Written by Slut Wife

26 Jan 2014

My husband’s friend Mark had split from his missus after being together for over 20 years. He and Terry had been friends since infants school so we offered him our spare room until he could get himself sorted.

One drunken night Mark admitted that his sex life had been non existent for years and couldn’t even remember the last time he felt horny. All his advances just kept being knocked back so in the end he just gave up trying.

Mine and Terry’s sex life had always been great and although he’d never told his mates any in depth details they were all jealous of him. He just couldn’t help himself bragging about the latest outfit/toys/sexy shoes we’d bought.

I’d always had a tidy figure and never minded showing it off, bending down inappropriately so they could cop an eyeful when they came round, low cut tops etc, mainly because I knew it got my man going like nothing else but also just to be a prick tease. A girl likes to feel desired.

Terry wanted to help his friend ‘get back on the horse’ so to speak so he offered to take him out that coming weekend. We went to get the next round of drinks from the kitchen and with my inhibitions nicely lowered by the alcohol I offered to help out too. Knowing I’m a horny bitch and that his mate had been checking me out for years I was dared to ‘see what I could do’.

Next time Terry went to the bathroom Mark and I were left alone. I wasn’t exactly dressed up in all my usual sexy finery but being summertime the short denim skirt and vest showed enough off. I asked Mark when the last time he’d looked at any porn, hinting that maybe it would help his sex drive. Being a bit of a dinosaur and having never had a computer I offered to show him some good places to look. So I went and sat next to him with the laptop and started trawling some of the websites Terry and I looked at. I asked what he liked and he said he’d always had a thing for asian babes. Within seconds he was staring wide eyed at the screen with a dark skinned beauty taking a full length of cock deep in her throat. ‘Is that the sort of thing you like?’ I asked him playfully.

We then heard Terry coming down the stairs when Mark started panicking saying ‘shouldn’t you turn that off?’ I asked him why and said ‘This isn’t really his thing porn is porn and Terry would watch anything, especially if I’d chosen it.’ Not really knowing what to do with himself he took a massive gulp of drink and waited for Terry to come in.

‘Oh, I wondered what you were going to do. Good choice darling’ Terry said as he walked in and clocked the screen. ‘Just trying to do my bit for the needy sweetheart’ I said back, winking.

Sitting down next to me I was now in between one horny fucker and one bloke with so much backlog he’d probably collapse the next time he shot a load.

That film finished so I started flicking through some others, one caught my eye of a threesome ‘That’s the one!’ I said before putting the laptop on the coffee table and setting it to full screen. Terry suggested putting it on the telly so we could all watch it on the big screen so on it went. Although still clearly unsure Mark was starting to relax as he realised his mate wasn’t about the flip out and enjoy what he was watching.

With the porn having it’s usual effect on us I started gently stroking Terry’s hardening cock through his shorts, without stopping I turned and apologised to Mark but said that I could help it, porn always has that effect on me, then added the impact my words would have ‘Especially when it’s a dirty slut getting two cocks. Mmmmm, one day!’.

I leant forward to get my drink and as I sat up a little Terry slid his hand underneath me. He found my thong and could feel I was already damp. By now my inhibitions were virtually non-existent so I leant right forward onto my elbows and knelt up onto the sofa so I was on all fours. I could see Mark’s knuckles whiten as he gripped his bottle of beer not knowing where to look.

Terry began to finger me, just up to the first and second knuckle, nice and slow but enough to make me begin to making lovely squelchy noises. With the other hand he moved my skirt to show off my pert arse to his oldest friend.

He told Mark to put his beer down and then stopped fingering me, keeping one hand on my skirt up and the other to pull my soaking gusset to one side. ‘Gone on mate’ he said. Mark looked at him like he couldn’t believe what was happening and hesitated so I said ‘Will someone please put something in my pussy? I’m gagging here!’. Next thing I know there are very cold hands on me, one on my arse cheek and the other finding their way around my pussy lips. I moaned with pleasure and arched my back pushing back onto his fingers slightly. I could tell it had been a while and that he was out of practice but he was getting back into the swing of things when Terry stood up and said ‘What were you saying about gagging?’ I grinned, said yes please and opened my mouth wide.

So my gorgeous hubby stood up and got his throbbing cock out holding it in front of me, just far enough away that all I could get to was the tip. Even rocking back and forth between him and his mate (now three fingers deep and exploring my pussy) I could still only get to the tip. I ran my tongue all around his helmet tasting a little pre-cum and moaned that I wanted to suck him deep into my mouth. He said that tonight, if everyone was up for it, he would he would tell me what I was allowed and if I really wanted to be like a real slut then now was my chance.

I looked over my shoulder to my husband’s oldest friend whose eyes were flicking between my face, his friends face and his hand buried deep in my dripping pussy. So I said ‘ Well I want cock and I want it now, this is a one time only offer do you fancy burying yourself balls deep in your mates wife?’. The reply came with a gulp and a slightly shaky voice saying ‘Yes, yes please’.

Terry clearly wanted to be the master tonight and said ‘Ok then, but this happens on my terms.’

‘Right you, slut wife stand up. You (pointing to Mark) on your back and on the floor now’. I was then ordered to strip totally naked and sit on Marks face. Being a good girl I did as I was told. After grinding myself into his face I asked my master when I could next suck some cock as my throat was so dry. He told me to unzip his friends fly and take him deep in my mouth. I did just that, I nearly got smacked in the face as I did so with his hard on but then held him still and wrapped my lips around my part time lodgers cock. He groaned with pleasure and almost at once sprayed the back of my throat with so much cum it spilled out of my mouth and all over the rug. I knew I wouldn’t take much but blimey! I looked up at my husband wondering what was next.

My pussy was still pulsing and in desperate need of filling. Terry pulled me to my feet and gave me my next order – on my knees over the edge of the sofa. He released his cock again from his shorts and told his mate to sit back and enjoy the view.

He started wanking his helmet across my pussy and clit knowing how much I love it, then fucked me deep and hard for a little while before switching back to wanking against me again. Switching back and forth between the two he expertly built me up to my pressure point. On the third round of having my hubby’s rock hard cock fucking me good, hard and deep I began to squirt. He pulled out and wanked across my clit again, I gushed in absolute buckets crying out with pleasure. He must have repeated this about 10 or 15 times each time I gushed everywhere, totally soaking the floor. I had never cum that much before and have no idea where it all came from. Fuck knows what the neighbours could hear!

I was by this point quivering and totally spent so Terry bodily turned me over and called Mark back to his feet. I heard him say ‘This slut needs covering’ and I opened my eyes to see my husband and his oldest friend stood side by side wanking over me. Terry came first smothering my tits with his hot spunk then stood back to give his mate room. Mark wasn’t far behind and covered me with his second load of the night.

My whole body was pulsing and I was covered in cum. Apparently that’s just what a slut wife should look like!

I asked if Terry and taken any pictures, he said no need. When Mark and I had been on the floor he’d set the camera to record and it had caught everything from the moment we’d laid down.

Mark moved out a few weeks later and soon found himself a new girlfriend. We never talk about what happened that night but I can assure you Terry and I watch that homemade porn regularly and his friendship with Mark has never been stronger.