Written by rod

5 Dec 2013

Im a mature guy , once married but now divorced, I had a experience with a guy, he seduced me making me touch him and kissing me and eventually made me suck him.. over the years and married then I was getting sex from my wife but the bi experience I had was always in the back of my mind as something I would like to try again .

Im now divorced by 3 years and have had sex with one or two guys after meeting and chatting to them on what was then a chat room. I went around to one guys house where after a cup of tea he kissed me, then took me to his bedroom, stripped me naked and after giving me poppers he put a condom on and fucked me. I loved it but felt guilty too, why I don't know, However im still hankering on wanting a guy to fuck me. This is the problem though. I want the guy to basically use me after seducing me so to speak. I fantasise about meeting a guy and going back to his place, after a little chit chat so to speak I would want him to undress me , take me to his room whereby he would tie me down face up with my arms spread out so I cant run off and lube my butt and take me several times during the evening which will include kissing, sucking him etc, however here comes the bit I really want but scared to do. I want the guy to be free from anything std etc etc and fuck me bareback and cum inside me several time, I just hanker to feel his hot flesh enter me, push in and out of me and then to feel his cum shoot inside me and dribble out, then for him to repeat it several times during the night before releasing me in the following morning. am I a man slut in my fantasy ? think I could be.