Written by Debs

22 Feb 2007

The training continues.

I licked him clean after and ran a bath, rubbing his back. When he got out I was allowed to get in, as this was suitable for a slave. I lay in the warm bubbles feeling so contented and happy.

I heard the phone ring and my Master talking. “No, can’t make it tonight… Well, to be honest its because that girl’s round here, the one I told you about….. Uh huh, training going very well… oh she’s lovely, not a slapper at all…” “Well that’s ok” I thought to myself as he wondered off and I was unable to hear any more. A few minutes later my Master bought me a cup of coffee and suggested I got out of the bath, telling me to dress in the stuff he’d laid out on the bed. So I rubbed lotion all over, did my make-up, pinned up my hair and went to have a look.

The bedroom was lovely, plainly fitted out, but with expensive looking furnishings and very tasteful. I slipped on my black stiletto-heeled shoes. The collar was on the bed so with a little difficulty I fastened that on too. That left a little outfit made of black leather and silver chains, comprising a sort of open bra top and little skirt. “How suitable for a slave” was my first thought, then I puzzled out how to fasten all the buckles and make it fit. My master came in and helped me into it so I thanked him and asked him to forgive me for being so slow.

He clipped on my lead and led me into the kitchen, saying “Well we have to eat and I don’t think you’d like to go out like that, so I’d better let you act like a slave and cook for us. I’ll supervise you”. In reality, he’d got everything organised from the supermarket and it was just a case of assembling the meal, popping a few things in the oven and so on, with him leaning behind me, and caressing my body and kissing me all the while. We sat at the breakfast bar, with the lights dimmed and candles lit and ate, sipping wine and chatting as we did so.

“When the doorbell rings, I’d like you to answer it” he said. “It’s going to be a friend of mine who’s going to help with your training”.

“Yes master”, I replied, “and what do I do then?” I learnt that I was to lower my head in a submissive way, shut the door, give my second master my lead and then ask him to inspect me to see if I would be suitable to pleasure him. I was to call the second man “sir”

I was then told to stack the dishwasher, take the bowl of strawberries into the sitting room and put them on the coffee table, then kneel by the table to wait further instructions. This I did. After a few minutes the doorbell rang, so I went to answer it.

My master’s friend was of a similar age, tall and powerfully built. He whistled quietly as I put the lead in his hand and asked him to inspect me. He circled round me, fondling my breasts, slipped a hand between my legs and caressed my slit which was already very wet .A finger slipped inside me. I kept my eyed averted, them peeped though my lashes at him, and asked quietly “Do I please you sir?”

He slapped my bottom playfully, saying I was a cheeky slut and told me to take him to my Master.

My Master indicated that I should pour a glass of wine out for his friend so I did so, and knelt down to offer it to him. Meanwhile my Master fetched some ankle cuffs and fastened them round my ankles.

“What do you think?” he asked his mate, “Shall we have her bend her over the table so we can cuff her wrists to the table legs, then put a spreader bar between her ankles?”

He agreed to this and suggested a gag & blindfold too. Now I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a gag so I rubbed provocatively against my master, and whispered “No gag please Master” together with the safe word in his ear. He winked at me and said “No gag, I want to hear my slave groan with pleasure”.

Before they tied me up I had to undress them, so I did this slowly, stroking their bodies, rubbing my breasts against them, licking and teasing their erect cocks with my shaved pussy. Then my Master fastened the ankle cuffs to the spreader bar, forcing my legs wide apart, bent my over a desk and fastened my arms to the back legs with cuffs and scarves. They tied a scarf tightly around my eyes, which also muffled my hearing. Now I was at their mercy….

First of all I felt the chill wetness of some lube rubbed onto me, then a butt plug pushed into my arse with a sensation of part pain then pure pleasure. A tongue gently licked me, circling my clit in a most tantalising way. Fingers played with my nipples, gently then harder, till I was groaning with pleasure & desperate to be fucked. I started to beg them but they just laughed. One of them pushed his erect cock into my mouth; I had limited movement so he fucked my face until I until I was almost gagging, and the other teased me with a vibrator. I managed to pull my head away and was gasping with pleasure and starting to feel the waves of a climax when my bottom was smacked.

“Stop that, you slut! We didn’t say that you could come yet”.

I knew it was naughty of me and that I would be punished, but I couldn’t help begging them to let me come. I was smacked again. My hands were freed and I put into a kneeling position on the floor.

“I’m so sorry, Master”, I apologised, “Please, please forgive me, I got carried away, you were giving me so much pleasure”.

“Yes, you were forgetting yourself, you’re purpose is to give us pleasure”, scolded my master.

He fetched a pot of chocolate he had earlier put on a little pot-warmer over a tea light. They then dropped melted chocolate onto my nipples and sucked it off, dipped strawberries into the chocolate, popping the odd one into my mouth. Then Sir put some chocolate on the end of his cock and they pulled on my lead so I scrambled with some difficulty to him to lick it off, carrying on with the blowjob afterwards. I transferred my attentions and the chocolate to my Master, alternating between cocks, pleasuring one with my hand and the other with my mouth.

“That’s better” my master encouraged me, “you are beginning to learn to think of us”.

I spread chocolate on my nipples and offered them to my masters to suck and fawned over them rubbing them with my hard nipples, grinding my pubic mound on them, though moving with the bar was very awkward.

Eventually my Master asked his friend what sort of dp they should do. I was a bit nervous but wanted to please them so kept quiet. Sir lay on the carpet after easing on a condom and I lowered myself onto him, my wet pussy sliding over him though he was very well endowed. My Master knelt behind me and pulled out the butt plug commenting how nice and stretched my arse was and he thrust deeply into me. I gasped with pain then pleasure as they both started to move, it was unbelievable…