Written by TPT Girl

15 Feb 2016

I'd been on holiday to Gran Canaria with some gay friends, they'd enjoyed it more than me but at least it was a break for me. I was waiting for my luggage and feeling a bit nervous as I had 2000 cigarettes in my case. Mine was the last flight of the night and as people collected their cases the hall emptied with only a handful of passengers left and still no sign of my case. This was all I needed, a lost case but eventually it appeared on the carousel. I was in two minds which channel to go through but I chanced it and went through "Nothing to declare".

As soon as I'd entered a male voice said "Could you come with me please Miss". Bugger I thought as I turned to face a young Customs Officer. We were alone in the area now and he asked me to place my case on the table. He asked "Is there anything in the case I should be aware of?" Sheepishly I said "there's 2000 cigarettes in there." "Open the case please" he instructed. I did as he asked and took the towel off the top. The packs of cigarettes were laid out round the case along with my bikinis, lacy underwear and oh my god, I'd completely forgotten my pink Rabbit and Bullet were just laying there. I blushed and looked at the floor. The Customs Officer put my things back in the case and said "follow me please", he took my case and went towards a back room.

I followed wondering what was going to happen to me after all it was only cigarettes not drugs. There was a large table and a couple of chairs in the room, as I entered the door was closed and locked behind me. "Now then let's have a good look at what you have in here then" he said. I looked at him "Shouldn't there be someone else with you?" "Sorry, it's just me, everyone else has gone off shift as your plane was delayed". He placed the cigarettes on the table and rifled through the case, " you've got some rather nice underwear, haven't you" he remarked. I just stood there a bit shocked, especially when he picked up my pink Rabbit and Bullet and said "are these the toys you girls use when you're on your own then?" "Yes" I stammered. "Tell you what, I'll do you a deal, you show me how you use them and I'll let you take 400 cigarettes" he said. "Are you for real" I replied stunned. "It's your choice, it's late, I've had a crap day, there's a lot of paperwork and how badly to you want these fags". I thought things through for a bit, I'd had a rubbish holiday, this young fit bloke looked hot in his uniform and what harm could it do. "OK but 600" I bargained. "Alright then, I'm feeling generous" he said and handed me my Rabbit and Bullet, "You can get on the table if you want and I'll sit and watch." I took my toys from him, pushed my case to the end of the table and couldn't quite believe what I was about to do. I sat on the edge of the table and looked at him. "In you're on time but don't take all night." Oh well here goes I thought, I laid back and rested my head on the case, drew my knees up and turned my Bullet on. He sat at the end of the table and had a great view of the lacy clad pussy as I slid my Bullet over my knickers. The buzzing feeling soon took over me and instinctively I pulled the thin lace to one side and circled my clit. "Fuck me!" He whispered at the sight of my smoothly shaven pussy which I knew was already wet. It never took long for me to cum using my Bullet so I dipped the tip into my wet pussy and rubbed it over my swelling clit. I opened my legs wider and moaned quietly as I felt my orgasm rising, I moved the Bullet faster over my clit, my body shook and my legs jerked as I cum hard. "God that didn't take long, but your pussy is soaked and looks so tasty, you can have 800 fags if you let me lick your pussy." Oh well I thought laying there, why not. "Deal" I replied and felt him part my legs and pull aside my soaked knickers. His tongue lightly licked the length of my pussy making my clit tingle as his tongue reached it. Mmmm tasty I heard him say as he licked some more and slid his tongue in my wet pussy. Shit I was enjoying this, getting my pussy licked and 800 fags! I decided to up the stakes, "how about I give you a blow job for 1000 fags" I said as he licked my pussy and sucked on my smooth lips. "Sure thing babe" he answered lifting his head from between my legs and moved round the table, undoing his zip and releasing an already hard glistening cock. I licked my lips and took hold of his cock, sliding my hand up and down a couple of times, then I ran my tongue round the tip. He moaned as I licked down his length, I could feel his cock stiffen as I licked upwards and slid my lips over his helmet. "Oh fuck yeah" he groaned as I slowly took his cock into my warm mouth and slid my lips down, taking him in. I could taste his precum as I licked and sucked on his tool. "Show me what you do with that Rabbit" he said. Without releasing his cock from my mouth I fumbled for the Rabbit and switched it on. He lifted my skirt to my waist and reached down to my pussy sliding his finger along my wet slit, took hold of my soaked knickers and ripped the thin lace from me making me gasp but then moan as he slid a finger into my pussy. "Fuck me, you're tight" he said as I moved the buzzing Rabbit down to my pussy. I rubbed the head up and down my lips, I could see him watching as I started to push the head in slowly. My pussy was tight but wet and after a few nudges my Rabbit slid in and I took in all the 6 inches all the while still sucking on his hard tasty cock. The throbbing ears teased my swollen clit as I held it there for a moment. "You don't know how fucking horny this is babe" said this hot young guy as I licked and sucked his cock and slid my Rabbit in and out of my tight wet pussy. He then moved his hand over my right tit, giving it a gently squeeze through my T-shirt. I moaned with pleasure at all the feelings that were going through me. He pulled my T-shirt up and slid his hand in my bra, lifted my heavy tit out and rubbed my erect nipple which grew harder with his touch. I fucked my pussy faster with my Rabbit and sucked on his hot stiff cock. I was going to come again, releasing his cock from my mouth I moaned that I was going to cum. He swiftly moved round to between my legs, withdrew my Rabbit and starting licking my pussy and flicking my clit with his tongue. I held his head to my pussy as I felt my orgasm rising. "Oh fuck yeeesss I'm cummmming" I cried as juices flowed through my pussy and his tongue lapped at them. I lay back panting as I recovered from my orgasm while he continued licking all round my pussy. He then looked up at me and said "your pussy is so damn wet and juicy and tight, I want to fuck you" "Only if I get my 2000 fags" "Sure you can have them" he replied and pulled me towards the edge of the table. He leant over me and sucked on my hard nipple, pulled down my bra exposing both of my tits, squeezing them together and sucking on my hard nipples "you've got fantastic nipples" he said as I laid there enjoying his attention. I wrapped my legs around his waist wanting to have his hard cock in my pussy. After sucking hard on my nipples he stood up, took hold of his cock and rubbed his helmet up and down my wet lips. "Fuck me" I moaned, "I want your cock in my pussy." He told me to hold my lips open, which I gladly did and felt him nudge into my tight wet hole. "Oh fuck you're tight" he moaned as he pushed slowly further into me. "That feels good" I moaned as I felt his cock sliding deeper into my hot pussy. When he was inside me up to his balls he looked down at me and said "you've got a fucking great pussy" and slowly slid his cock out and rubbed it up and down my smooth wet lips several times. Holding his cock to my wet opening he thrust deep into my pussy in one stroke. I gasped and he started to fuck me with long hard thrusts, he reached up and took hold of my tits, squeezing them hard. I'd probably have bruises on them but I didn't care, his cock fitted my pussy perfectly and I was enjoying this hot young guy fucking me. He then slid his cock out and pulled me off the table, he sat on one of the chairs. I went over to him and straddled his legs, his cock was so hard and wet from my juices, I took hold of the base and lowered myself down onto his waiting cock. I then held his shoulders as I slid down his length with ease, my pussy taking him all in. As I sat still on his cock he sucked hard on one nipple and roughly grabbed my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and thrusting his cock deeper into me. "You've got a great cock" I moaned as I moved my hips on him. He smacked my ass and said "ride me baby". I raised my pussy up his cock until just an inch was inside me and I bounced upon his helmet a couple of times before driving my wet pussy down his length making him groan and squeeze my ass harder, more bruises I thought as I started to ride his cock, my pussy gripping him. "Oh fuck yeah" he moaned "fuck me, fuck meeeeee." I rubbed my clit against him and could feel my third orgasm rising. I rode his cock hard and deep. "I'm cummming" I cried as my body shuddered and my pussy gripped his cock, milking him and covering his cock with my juices. He thrust hard up into my throbbing pussy and growled "oh fuck, shit, fuck I'm gonna shooooot!". I felt his hot spunk shoot deep inside me, filling me pussy with his cum. My legs went to jelly and I collapsed over him, I could feel our hot juices leaking from my pussy, covering his balls. We sat there panting, hot and sweaty and both fully satisfied.

I looked at him and said "thank you for making up for a rubbish holiday, a great homecoming fuck and I get to keep my 2000 fags." "I'm just glad I was on the late shift and thank you for letting me experience one hell of a great pussy" he said.