7 Feb 2017

She sat before me looking down at me. She pointed her foot in my direction and said 'kiss it now!'

Eager to please, i reached out and took hold of her foot, scratching the back of my hand against the tip of her 6 inch heel. I leant forward and pressed my lips against her. I could smell the thin, black leather straps of her shoe. my kisses covered her foot and i looked up to make sure I was pleasing her.

The night had started well, an old friends birthday so we hit the town. As the numbers dwindled the remaining few of us ended up in a club. That was where I met her.

She was on the dance floor. Her long dark hair shook wildly as she danced. Her dress was tight, showing her well toned body. He bum was awesome. Large and pert. Her short dress revealed her long, long legs. She was wearing some very sexy black, strappy high heels. I wondered how she could dance in such shoes.

Downing a shot for courage I approached her on the dance floor. She welcomed me so we got our boogie on for a while.

The later from earlier had filled my bladder so off I went to piss and when I can back out, she had gone.

Oh well I thought to myself and got back to drinking. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. Now we were away from the dark dance floor, I could appreciate her better. She had dark lipstick on and very heavy, dark eye make up.

'Im going home, do you fancy joining me?' she asked.

I was taken back by the directness but jumped at the chance. I made my excuses and we left.

This is how I found myself knelt before her. Kissing her feet. Obeying her orders. Trying to please her.

She looked back down at me and pushed her other foot towards my mouth. My attention turned towards it and i licked up from between her toes to her ankle.

Good boy, she said, as she stood up.

Her legs were amazing. Long and smooth and as I knelt before her she pulled her tight dress upto her hips. She was wearing a very small thong which barely covered her.

'Do you like what you see?'

I nodded I'm appreciation and reached out too touch her.

'Not yet' she shouted at me and slappedy face gently.

Her hand went inside her underwear and she started to stroke herself. Now she was growing. Getting harder with each stroke until her thong could no longer contain her. Pushing it a side, she pulled her hard cock out and wanked right in front of my face.

'Now you can touch'

I reached out and wrapped my hand around her. Slowly wanking her. Transfixed on her cock. I started to lick the end before she pushed herself into mouth started to slowly fuck my face.

She took hold of me head and her thrusting increased. I could feel her cock hitting the back of my throat. She thrust away, using my mouth as nothing more than a toy for her own satisfaction, before she purred 'im cumming' and pushed herself in further than she had been and held my head held tight. I felt her cock swell and twitch as she filled my mouth with stream after stream of cum.

She slowly pulled out

'Swallow it all!' she barked so I closed my mouth, and with a gulp, I swallowed every last drop.

'Good boy' she purred. You may kiss my feet again now.