Written by tight tessa

15 May 2017

I was sitting in a bar suping gin and tonic when three hunky guys come in I was wearing a low cut black top with very short mini skirt no stockings I noticed the younger one kept looking at my shaven legs I knew what he was after.time went on and I got another g and t then he slowly approached hi my name is Ben who are you ? Im Tessa I replied

we had more drinks during the nice evening he asked about my ex gav I told him he was kinky and wanted sex morning noon and night he asked me to explain what gav and me did together in bed

I told him I would were no bra and see through blouse and we would act out love games Ben was getting very hard now I saw his budge in his trousers so I askesd Ben do u want to fuck me ? Yes he replied I went off to powder my face and we called a cab back to my place when we got in the flat I slipped on my sexy night dress I was naked underneath we kissed and he removed my night dress to revelers my body I was in his hand he was a hunk I sunk to my knees and sucked his 9 inch cock

I was at his mercy he began to fuck me I was in heaven he was so great I cum twice when regression was a knock at the doori it was his too mates from the pub hi he said im fucking Tessa he carried on where we left it then his mates joined in I was sucking one Ben was up me and the other was in my ass they all took it in turns to fuck my pussy Sam was a black mate he was fantastic the next morning they got up and went I sloped id in not for long though Sam was back with his rules if u want me again u do as I tell u he said he was so good I agreed in now 7 months pregnant with one of there children and still being used