Written by paultamworth

17 Nov 2013

How naughty will Carol be. Part 2

It was a cold November afternoon, As Carol left the house and walked to the car . The reality of what she had agreed to struck home, her nipple were now rock hard and clearly visable as they poked through the thin material of her blouse. Her pussy was tingling and with every footstep she could feel the wet thong pressing on her clit. Fuck she was nervous, but so excited could she carry out her dares.

As Dave turned onto the motorway, Carol knew what she had to do. She slipped her coat off throwing onto the back seat, and pulled her skirt up until her stockings, bare thighs and thong were clearly onshow. Dave looked across and slide his hand between her legs, carol's legs opened giving his fingers free acess. Fuck she was wet. Dave spotted a lorry infront and pulled along side, carol knew what this meant. She looked up and caught the driver staring down at her, she knew he could see her pussy as Dave slowly fingered her. She made eye contact briefly and slowly took Dave's finger from her pussy guiding it to her bright red lips and sucking it clean of her pussy juices.

Dave sped up and started looking for another truck. This time carol had to make herself cum as the driver watched. Dave slowed up along side a Stobbard truck, fucking hell Carol thought lets hope I dont end up on the TV! Carol did the same caught the driver looking, but this tine she pushed her thong to one side and went to work rubbing her clit as fast as she could. Omg it felt good, she could feel her pussy getting wetter and she needed to cum. She now was fucking her self with 2 fingers darting in and out if her pussy as the other had rubbed her clit. Her back arched as she felt her climax cuming, fuck fuck fuck she shouted as it hit her. She pulled her fingers out of her soaked pussy and licked them clean. Then she realised her skirt was wet, fuck her pussy was soaking. She sat back and relaxed as dave turned off the motorway and headed to the city centre. Carol started to pull her skirt down, but dave told her to leave it alone as she had one more dare first.

Carol's mind started to spin, this wasn't in the text what was next! The next thing carol realised Dave wad slowing down, he pulled up by a oldish guy walking down the road . You bastard Carol shouted as the car stopped. Dave lowered Carol's window and shouted the guy over. He walked over and took a double take as he spotted the state of carols skirt! Dave asked they guy for directions to the bullring, and the guy took ages never taking his eyes off carols leg's. What the fuck carol thought and moved about a bit in her seat making the thong tighter on her pussy and the guy spotted this and smiled saying there are some great sights today. Carol blew the guy a kiss as Dave drove off. Carol noticed the cold air had made her nipples rock hard again and the needed sone attention. Dave looked across and smiled her was married to a true slut