Written by Newbiecouple

17 Jun 2016

Not sure who got the best present, but we both enjoyed ourselves.

My wife and I were staying the night in a very nice hotel/spa. We had been in town all day, wandering around and looking at all the nice little shops, we'd avoided the chain stores. We could do them anytime and checked in and up to the room. 

As we walked in, she spotted the bottle of fizz I'd had supplied, threw her arms around my neck, gave me a big kiss and declared that "we were gonna have a top night". At that point I didn't realise how "top" she meant. 

We quickly stripped off and into swimmers for a quick dip, spa, sauna and relax before dinner. 

As we walked into the pool complex, carries first destination was the hot tub. She's not as big a fan as me. But enjoys them all the same. 

I suppose i'd better give a quick description for anyone who cares. We are both in our early forties, carrie looks younger than me, but is actually a year older. After three kids, she worked hard to lose the baby weight, and she has. Standing at just 5'2" brunette with a hint of red. A size 8 with 32 c tits. A lovely arse and just a little "landing strip" of hair above a delightful pussy. She has always been a little conservative, although after a few drinks, that can change. 

She announced she was going for a hot tub, wandered over and dropped the robe, her bikini was by no means a skimpy thong type, but was certainly less than I had expected. 

As she stepped into the water, a group of guys, probably in their late twenties, early thirties walked through the door, as they spotted Carrie, there was a few nudges. Three of them walked over to the hot tub and dropped their towels as two of them entered the pool right next to me. 

"For an older bird, I definitely would" 

I decided to keep quiet and just went off for a few more lengths before I'd "rescue" her and we'd leave. 

I finished my lengths, but as I got out, the hot tub was empty. Not wanting to seem over zealous or jealous I decided to continue on to the hot tub as planned. I laid down in the water and started to relax, just as I heard giggling from the sauna. 

As I laid there, Carrie came out of the sauna, looking a lot more flushed than I would have thought. She came over and told me she was going back to the room to get ready for the meal. Gave me a kiss and disappeared. 

As I laid back in the water thinking I've got a good half hour before I need to leave. The three guys who were in the hot tub earlier came out the sauna laughing. 

"I can't believe you actually got her to do that" 

My ears pricked up as I realised they were talking about Carrie. As they got into the water they were talking to the other two guys, unaware we were together, they started to include me in the conversation.

" dude you missed out on that, we were sat in the steam and in that milf walks. As she sat down, her bikini bottoms gaped open, we could see everything. She certainly grooms, if you know what I mean. We didn't tell her at first and just sat there looking at a very nicely shaven pussy. After a minute, we decided to tell her" 

" excuse me love, do you realise your bottoms have gaped open and for the last two minutes we've all been sat staring at your pussy" 

" man. She didn't know where to look, so I broke the ice, you could always show us your tits as well" 

"She looked at all of us, grabbed the bottom of her bikini and lifted it up, showing us her lovely tits".  

At this, I bid my farewells, got out of the water and headed off back to the room. As I walked in, it was clear Carrie was in the shower. I dropped my trunks and decided to join her. As I walked into the bathroom, she jumped out of the water,  dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. 

"Feeling a little horny after your little show" I asked.

"God yes"

I took her back the bedroom, laid her down on the bed and dove between her legs. She grabbed hold of my head as I licked her dripping snatch, forcing me hard onto her. I licked for all I was worth as she had three orgasms, one after the other.  As I laid on top and just about to enter her, she stopped me. 

"You can wait until later, I've got a special little treat for you"

Whilst we were shopping, Carrie had obviously been lingerie shopping, as she laid out her outfit for the night I spotted a very sexy little black lace bra and matching thong. Black, with a lace front that would clearly be see through. 

We had a delightful meal, along with a few bottles of wine, Carrie was certainly getting into the spirit. Halfway through the meal, I felt her foot slide up my leg and into my crotch, she then proceeded to stroke me, making me fully hard and rather uncomfortable, she giggled as I squirmed.

" aw baby, is that getting uncomfortable" 

I replied it was, but I was enjoying it. Just then she stopped and went very red.

I turned and saw the three guys from the sauna, they saw me and realised we were together and they had told me all about how she had flashed them. 

I looked across the table at her and asked her what was wrong, she was the one squirming now. I decided to not be so cruel and told her that I knew all about her little exhibition earlier and now it was my turn for a little fun.  I then instructed her to go to the ladies, take off her panties, bring them back to the table, look the three of them in the eye and make a show of dropping them into my hand. 

Carrie leant across the table, gave me a very sloppy kiss, stood up and walked away. A few moments later, she returned, she looked at me, walked straight past me to the table with the lads from the hot tub. 

"She looked at the one who had asked her to flash her tits "I thought you might like these, I'll get them back later" and dropped her tiny little thong straight onto his lap, she bent down and kissed him, just as his hand slipped up inside her skirt, I saw her flinch as she groaned. I guessed he found her wet pussy. He pulled his hand back out licked his finger clean, smacked her arse and told her "I'll be sure to see you later" 

We finished our food and went off to the bar, we got a drink and decided to take a walk in the hotel grounds, we grabbed our drinks and went off. As we were walking round, we found a few places that would be good photo points (I love taking nude and semi nude photos of Carrie) when I'd mentioned it for the fourth time, Carrie told me to go back to the room and get my camera. 

I'd only been gone ten minutes, I returned to the same place, but there was no one there. Listening carefully, I heard a giggle Come from behind a large hedge. I walked round the corner and there was my wife, on the floor. Her skirt bunched up round her waist. Freshly shaven pussy on display as her legs opened wide. Two of the group were at her feet, holding her legs wide open, her pussy glistening in the moonlight as the third spread her pussy open while straddling her head and pushing a very thick cock between her lips. One of the two holding her legs, moved to the side, dropped his jeans and revealed quite a short, but very fat cock. He rubbed it over her pussy as she groaned and pushed her hips up. The tip spread her lips apart as he pushed in. A long low guttural moan escaped her lips as number two pushed all the way home. His balls slapping against her perfectly shaven pussy. Between the two of them they started a rhythm. She was now on her hands and knees being gradually rocked back and forth. Mouth full. Pussy empty. You could see the juices running down her thighs as the thick cock pierced her delicious cunt.

All this got too much for all of them, as both of the two guys currently fucking my beautiful bride roared and filled her at both ends with their spunk, my wife squeeled and screamed as she came violently. She collapsed on her arms, butt still high in the air, spunk and pussy juice dribbling down her legs. As she lay there, number three decided it was his go. 

I've never seen a cock like it, even in porn films, they still weren't as long or as thick as this guy. He walked over to my wife. That enormous thing swaying as he walked.  He knelt down behind her and using his fingers, he spread her arse cheeks apart. His other hand taking her pussy lips and driving 3 fingers deep inside her. My wife was groaning as her pussy lips were spread wide by his invading fingers, she was rocking backwards and forwards. She didn't even know who's fingers were about to make her come again. 

Carries pussy was looking a mess as number three stepped back, removed his fingers and lined his weapon up with my wife's cunt. As he started to push, she retreated " I can't, it's too big. It hurts" I stroked her hair and told it's ok. Just relax. 

Number 3 pushed again, her pussy yielded and the head popped in.  My beautiful wife yelped as a cock the width of a beer can and as long as a rounders bat, started invading her body.  The groans coming from her were loud and clear as she started telling him to fuck her. 

"Fuck me with that cock, ruin me, give it to me you bastard" 

Number 3 obliged and started pushing even further, it looked like he'd hit a blockage, he couldn't go any further and there was still at least 3 inches of hard cock left to go, all of a sudden, my wife let out a grunt. And the rest of his cock disappeared. She now had over twelve inches of rock hard cock buried deep within her. She started to move and fuck herself in his massive dick. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Here was my wife, fucking herself on the biggest dick I'd ever seen and she looked like she could have taken more. 

The sound of slapping skin and both of them moaning as he fucked her harder than I ever could was so loud I feared the other residents would hear, that problem was soon solved as cock number 2 walked round the front and shoved his cock straight into her open mouth, she gagged as it the back of her throat, but at no point did she back off. She just kept fucking herself at both ends as she rocked between the two of them.  

Both of the two guys who had their cocks in my wife started pumping faster as it soon became obvious they were about to come, they both thrust forward at the same time, impaling my wife on over 20 inches of rock hard, she shook and collapsed as both of them released at the same time, filling two of her holes with floods of hot jizz. As they pulled out, my wife collapsed on the ground, her eyes shut, still groaning. I watched her hand drift down to her now gaping pussy as she started to circle her own clit. Her rubbing became more intense as her orgasm hit her again. She looked over at me and smiled. 

"Please take me back to our room darling. I think I'm done for one night" 

I picked her up in my arms and carried her back to our room. Several of the other residents looked at me and smiled as I carried her through the reception. They must have heard after all. 

I laid her down on the bed and looked at her red, swollen wet pussy. She opened her legs and told me to climb on. 

As I entered her, she was so wet and sloppy I could barely feel anything, but after 4 strokes, I added my own fluids to her overflowing pussy, I kissed her as we fell asleep in each other's arms. 

The following morning, I awoke to an empty bed, as I slowly opened my eyes, there was my wife, bent over the end of the bed, getting fucked hard by the enormous dicked number 3. 

"Sorry babe, I had a feeling we won't be repeating last night, so I wanted one last fix before we left" 

Little did she know how much I enjoyed watching her act like a wanton slut. 

To be continued....