Written by Ade

22 Jul 2012

Mary came down from her shower in a pink silk gown. Adrian and Simon both looked up, Simon had obviously seen his girlfriend many times come down from the shower but this time Mary looked different, there was a twinkle in her eye, the belt looser around her waist revealing more skin as she walked into the room.

Adrian looked Mary up and down noticing the outline of her slim, firm body, her gown clingy to her pert small breasts, her nipples erect maybe with anticipation of what may about to happen.

Mary had wondered if Simon had talked to Adrian about her fantasy, she wondered if Adrian had agreed.

Adrian had always been close to Mary but they both knew that they could only be friends, maybe Simon had persuaded him to take this friendship further.

" what have you boys been up to while I've been in the shower" Mary asked.

Just chatting Simon replies, looking at some of Simons recent work Adrian tells Mary, very interesting too, Adrian laughs naughtily spinning the laptop around so Mary can view the screen.

Mary's heart stops a beat and she goes weak at the knees as on the screen is a photograph of Mary totally naked performing oral sex on Simon.

Great pic isn't it Mary Simon asks, smiling broadly.

Mary hesitates not sure how to reply, she never thought Simon would ever show Adrian their most intimate photos but it was also turning her on thinking that her boyfriend and friend has browsed over those shots while she was in the shower.

Well darling you didn't mind do you, you know how boys will be boys, I think ADRIAN enjoyed them very much looking at the erection he had.

You got hard looking at me Adrian Mary asks.

Well yes, who wouldn't , they were so hot!

Simon also spoke to me about your fantasy, I'm not sure you had me in mind but I told Simon I would help you fulfil it.

Mary was weak with anticipation now, she had thought about this moment for many months but never had she planned her friend Adrian to be part of it.

Simon walked up behind Mary kissing her on the neck, whispering in her ear"you want 2 guys don't you, you want 2 hard cocks don't you, you want Adrian don't you" Yes yes Mary whispers.

Simon unties the belt to Mary's gown still kissing her neck.

The gown opens slightly, not quite uncovering her breasts but enough to show Adrian she was totally naked underneath.

Mary's pubic hair had been trimmed very neatly and tight revealing her outer vaginal lips.

Simon continued to kiss and lick Mary's neck as he pulled Mary's robe off her shoulders letting it drop to the floor.

Mary was in a sexual haze as Simon reached round to gently caress her small firm breasts, nipples erect like small penises.

Adrian watched his friends as Simon caressed and fondled his girlfriend waiting for his turn to join in.

Simon moved his hand down Mary's flat stomach to reach her now throbbing cliterous lubricating it with some vaginal fluid Simon masturbated Mary until she had an almighty loud orgasm.

ADRIAN was dying to release he fully erect penis but waited until Simon had arranged.

Mary was in ecstasy with her 1st orgasm and asked Simon what next. Let's go outside to the sun loungers. What about the neighbours Mary asked but Simon said not too worry they'll enjoy the show.

Simon took Mary's hand and led her naked into the garden, the 2 men sporting large bulges in their jeans.

Simon placed Mary on a lounger kissing her passionately opening her legs gently to reveal her now very wet vagina. Now for the boys to get naked, you want to see Adrian naked don't you Mary Simon asks. Mmm yes please.

Mary's thought of her neighbours watching had been forgotten by the thought of her bf and friend naked in front of her in the back garden.

Simon walked over to Adrian, think its time to get naked mate.

Mary now gently masturbating, rubbing her clit watching the 2 men remove their shirts and jeans. Both now having huge bulges in their boxers. Nice bulge Adrian both Simon and Mary say giggling. Thanks, yours too Simon.

Simon to Mary's amazement places his hand on Adrian's crutch and traces the outline of his penis with his fingers. Very nice Adrian.

Now Mary was rubbing her clit like never before and every now and then she would insert 2 fingers into her soaking vagina, finger fucking herself as her 2 men performed for her.

Simon kissed Adrian deeply and passionately rubbing Adrian's penis outside of his boxers.

Adrian pulled down Simons underpants and masturbated his stiff cock.

Simon pulled down Adrian's boxers releasing his slightly bigger cock, these naked men kissed and wanked each other for Mary's pleasure.

Mary had an even bigger 2nd orgasm.

Simon kisses down Adrian's body reaching his cock tongue licking around his head then down his shaft, sucking on his balls.

Adrian staring at Mary masturbating and fingering herself as Simon sucked him off.

Simons mouth over Adrian's hard member sucking him up and down, his hand caressing his balls as he sucks.

Mary having said nothing ,being transfixed by naked men's sexual display in front of her, now wanted cock, and wanted it now. Don't forget about little old me over here she shouts.

Oh ok the men say and walk back over to Mary.

Adrian kisses Mary, gently squeezing her left breast. Simon licks and suck Mary's right breast while probing her pussy with 2 fingers.

Mary loves the attention of her 2 muscular men wondering why she hadn't done this before.

Simon moved down Mary's body kissing and licking her soft skin.

Adrian moves up to Mary's head resting his penis on her lips, rubbing it across them. Mary opens her lips to taste her friends cock for the first time as Simon licks Mary's pussy lips probing his tongue into her wet vagina. Licking her slit up and down as she expertly sucks Adrian's penis, taking his shaft fully into her throat while twisting her hand around his shaft.

Simon work away on Mary's pussy fingering, licking and sucking her. Licking up all her juices.

Mary sucks Adrian's cock ,as Adrian nears orgasm ,he places his hand behind her head and fucks Mary's mouth.

Adrian tenses up, oh god yes Mary make me cum as Adrian ejaculates into his friends mouths, fucking her mouth back and forth squirting hot spunk deep into her throat.

Simon sucks on Mary's clit bringing her to orgasm again.

Simon moves to Mary's mouth swapping Adrian's spunk into his then kissing Adrian with a mixture of his own spunk and Mary's cum.

Simon has yet to cum and Mary's guide his cock towards Adrian's mouth stroking it into Adrian's mouth as Adrian sucks it. After all the foreplay Simon doesn't take long to squirt his hot cum into Adrian's mouth, Mary wanking ever last drop out of her bf into her friends mouth.

Now Mary was begging to be fucked and both guys were eager to oblige.

Simon went inside to get some bits while Mary got on all fours.

Adrian licked down her arse crack and her gave her good rimming, tonguing her arse hole before moving to her pussy.

Licking along her soaking opening, gently pulling her pussy lips, tongue fucking Mary making her cum again.

Adrian now stood behind his friend as Simon came back out.

Rubbing his swollen head up and down his friends slit he gently push his cock in.

Inch by inch the thrusts got deeper until the tempo got quicker and Adrian up to his balls in Mary's pussy.

Simon had positioned his cock at Mary's mouth for her to suck as the 2 men spit roasted this sexy minx.

As Adrian fucked Mary spreading her ass cheeks he careful probed her anus with his thumb, this sent Mary into another orgasm.

Simon was now really pumping his cock into Mary's mouth, face fucking her as Adrian neared another orgasm himself.

One last thrust and adrian filled Mary's pussy with his spunk.

Simon followed shortly afterwards and shot cum into Mary's mouth.

Mary stayed in her position cum dripping from mouth and from her pussy, the perfect cum slut.