Written by Debs

20 Feb 2007

How I become a trainee sex-slave (1)

Let me introduce myself: I am 45 years old but as I exercise a lot I look a few years younger, I’m a curvy size 10 to 12, blonde shoulder length hair and sadly for me I lost my dear husband a few years ago. I won’t dwell on that; as you can imagine, I was devastated but had to be strong for my two teenage lads. They are both at university now and I have moved on, and am ready to start being adventurous for the first time in my life…

Dating is so hard when you have been out of it for twenty odd years, and though my friends tried to help, the divorced, usually overweight men with teenage kids who they paired me off with at dinner parties did nothing for me. So I discovered the internet. Wow, what an eye-opener!

I finally met up with a nice seeming man at a pub not too far from me. We had chatted on-line for a while before we met and got on really well so I risked an early evening drink. He was tall and slim with a well-toned body, just how I like my men and the evening flew by. After a bit he said quietly “I’d love to bend you over my knee & spank your arse”. I was a bit surprised but admitted that I had been turned on when I’d seen the film “Secretary” and that the idea appealed to me.

Later that evening we chatted on msn again, we’d both been pleased with the meeting. He asked if he could train me as his sex-slave, I said yes and there we were.

Over the next few weeks we explored this idea, getting so turned on… I was instructed how I should behave, to keep my eyes averted and only speak when spoken to. How I was not allowed to pleasure myself without permission (though I disobeyed him there) and how I would be punished if I was naughty. We discussed safe words and boundaries too, of course. I said I would not be humiliated, do watersports or show my body in public and that he’d have to use a condom for intercourse.

And now I am getting ready to meet him again to start my training…