Written by Skribbles

6 Feb 2012

It was just another typical monday I thought to myself when I got home from work. Didn't want the weekend to end, and now mondays done. 4 days til the weekend fun starts. When I got in I decided to go and lay down and nap, in other words, this meant I'm really horny and want to play.

So I go to my room, send a text, saying hurry up. Standing infront of my mirror,rubbing my breasts through my shirt, squeezing my nipples until there hard. I take of my blazer, unbutton a few buttons on my shirt. Trousers are next, undoing my zip, I moved my hand to brush over my tingling pussy! Stepping out of my trousers and my black frenchies. My pussy is starting to throb, I think hurry up.

I move to the bed lay down, my pussy bare, but shirt and bra on still. Time for a treat as you would say. Gently stroking my shaved pussy, so wet,willing and waiting. I take the time to rub my clit and push a finger deep into my slit. Moaning an writhing as I'm close to orgasm. I want you to make me cum.

You walk in through my bedroom door, see me playing and moan to youself, and tell me how much you want me, this makes me wetter. You walk over to me and rub my clit, you know just how I like it, slowly you finger me. Feeling my tight pussy grasping your. 3 fingers. You say u can't take it. Taste me. You lower your head into me, your tounge on my pussy,delving between my slit. Oh god its too good! I don't know how much longer I can last, you whisper its fine, I want to taste your juices. That pushes me to the edge. I squirt all my juices over your face and on your tounge, your soaked in it. Kiss me you tell me. So I kiss you and can taste myself on your breath


Now its my turn to please you, I tell you to lay down, and how I'm going to taste your pussy, tease you, and make you come, over me, my breasts.