Written by Debs

20 Feb 2007

The training starts

I got myself ready so carefully; pussy shaved, body smooth and scented with body lotion and dressed as I’d been instructed. I wore a smart skirt and blouse with a jacket, hold-ups and good high-heeled shoes – I looked like a fairly high- powered business- woman. I packed up a small suitcase with some other clothes, toiletries etc and got a taxi to the station.

My master met my train and looked me up and down. I kept my eyes averted as I’d been told to do but peeped at him surreptitiously between my eyelashes. “Good girl” he said and kissed me, took my case and led me to the car. We drove straight to his apartment, it was in an expensive modern block, and he led me in.

“Well, let me check you properly” he told me, and removed my jacket. He ran his hands over my breast, feeling my nipples harden beneath his touch. He felt under my skirt, fingers sliding over my slit. It was damp with the excitement, I was feeling so turned on by all this. “Hmm, I didn’t give you permission to be so wet” he whispered, then barked at me, “Bend over!” and as I bent over and touched my toes, he pulled up my skirt and slapped my naked bottom twice.

I remembered what I had been told, looked down and whispered “Thank you, Master”. He laughed and told me I was a good slave but still had a lot to learn. He led me through to the sitting room and fetched a bottle of champagne, popped the cork expertly and poured two glasses out. Then he put on some music, sat down and told me to undress for him.

I did this as seductively as I could, then went over to him and knelt at his feet, unzipped his trousers and released his erect cock. I sipped some champagne, held the bubbles in my mouth and took his cock, letting the bubbles fizz on him. He groaned with pleasure then said that he would have to punish me a little for being so forward, but as I had pleased him it would be slight.

He fetched a collar and bucked it around my neck, then clipped on a lead. He told me I was to pleasure him until told to stop but that I mustn’t get turned on myself, then yanked me to him by the lead. I licked the end of his cock, running my tongue down the shaft and caressed it with my hands, then took him deeply. He held my collar and fucked my face till eventually he came, shooting off into my throat. I gobbled up all that cum and licked him clean.

“Hmm, you’re a bit damp” he told my as his caressed my slit, his fingers running round my clit, so he bent me over on all fours and spanked me with a paddle. I remembered to thank him. He put some lube on his fingers and worked one into my arse, then two. I groaned with pleasure, so he spanked me again till I could feel my cheeks were glowing red. He then eased a butt plug into my arse, and ordered me to kneel over him as he lay on the carpet. I sucked and wanked his cock until he was rock hard again, slipped a condom on it and then eased onto him, taking him deep into my sopping wet pussy.

I rode him then, grinding my clit against him. I teased his lips with my nipples, and he sucked on them hard He pulled me down to him using my lead and we kissed deeply, our tongues exploring each other. I sat back up and carried on, feeling the most amazing orgasm building up inside me, I was so filled with his lovely cock and the butt plug, the waves came and came as I groaned and cried out with pleasure. He came at the same time and we finally collapsed together.

“You are a good slave”, he told me, caressing my breasts, “you deserved that. I am going to enjoy training you”.