Written by BoldBilly

6 Apr 2011

I am a 42 year old divorced guy that works in the middle east, I get back to the UK for a few days every 2 months to visit my kids. When I’m in the UK I stay with my ex mother in law, Janet who is 62 & have never looked at her in a sexual way, that all changed this weekend.

On Saturday afternoon Janet asked if I wanted to go out for a meal as she didn’t feel like cooking, I agreed & she went to get changed while I booked us a table at a country pub. When she came down I was surprised to see her dressed in a nice skirt & tight top, the skirt showed off her nice legs & the top her amble breasts. She sat down & while we waited for the cab I offered her a drink which she accepted, she was sat opposite me on the sofa & I’m sure that as she crossed her legs I could see the tops of what I thought were stockings but thought no more of it. The cab arrived & we went on our way with me sat in the front.

We got to the pub & sat down to eat her sat opposite me, as we were chatting she started flirting with me & asked about my sex life in the middle east, I told her that because of the laws over there I didn’t have a sex life, she just smiled & carried on her flirting. After the meal we went into the bar for a drink & to get a cab to take us home.

The cab arrived & we made our way back to her place, where she went into the kitchen and bought out a bottle of wine saying that the night had been nice as she poured out 2 glasses. As she handed me mine I’m sure that she lent forward more than was necessary and showed me her full breasts before sitting opposite me on the sofa. As we were chatting she crossed her legs & as she did so it rode up over her knee showing me her stocking tops, I did my best not to look but was finding it hard. She then stood up & asked if I wanted a refill, sitting on the arm of my chair as she poured it, again she crossed her legs only this time she made sure that her skirt rode well up her thigh so that I saw her white skin above her stocking tops. She saw me looking & asked if I liked what I saw, of course I said yes & put a hand on her knee, she made no move to move it instead leaned forward & kissed me full on the lips, her tongue pushing into my mouth. By this time my hand was massaging the top of her thigh & her breathing was getting faster.

Her hand was now rubbing my ever hardening cock through my trousers as I moved my hand over her panty clad pussy, I could feel the dampness & heat from her pussy & as I continued to rub her she undid my fly I took out my now very hard cock, stroking it up & down. She was telling me it had been a long time since she had held a cock, I pulled the gusset of her panties to one side & started to ease my finger inside her. She must have cum straight away as her juices flowed over my fingers & she trembled with pleasure squeezing my cock hard.

She stood up & I thought that was the end but she took me by the hand & pulled me up telling me to take her to bed. As she led the way up the stairs my eyes were fixed on her stocking clad legs thinking about what was at the top of them. When we got to her bedroom I couldn’t wait to undress her, stripping her down as far as her stockings & panties. She then took off my shirt & trousers until I was stood in just my boxers with my hard cock poking out. I eased her down on to her bed & lay beside her, fondling her tits & fingering her wet swollen pussy lips lifting my fingers to my mouth & tasted her for the first time & wanted more. I moved my head down her body so that I could lick her hot cunt, she went mad as I poked my tongue into her little hole, She grabbed my head pushing it hard against her cunt, telling me how good it felt, again I felt her tremble as she squirted her cum over my tongue & lips. She pulled me up her body, kissing me & tasting her own juices on my lips. She was wanking my hard cock slowly, running her thumb over the precum on the head. She told me that she wanted to feel my cock inside her, I got between her legs & she fed it into her open cunt, I began to fuck her slowly (I wanted this to last) she had her legs wrapped around me, her fingers were digging into my arse as she tried to force me deeper inside her wet hot cunt, she was telling me how good it felt to have a man inside her, how much she had wanted this to happen. I started to fuck her harder, slamming my balls against her arse cheeks, she was telling me to fuck her harder. I speeded up as I felt my cum getting ready to shoot I told her I was going to cum & she said she wanted it inside her. I shot my load deep into her cunt & as I did she came for the third time. After a while I rolled of her she was kissing me telling me how much she needed to feel a cock inside her again. The rest of the night was spent with her curled up in my arms.

I am now back in the middle east but looking forward to being home the end of May. I have spoken to Janet on the phone & she is also looking forward to seeing me again, dirty bitch has even sent me a pic of her naked lol