Written by Both-up-4-fun

28 Feb 2009

I walk into the room, there are two sofas. On one is the guy, completely naked and sporting a nice erection which his hand was keeping firm by gently stroking up and down the length of it. On the other is his wife, she is dressed in a silky short robe loosely tied and she is teasing a nipple with one of her hands. I am naked, having left my clothes in the hallway as requested.

I approach the sofa with the guy on it, kneel down and remove his hand, replacing it with my own, and I continue to manually stroke the length of his cock whilst my tongue licks around its head, pushing into his slit before I slowly take the end into my mouth and suck on it, my head lowering until I have as much of him in my mouth as I can take without gagging. I move my head up and down, fucking him with my mouth as his hand moves to my cock so that he can wank my cock which is already hard. There are moans coming from the other sofa and the guy tells me that his wife has her hand rubbing her pussy really hard, her fingers slipping into her wet hole, and that she loves seeing her man swallowed. I let his wet cock slide out of my mouth so that I can suck and lick on his end for a while and start to play with his balls, letting my fingers trail over them lightly and occasionally letting a stray finger slide over his bumhole, which is puckered and inviting so I give it a good licking and fingering which makes his wife moan even louder. He pushes me to the floor and and we lay down so that we can get at each others cocks with our mouths and I feel a finger go into my arse which makes me push against it, and realising that I like it he pushes me on my back and straddles my face his cock filling my mouth. Stay still he says, the wife is about to join the action, and I feel her mouth go around my cock. She sucks on it for a few mins and then moves away. I am still sucking on the guy and I can feel that his excitement is getting the better of him and suddenly he fills my mouth with his cum, I swallow and swallow and eventually he stops and becomes limp. Then I feel my legs being raised and the hubby by my head and is holding my knees so that i am open and available for his wife who is now approaching my with a strap on. She rubs the head against my arse and slowly but surely enters me in one go. Meanwhile the hubby has lowered his head down and is sucking on my cock and I cannot hold back and spurt into his mouth.

We have a drink and a smoke and then both of us guys start to suck on his wifes nipples, and playing with her pussy but htat will have to be another story.....