Written by beaupeep

28 Sep 2009

I’m not sure whether this comes under fact or fantasy, suffice to say it actually happened so I’ll let you make up your own mind. Several years ago, before I was married, a friend of the family (Ray) was training to be a hypnotherapist and he needed some ‘guinea pigs’ to practise on. Although I knew Ray to be a randy old so and so I wasn’t afraid of him I’d known him since I was a child he was also kind and soft hearted. Being a fairly open minded but naive at the time, I just thought it would be an interesting experiment. I agreed with the proviso that if he hypnotised me he would take my mind to a pre agreed point. He said, “Is there something in your past you want to look at?” I explained I’d always been interested in past lives and reincarnation and could he do that? After a bit of hesitation and explaining he didn’t actually believe in it he finally agreed.

He was also a qualified masseur and asked me if at the end of the session I wanted a free rubdown as a thank-you for helping his studies: of course, who wouldn’t! So Ray went out, I undressed to my underwear ready for my massage and settled down on his couch under a large towel. I waited nervously for him to come back. Although I wasn’t frightened it was all new, I was only 19 and not sure what to expect. He returned after what seemed like an eternity and just encouraged me to relax.

As it turned out the hypnosis part was the most relaxing thing ever. As he wound my mind back I found myself to my surprise and his I think, in ancient Rome. I was a slave girl being sold at auction. Ray asked me to describe all I could see and feel. I said “I feel cold. I’m naked and standing on a makeshift stage in the market. There are many men looking at me and touching me ‘inspecting the goods’. An older man comes to the front of the crowd and after feeling me up and down decides to buy me. I look into his eyes to see if he is kind and recognise him as Ray although he looks slightly different. I am taken back to the holding cell given a robe and branded on the neck with the mark of the senator Ray works for.

I arrive at a palatial villa where Ray lives. I am initially handed over to a woman, a ‘head housekeeper’ sort. She takes me roughly by the arm to a bedroom where she rips the robe off my body and pushes me onto a harsh straw mattress. She feels my breasts with the expert hands of someone who has done this many times. And then she pushes a finger into my tight, virginal quim and says ‘good, there have been no boys?’ I have no idea what she is talking about. She barks at me to get up and follow her. I obey, I have no choice. She leads me to a bathhouse and instructs me to climb into the bath. There she proceeds to soap me all over. Rubbing my body till it tingles squeezing my young breasts, soaping my quim and stretching it with her expert fingers till I am shaking with feelings I’d never experienced before. She whispers you’ll thank me for this later. When she has finished with me she brings me robe and orders me to dress and leads me, more gently this time to another room in the bathhouse.

In this room is another huge sunken bath, Ray is in there soaking. He sees us both enter and orders her to leave us. Immediately he gets out and walks toward me with what seems an immense hard on. Once more my clothes are ripped away and I am naked again but here there is no soft place to lay, only a stone table. He pushes me over this and immediately with no ceremony forces it into my virgin pussy. I scream I feel like I’m being torn in two. The only thing that helps is that I’m still wet from being bathed.

He continues to bang me unceremoniously until he is spent. He lets it flop out then climbs back in the bath, ordering me to bring him some more hot water. As I lean over to tip it in he pulls me into the water. I land with a splash and once more he pulls me closer. His swollen manhood floats on the surface and a with a sharp pull on my long hair he impales me on his knob and continues as he started except this time I’m half suffocating half drowning but he carries on as it’s of no consequence to him. He finally comes and forces it over my face and down my throat. With a wave of his hand he says “you’re dismissed”. The housekeeper comes to collect me.

At this point Ray brings me back round and I look at him in a different light and I’m sure I could taste salt in my mouth!