Written by shannon

25 Nov 2015

A little about myself I am 23 and work as an accountant in a small firm along with 9 others. I was brought up by strong church going family and when I went to university I was a virgin and had never even kissed a boy. I only wore white cotton bras 32C white cotton full briefs. I only wore Black or navy trousers and jumpers or skirt below the knee and jumpers.

As I started university I had a very quiet and lonely freshers week as I stayed in my room at night never going drinking as the only time I drank was at Christmas dinner. As my first year progressed I made friends and did go out more and enjoyed it. I even got a job behind the bar at the student union bar and made some pocket money. Some of the girls I was friends with were trying to get me to change the style of my underwear but I was happy with what I was used to. As the first year came to an end we all went out for a drink and as we got back to our student accommodation we had a party and Sean sat next to me before giving me my first ever kiss by a boy. As the party broke up Sean walked me up to my room and we had a good snog at the door I opened the door and he followed me in and as l leaned against the door he pulled my jumper out of my trousers an put his hand up and fondled my breasts which I found pleasant. He tried to unzip my trousers but I stopped him and told it was time for him to go so he left.

The following day I was picked up by mum and dad and went home. I kept in touch with Samantha and Heather over the summer and we met up as soon as we got back to uni and discovered we were all next to each other with my room in the middle. As freshers started I went out with them but stood out the way I was dressed by the Thursday afternoon they persuaded me to get some more daring clothes so we went to a large supermarket and was persuaded to buy matching t shirt bras and lace shorts in pink yellow green an orange. I also bought 4short skirts about 12'' long and some see thrugh blouses from a large cut price store and a pack of lace thongs.

That night I got dressed in a short skirt and yellow bra and shorts and blouse I put on a pair of tights and when Sam noticed she told me to take them off which I did .We went out and I had a great time and was snogged by several lads and had my bottom squeezed a few times. As the night progressed I went home and left the rest to party into the small hours and was woken by the sound of a bed banging against thw wall on either side and it was obvious by the sounds that both Samantha and Heather were being well fucked. As I had a lie in Friday I was in the kitchen when Sean came out of Heathers room and smiled at me as he passed . Heather then Samantha joined me for breakfast and said that they hoped they didn't wake me up. I told them not to worry.

That night we went out again and I wore the green undies. We were out again and bumped into Sean and a few of his mate's we hung around and at the end of the night Sam and Heather went off with 2 blokes and I was left with. Sean he walked me home and we stopped and snogged and he was soon groping my breasts. I asked if he was seeing Heather but he just said last night was just something between friends. We carried on till just before th student accommodation and we stopped beside some apartments and was soon snogging and his hand was inside my bra and he was squeezing my nipples.He then moved his hand to my thigh and was soon rubbing my slit over my knickers I then felt his hand up the leg of my knickers and he was pushing a finger inside me

I opened my legs a little to make it easier and I could feel him getting stiff between his legs after a few minutes I could feel an orgasm begin. Then felt my knickers being pulled down as they dropped to my feet I took 1leg out of them as he unzipeed his jeans and pulled out his penis I put my arms around his neck and held my hands tight as I felt his penis push my lips apart and he began to enter me. He soon had his end in and stopped then slowly rocked back and forth before fully entering me till his balls touched my bum . He the slowly moved in and out before increasing the speed and after the initial stinging it was now pleasant as he suddenly stiffened and I felt him pumping his sperm deep inside and I realised I was not protected. As he finished he pulled out and I pulled my knickers up and we walked back as we got to my room he asked if it was my first time and I blushed as admitted it was . He kissed me and told me would see me around. As he walked off I went to the kitchen and got a drink as Samantha came out and asked if I had let Sean fuck me she could tell from my face I had then I told her we had not used protection and she told me we would sort it in the morning.

After this I had the morning after pill and went on the pill..and during the next 2 years I had sex with 5 other lads on several occasions but never had a regular boyfriend.. After getting a 2:1 degree in accountancy i got my job as a junior accountant with my present employer. Last year at my first Xmas works party at the bosses house I was asked by the Office manager if I was sexually active as they held sex games and I wasn't prepared to take part then they would leave me alone. I didn't want to be a prude so agreed to join in. I had had sex twice since leaving uni..we were advised to wear short skirts for the evening.

As all the women were having a drink in the games room the manager came in and asked Suzie to go with him. I asked were they had gond and was told she would be getting her Cristmas present off the company. After about 20mins she returned holding a new mobile phone an smiling. Then the manager came back and said.'' Shannon come with me" i got up and followed as he closed the door he said " Are you sure you are alright as you will be having sex if you come into the room.

"Who with"

"you will not know and nobody will ever tell you"

"As long as is somebody from work I am prepared."

"It is definitely somebody from work "

We entered the room and Santa was sat on a stool and I had to sit on his knee and had my photo taken and I could feel his bulge harden.

I was told to stand up and there was a barrel full of polystyrene balls in front of us. I was tolto stand in front of the barrel and when told I had to bend over and search the bottom of the barrel till I found a present and you will be helped as well.

As I bent right over trying to reach the bottom of the barrel I suddenly felt hands grab each leg and lift them off the floor and somebody pulled my black satin shorts down and off my feet .I sensed that somebody was standing between my legs and then felt a hand rubbing my slit and clit and I was very wet before he entered me and vave me a sound fucking before shooting his spunk into me as he came out I was lifted out holding a present and a blindfold was placed over ny eyes and I had to then suck him clean and I could taste my love juices along with his spunk.

Now it is only 4weeks to this years party and I now have a boyfriend but I am still going as last year.my gift was a gold watch.

IWill let you know when I have been.