Written by gg79

19 May 2014

I’m awake…

He is not, which is unusual,

I guess he was more tired than I realized, deciding to let him sleep I quietly slip out of the bed. Heading into the kitchen I sit down at the table, I’ll work for a bit wake him with coffee and kisses.

I sit at the laptop in just a pair of PJ shorts and a light top, with the heal of my foot on the edge of the seat I use my knee to rest my chin as I focus on the task in hand.

Suddenly I am aware I am being watched. I turn and find him standing in the doorway silently watching.

“Working, on your day off?” he says with a raised eyebrow

“Just a little, I want to finish this so I can forget about work.”

“How long?”

“About an hour”

“Okay” as he moves past me to the coffee machine

“I was going to wake you with a coffee in a bit” I sound apologetic

“I’m up now, concentrate” he says with nod in the direction of the laptop.

Uneasily go back the page, resting my head again on my chin, fingers tapping lightly on the keyboard. He is moving quietly round in the kitchen, although I’m not completely sure the quiet is to let me concentrate or to remind me that days off belong to him and him alone and frankly having him wonder around in just his boxers is extremely distracting.

I’m almost done, when he walks past me again as if he was leaving the room, when I feel him standing behind me. He lifts his leg and straddles the chair, sliding behind me so we are both sat on the seat.

He is reading over my shoulder as he presses kisses onto my neck, I manage to hit the save button just before reaches over a pushes the laptop shut. “Enough”

His lips never leaving my skin, working up towards my ear, the same hand that just put an end to my work slides round my throat, taking hold of my chin, pulling me round to meet his lips. Intense kisses, his tongue taking over my mouth, his hand holding my face the other sliding under my shirt to my naked breast. I feel giddy and instantly horny.

He takes my hips and pulls my ass into his groin, lifting his legs over mine so his calves rest on the inside of my knees, trapping me. He runs his hands down my arms to my wrists, pulling them behind my back and up in a reverse prayer position. Just a little more pressure and this will really hurt, but he has never crossed that line so I don’t put up much of a fight.

I am completely immobile; any movement from here on is at his direction and discretion.

His lips continue their onslaught, his hands running roughly over my body taking pleasure from any part of me he so desires. He uses is feet to pull my legs apart as far as they will go.

Hands run up the inside of my thighs, each time getting closer to my wet sex, but each time missing the sweet spot.

Fuck he is doing that on purpose, confirming my fear that I was in trouble.

I am on the edge of whimpering when he uncurls my hands, keeping them behind me but now pointed down, palms pressed together he ties them at the wrists I cannot see the binding it is soft but firmly tied, I am not getting out of this one in a hurry.

He pulls his manhood out of his shorts and I immediately take it in my hands, with my limited movement I work up and down the shaft, he feels hard and hot.

He pulls me back into his body tipping my head back to rest on his shoulder his hands still roaming, sometimes pressing onto my clit, and making me squirm with pleasure.

My head back, eyes closed I suddenly tense as I feel something wrap around my eyes, shit a blindfold.

Panic rises up inside me, I could handle not being able to move if I could see what he was up to.

My breathing becomes rapid and shallow, I murmur and squirm, “you’re OK” he whispers in my ear as he ties it at the back of my head.

I try to calm myself but adrenaline mixed with lust is coursing through me, a combination has always been like a drug for me.

He loosens the grip he had with his legs, “knees” he gently slides me to the floor, I have no way to stop myself from falling, he turns me and I can tell I am just inside his legs, blind and bound. Every time he touches my skin it feels like electricity, even the smallest of movement feels like falling.

He pulls my hair into his hands I am still tense, lost, “relax, let me guide you” I know where this is going as I feel his cock touch my lips. With all the grace I can muster I open my mouth for him.

My sudden loss of vision and mobility means I have no hope of controlling my movements alone, which of course was his intention.

Holding my head he guides me down the shaft, slowly a little further each time, I concentrate on relaxing my throat and allowing his hardness to go as far as he wants it to. Each time he groans his body tenses.

I am calmer now, I have something to focus on, he didn't let me fall, and he had control the whole time even when I didn't.

“Good girl” as he stands up, shit, I’m not ready for moving around but then it’s not my call.

He tucks his hands under my elbows lifting me to my feet; still blind still bound I wait for his direction. He pushes me back until I am against the table.

Lifting my butt up and shuffling back he slides his hips between my knees, kissing me with intense, deep hard kisses that leave me panting and dizzy.

He pulls my top over my head, he slides his hand down the back of my shorts pulling them free of my ass and they drop to the floor, I lift my legs and curl them around his waist as he pulls his throbbing cock up to meet my wet pulsing pussy.

He places the shaft on top of lips gently sliding it back and forth over my clit, the pleasure is intense a mix of just the right amount of pressure and the unexpected nature of the movements. I squeeze my knees and throw my head back groaning. I can feel nothing else but his body pleasuring mine. “Oh god”

His hand runs up my belly to my neck and exposed throat, a he moves and pushes himself into me, my pussy throbs and pulses responding to his cock sliding in to me.

He can get in this angle, but with bound hands my movement is still at his mercy,

I have to use what I can, clamping my thighs to create a thrust to match his.

I can feel myself building, he can feel it too so he slows the pace and scoops me off the table, I cry out at the sudden unexpected movement. “I want to get deeper” “yes sir”

He lowers me to floor and I relax my hips opening myself to his desire, he forces himself into me, deeper than ever before.

Hard, deliberate thrusts our sweating bodies pressing as hard into each other as possible. He is so hard and deep I feel I might break in two.

We are in rhythm I can feel his climax cumming, mine will match his, deeper, thrusting again and again we have past the point of no return and with a deep groan he cums as I call out and my whole body spasms.

We lie on the floor in a heap, unable to move from exhaustion both drained but my arms are still bound behind my back and I am blindfolded. He reaches round and unties my hands then gently lifts my blindfold; I need a minute to adjust to the sudden brightness and my surroundings. I have two red lines across my wrists; he presses gentle kisses to them. With a wicked grin and glint in his eye says “good sex leaves you exhausted, great sex leaves marks”