Written by Heels

18 Jul 2009

You're not here and every part of me aches for you. I want to see the warmth of your smile. I want to feel the comfort of your arms and body. I want to smell you, to taste you, to hear you gasp as I tease you. I need to feel like you're here.

Naked, I lay back on my pillow, on my big soft inviting bed where we can have so many playful days and nights. Thinking of you I find my hand between my thighs, caressing, coaxing. I pull a pillow onto me and imagine your scent. I press it to my body and think of the many positions we can find pleasure in and think of your strong, sensual passion.

My thighs are wide, my eyes are closed and my fingers are exploring. Not as big and as powerful as yours I imagine, but slender and sensitive. Will you feel me the same way I do I wonder as wet tremblings become soaked thumpings as my hand replaces you and becomes you in my afternoon fantasies.

I need you. I want you . . . oh god do I want you!

My palm presses down harder on my bare mound, my fingers teasing, rubbing, reaching down, reaching into my wetness. I bite on my bottom lip as little gasps of pleasure and delight rise in my throat. I hear fuller moans and sighs as my fantasy comes alive and I see you there with me. My other hand caresses my breasts and nipples as I am lost in my naked self lust. My hand runs down my body, over my ribs, over my soft sensitive tummy. Then it comes . . . that brief moment when fingers over and inside seem to connect with an electric spot deep in me sending sparks and shivers from the very centre of me down my legs and up my spine.

My back arches, my lips part I let out a sighing moan of ecstasy.

Where are you? Why aren't you here? Oh my god, oh my god . . . .I so want you!!!