these on your wrists and ankles. Hurry up dammit she shouted. Going into the spare room she came back pulling a heavy old chair we kept for sentimental value as it was from my mums house.

Pushing me roughly she sat me down in the chair, taking some other belts she expertly and rather quickly tied me securely into the chair. hands and feet bound she stood back to admire her handywork.

Honey i said is this really necessary, you know i love you and will agre to whatever you want me to do.

Instead of replying she reached out and violently pinched my nipple hard. Making me cry out. As soon as my mouth was all the way open her other hand appeared and a ball like object was roughly jammed into my mouth. This was then secured around my head with some sort of buckle. Last she slid a blindfold over my eyes. Now i could not move, speak or see.

Leaning down she whispered in my ear my friends are nearly here now so be a good boy and sit here quietly while i go entertain them and maybe later you will get a nice surprise.

I could her doing some final bits and leave the room to go downstairs.

Fairly shortly after that i heard the front door bell go off a couple of times.

Straining my ears i could hear voices and some laughter from below. My wifes voice i could hear clearly but it sounded like a few male voices . Could not hear any other women s voices. Then i heard some music start up and more talking and laughs from the male voices.

Time seemed to drag on and i kinda nodded off a bit. My legs ached a bit and my mouth was kinda numb from being stretched them coming up the stairs.

I could hear them enter the room and smell them. It was a heady mixture of perfume sweat and a heavy musky smell of sex.

Hi darling she said whispering into my ear.

Are you ready for your surprise. I just nodded my head and she said ok then.

Removing my blindfold i saw her standing in front of me totally naked. As she moved back i could see the bed and standing around it were 3 very young black guys. all around mid twenties i would say.But it was not their faces i was drawn to. Each of them was naked and sporting a massive hard on. They all looked enormous. She moved over to the bed and lay down with her eyes locked onto mine she said enjoy darling because i certainly will.

She reached out her 2 hands and encircled a cock in each on. Her hands were too small to allow her encircle them and looked so small as hey slid up and down their black shafts

Moving over to one side she began to suck the top of a hard cock as one of them moved between her open legs and began to open her cunt with his cock.

I watched dumbstruck. gagged tied up as his cock slid ever deeper into her cunt. I watched and listened as sha came. His cock was not even a third of the way in when she began to groan and gyrate as her orgasm overtook her. Then he started to build up a rhythm going deeper with each thrust until his balls were slamming up deep into her cunt. HE fucked her hard for at least 20 minutes bringing her off 3 times before dumping his load deep up her.

He was soon replaced by the other guy as the guy in her mouth shot his load and she swallowed every drop.

Moving up the bed he fed her his cock now covered in their combined juiced as she sucked him hard again.

For the next 3 hours i watched and listened as they fucked her pussy and arse many many times. I lost count of the amount of times she came and how many loads she swallowed or had pumped deep up her holes.

As they were leaving they all thanked me for a great meal and a fine evening entertainment and said see you next week.

When they had all gone i was sitting there looking at my pretty little wife lying on the bed looking at me

Now honey she said i am going to untie you so you can help yourself to your surprise.

Saying that she moved over and freed one of my hand from its restraint.

Hurry up and get over here i want you to lick their cum from my arse and pussy before it all runs out.

I quickly freed myself and diving between her legs ate her like a man possessed.

I could not get my tongue far enough up her arse and pussy to eat it all so she pushed me over and sitting up on my face fed me every drop fom her cunt and arse.

I licked slurped as big globs of young black spunk flowed from her well fucked holes

She came hard shooting the last load deep into my mouth.

Then she said you best get downstairs and clean up as when they fucked me down their we made a mess.

I gladly went downstairs and as i cleaned up became aware of my underpants soaked in my own cum. I did not even touch myself but came watching her get used.

So now i am a cuckold and cant wait until next week.

It seened as though i woke to hear