Written by SecretsNotLies

6 Aug 2009

The woods were always dark, always foreboding. Especially with the early morning mist lingering on the dew soaked ground... Yet Luna loved the thrill of running through them, the leaves brushing against her face like the fingers of strangers, lurking in the shadows, grasping out for her. The branches snapping back against her ass, sending her imagination into overdrive. The thought of a stranger slapping her ass made her feel wet. Losing herself in the fantasies of being taken roughly by a stranger in the forest, Luna was oblivious to the figure approaching from the shadows...

The eerie silence in the forest added to the mystery surrounding her fantasies. If she screamed, would someone come? Would they? Sitting under the shadow of a great oak, Luna rested and began to allow her fantasy to take over. Slipping her hand down her shorts, she was shocked to realise how wet she had become. Delving deeper she started to moan, lightly.

The figure drew closer, hidden in the shadows. Puzzled by the scent in the air, a new scent, not the fear he'd come to recognize from the usual solitary traveller. This was something new. Something... exquisite. The closer he got, the more the scent triggered a primal calling, a yearning never explored. More than 300 years has this dark wood been his home, never has this feeling appeared. Carelessly, he stepped on a fallen branch, the sound making him dive for cover.

*SNAP*. The sound brought Luna from her fantasy, the colour draining from her face. "Who's there?" she demanded. Silence. "This isn't funny. Is that you Flynn? You can come out, I know it's you". Still silence.

Did that bush just move? She thought. Sitting with her back against the tree she watched. Excitement and fear flowing through her. A low growl, not menacing, came from the bush. Starting to stand Luna suddenly froze as she caught sight of a great clawed hand.

Turning to run, she fell. Her legs entangled in the roots of the tree. Struggling, Luna could only watch as the thing burst from the undergrowth. Standing as tall as a man, with broad shoulders and half covered in fur, the creature moved towards her, slowly.

"Stanartum" it uttered.

The tree sprung to life, its branches wrapping around Luna's wrists, her ankles. Pulling her tightly against the tree trunk, her arms above her head, her legs spread wide. Hovering, pinned, unable to move, she could only breathe heavily as the thing approached.

"Nosternatus" it whispered.

Branches flew from all directions; a flurry of leaves and torn cloth and Luna was once more pinned, naked and defenceless. The creature edging closer.

Sniffing the air, the creature approached. Its body awkward in its movement, its gait cumbersome from the club sized right foot, the hump across its back. But worse, it's face... Like an eclectic mix of bear, wolf and eagle, the sight both gruesome and appealing at the same time.

"Stay where you are... I know karate" shouted Luna, then instantly blushed as the creature cocked its head, the small feline ears rising in mock arrogance at her uttered command. Closer...

"I'm warning you... I'll... I'll... I...." a ball of leaves was forced into her mouth, silencing the scream that followed. The creature, hearing the muffled scream started to howl. Luna's heart melted. The sound was beautiful. Like to calling of the lonely wolf in search of a mate, the bear trapped in the hunters trap, the eagle that has lost its home.

Dropping on all fours, the creature approached, its nose nuzzling between Luna's legs. The cold, wet nose brushed against her clit, a wave of heat running through her. With darting movements its tongue began to taste, to savour. It's body shaking with each lick.

It rose up on its hind legs, arms flung above its head as it howled. A deep low sound that reverberated against the tree, against her body. Shaking it from the inside... A glow appeared around the beast. It was changing... Its body grew leaner, the fur fell inwards, the hump dissipating into a fine muscular back. Its face shrinking, the hideous becoming human. With a final howl, the creature fell, naked, hairless and unmoving into a heap on the floor.

The leaves falling from her mouth, Luna could only gasp as this creature, this... Man, rose from the ground and faced her.

"You... You're beautiful" she gasped

"boot-full" the creature mimicked. "booteeful... woooman"

"You talk?" she asked.

"torrr... tor, tor... torrk" it smiled, then approached Luna.

Its hands moved against her breasts, squeezing, twisting. The pain sharp, though its hands tender. Moving its hand to its own chest and then back again. A smile playing on its lips as it caressed her breasts. Wrinkling its nose, it glanced down at her sex. Moisture dripping from her wide open sex. The creature once more dropped to all fours, sniffing, licking, tasting her. Its hands coming to play, thick muscular fingers delving inside her, playing with her. Trying her on for size.

Standing, it grinned at her, "Mayte?" it announced, before throwing itself upon her. It's cock, rigid, huge, and animalistic. Its urgings primal, decadent as it thrust itself angrily upon her. Its hands moving at great speed, exploring everywhere. Its head twitching from side to side as it seemed to be studying her.

Bemused, she could only watch as the creature began to explore her body. 'For fuck sake' she thought, 'if you're gonna fuck me, fuck me!'

The creature backed off. A quizzical look on its face.

'Did it hear my thoughts?' Luna asked herself.

The creature nodded...

A wicked thought came to her... 'Touch me there.' thinking about her clit, 'gently'. Slowly, the creature complied, its fingers like feathers as they drew across her swollen clit, the dampness lubricating the movement.

'Put a finger inside' she thought.

Carefully, a thick finger penetrated her sex. Sliding in on the juices, causing more to flow...

'JESUS!!' thought Luna. 'If its fingers are this good I can't wait for the cock...' Realizing what she thought didn't lessen the shock as the man-beast forcibly entered her. It's cock like iron, hard, straight, and hot. Its movements powerful as it pushed itself deeper inside her, growling softly in its chest.

Throwing her head back, Luna felt the wave of heat ascend from her toes to her head. The fever increasing with each slow, powerful stroke from this beautiful, muscular man-thing. Its breath breaking against her skin, beads of sweat springing with each breath as the creature slowly, but surely pounded into her as she hung defenceless in the tree.

"Dekertarty" it whispered, withdrawing from her. The branches lowering her to the ground, sighing as her waist was released then gasping as the branches pulled her onto all fours, exposing her soaking wet pussy. The creature sidled up behind her. Slowly it entered her again.

Luna's eyes almost bulged as the creature fully entered her. Her stomach knotting with the depth of the penetration. The creature, heedless of this sensation started to thrust. Its motions fluid as it fucked and caressed her pussy simultaneously.

A growl, not soft. An aggressive growl heard from behind her. Unable to look back she could only brace herself as the creature being to pound into her. It's rigid cock stretching her pussy, the ecstasy of the pain bringing tears to her eyes, making her body heat. Opening her mouth she tried to scream, but only a long, broken moan escaped as her tension built. The creature, heedlessly ploughing her. Fucking her as only an animal knew how to. Fucking her as she knew she deserved, and wanted.

The orgasm breaks, with a scream, Luna's body threw itself into spasms, unable to move against her bondage she could only shake and scream as the manbeast rode her like a cheap whore. Fucking her wet cunt with aggression and purpose.

Feeling her orgasm reach new heights, Luna threw herself into it. Pushing back again the beasts cock she rode him, she fucked him as hard as he fucked her. Their bodies slapping together loudly, his growl growing deeper. Through gritted teeth Luna mocked the beast, her urges wanting it to hurt her, to bring her to the point of breaking.

"Call that fuck-ing" she scolded, thrusting back against his cock, "fuck me like a beast" she screamed, "fuck me oh fuck me oooo...oh oh oh oh" her throat going tight as the creature pounded into her. Its movements becoming erratic, it's thrusting awkward. Luna could hear its breath, laboured, panting. Faster and harder she rode him. Felling herself about to explode her hands clenching against the ground, her toes curling tightly, her body itself going rigid as another orgasmic wave washed over her...

With a loud groan, the creature exploded inside her. It's thick cum filling her, its heat scolding, yet soothing. Collapsing beside her, the creature whispered a word, unheard yet felt. The branches recoiled as she fell into him, against him. Their bodies glistening in the morning sun, as they lay together, unmoving. The low rumbling purr in its chest comforting her as she slowly falls asleep.

Waking suddenly, she's shocked to find herself alone, and dressed in furs. Standing, she checked herself. No marks, no scratches. Nothing but her memories to remind herself of what happened. Walking out of the forest, she felt the eyes on her again. Turning with a smile, she spoke "Thank you", she sighed. Turning, she left for home knowing that she would forever be safe in the forest, but saddened that she may never see her nameless beast again.