Written by aliobaby

20 Feb 2010

Well for those of you who followed the story here is the final part.

Many thanks for the comments and i hope you enjoed the reading as much as i enjoy the writing but more so the living out of my fantasy.

AS in the other parts we are a middle aged couple who dallied in the swinging style and had a few 3 sums. With great times had by all.

However my wife discovered her dominant side and i realized i wanted to be subserviant to her for the rest of my life.

Final Part.

As it was Sunday morning i got up and did all my usual chores. Went and got the papers so she could relax in her bed and read them as i prepared her breakfast.

As soon as she woke she was really pissed off and cranky.

Well darling little cucky she said. It seems as if my body clock is as accurate as ever and my period has started .

Oh my i replied and is my master still going to be calling this evening.

Oh yes she replied, his wife is out of town and we had planned to have fun all this weekend so it seems like you will be needed to help keep my lover 100%happy so he does not take that wonderful cock and go looking for some little slut to fuck.

Yes mistress i replied i will of course do any thing you want of me.

Good little cucky she said . Now come here and let me kiss you.

I moved up the bed and she kissed me for ages telling me how special i was and how much she loved me.

Later i was allowed to o into the bathroom and have a wank to relieve myself as her kisses and caresses as usual aroused me.

I realized i would no longer be allowed to have sex with her and would fulfill my role in her life by serving her and worshiping her in any way she needed me to.

At around 6.30 she told me to get ready and to make sure i was wearing my new outfit.

We will come up to the bedroom when we need you cucky so make sure to have your Little man pussy well lubed up for your new master.

I went up, bathed and once again put on all the lovely litle clothes she had got for me.

the stockings, top and little pink frilly knickers that he had admired the night before.

I made sure to put a big butt plug slowly up my ass with plenty of lube to make sure i was ready to receive all of my new masters manhood.

I lay on the bed and listened as i heard him arrive and them chatting ,then i hard him moaning and knew she was winding him up.

I heard him say what am i to do with this now you bitch and she replied that the little pussy was upstairs on the bed waiting to relieve all his stress

I heard him come up the stairs and waited with some fear and trepidation as he enterd he room , she was with him and laughing as i lay face down on the bed.

He pulled up my dress and pulling me up onto my knees said i am going to fuck this ass hole so hard , my cock is bursting as she, meaning my wife, has been sucking this cock for the last twenty minutes and wont let me blow in her mouth.

So get ready bitch he said as he slapped my ass ans shoved his cock all the way home in one long hard go.

It just rammed up into me and he began to fuck my ass like an animal . Pulling my hair, slapping my ass, reaching around and pulling hard on my nipples as he fucked me meaninglessly, Ramming up into me ,grunting and groaning until he finally unloaded what seemed like a gallon of cum deep up into me.

Getting off of me he again slapped my ass and said wow it was nice and tight just what i needed , turning he left the room and my wife bent down ,taking my tear stained face in her hand she kissed my deeply and said you are the best, now go into the bathroom and clean up as he will want to fuck you again in a while and you had better be ready to suck him next time as well.

As she left the room i tried to get up off the bed but my legs were sore and my ass was throbbing. As i rose i became aware that i had shot my load all over the bed as he used me. Into the bathroom and sitting on the toilet as i waited for the bath to fill i felt his cum just running out of my gaping hole.

I bathed and again lubed my self up , with four fingers easily sliding up into my ass as i was now very open.

Down stairs i went to find them kissing and my wife now wanking and stroling his throbbing cock again.

Ah cucky she said just in time. Get over here and suck this lovely cock for your master as he needs to cum again.

I went over and knelling down proceeded to lick and suck his cock as they kissed passionately. She held my head and made me suck him until he once again came filling my mouth with his load.

I was then allowed to leave them and prepare food for them.

Lter in the evening i was called to join them in her bed where i was once again pinned down and used by him. Again i came and was embarred as they both laughed and made me lick his cock and my cum before i was banished to the spare room

Early on the monday morning i awoke to hear a row of sorts and my wife calling my name.

Quickly i went to see what i was needed to do and found him lying on her bed sporting a massive erection. Get in here bitch he said and take care of this. I tried to make him cum in my mouth but he pushed me over on the bed and rode me for at least twenty minutes until he came.

Leaving for work they both thanked me and she said sorry but he will be coming here again tonight. love you honey and see you later.

Make sure you do all the little jobs today..