Written by susanna

10 Oct 2015

Hi I have only recently found this site and i thought I would tell my story which is a bit slow at first but hopefully you will enjoy the full story. My name is Susanna and I am 37 never been married or had a real boyfriend I am 5'5'' tall slim 34c Bust and keep fit swimming and in my gym. i have a 19 year old daughter Abigail and I was an only child and both my my parents were successful doctors. I live south of Manchester in a 6 bedroom house with my own gym and pool left to me by my parents who were killed in a boating accident 5 years ago. I my self have my own accountancy firm employing 5 people.

As I said I have never had a real boyfriend and Abigail was the result of me losing my virginity to 2 young bikers while on holiday with my best friend Emma and her parents. I had never had any type of sexual contact before or since that day. but my daughter has made all that worth while. We are very close and she is away at University at the moment but she ring at least 4 times a week and comes home at least 2 week ends a month she has already confided in me that she is on the pill and has had 4 sexual partners that I know of.

Enough of all that now my story.12 months ago when Abi was eighteen i held a large party for her and her friends which went very well with several staying over and the following day there were several empty condom wrappers scattered around. Emma had come up for the week as she is Abi's godmother and we stayed in my room to keep out of the way.

She told me that she was leaving her husband Des as she had come home from work early one day and found him stood in the kitchen with a younger woman giving him oral sex and he had his eyes closed and was pulling her head to him and was obviously about to ejaculate and has he did so his eyes opened and he saw her standing there the woman turned round with cum dripping from her mouth and gulped swallowing it all. she had given him this week while she was away to pack up and leave. I tried to console her but she said that she was alright and as the 2 boys were away at boarding school and she didn't work she was resigned to being alone.

We sat talking over a few G & T's and she asked me about my sex life and was astounded when I told her there was none and apart from the night in the tent there had never been one. It had never really bothered me till Abigail asked about who her Dad was and I had to explain I did not know but she accepted it . As midnight approached we said it looks like we are sharing tonight so I went into the ensuite and had a shower and as i turned Emma was standing outside naked and I told her there was room for 2 i was shocked when i saw that apart for a thin line either side of her slit she had no pubic hair I commented that I thought only the young ones did that and she scolded me by saying that we were still young. As i continued to shower myself i felt her against my back and her hands were rubbing my back and worked round and started to massage my pert breasts and my nipples were really hard and pertruding she turned me around and started to kiss me and was soon sucking my nipples and her hands were exploring my slit and soon 2 fingers were inside me and she went onto her knees and was soon licking and biting my clit giving me my first orgasm for nearly 20 years.

We got out of the shower and she laid a towel on the bed and told me to lie on it which i did and she went to my dressing table and came back with a pair of scissors and a razor and set to work on my pubes.after 10 minutes cutting and several amounts of shaving gel she said she was finished and i stood in front of my mirror and admired my new look with just a very small triangle above my slit and nothing else.. We had another couple of G & T's before getting into bed naked and I then experienced the taste of another woman as i was shown how to pleasure both myself and her and we both and large orgasms .It was about 11.30 the next morning that we awoke and we put white bath robes on and headed to the pool which had discarded underwear everywhere we took our robes off and slipped into the nice warm water as we were swimming Abigail and 3 of her friends all came in naked to collect the discarded underwear as they were about to leave Abigail came back to as us how long we would be in the pool for I told her we were about finished when I noticed that she had had both her nipples pierced as i got out the pool she commented straight away on my pubes and said it was about time and maybe aunty Emma can get you to wear some proper knickers a s well. We went got out put our robes on and went back to my room. we had a quick shower and started to get dressed Emma started laughing and said Abi is right we are going shopping. we got dressed made breakfast and took a pile of bacon sandwiches to the pool for her guests to feast on..

We went out to the car and drove to the Trafford center and went into the large new American lingerie shop and bought a full set of underwear in pink yellow red green and black in lace and silk with matching bras. as we had a coffee Emma asked if i could take the week off work as she was here and I told her I already had and by the time we got home we had bought new summer clothes for us both and bikinis and told Abigail that we were going to Magaluf that very evening for a week. as we packed Emma asked me if my periods were due and I said no i had them last week.

While in Magaluf my sexual desires are fully awakened. If you would like me to continue please let me know