Written by Preggo alf

1 Feb 2014

My fiancé emma and I run a retirement home and it makes good money, I also work offshore for 3 weeks at a time so I am not there all the time.

We had decided to get married and to make our first wedding night special had abstained from sex for almost 6 weeks. (The 3 weeks I'm offshore and the 3 weeks I'm home)

Anyway the wedding went amazing and I was due back offshore the next day so we decided to consummate our marriage that night.

We also decided to make it our first try for a baby. Emma had been off the pill for 6 weeks.

I like to tie her up and tease her, so that's where we found ourselves that honeymoon night. She was super fit and well tanned being only 23 years old, medium tits and well shaven fanny.

I had been licking her fanny for ages as she was bound to our bed by ankles and wrists, the fluid that was rolling out of her was the fertile mucus meaning her body was ready for a baby.

We only really had a very short time to make love because I had so much to get ready before going offshore.

My cock was massive, my balls heavy with cum and I was just about to mount Emma when the lights in the retirement home went out!

Sod's law I said. Stay there I will be back in a jiffy.

Well I can move anywhere Emma laughed!

I went down stairs and started to fiddle around with the fuse box, I used to be a sparky so soon realised this was going to be a bigger job than just a fuse!

I thought of Emma upstairs but knew she would just have a snooze meantime.

What I didn't think of we're wandering residents of the retirement home!

One was called alf, a wizened old man in his nineties with he had got out of his room and was roaming about trying to help

He found our bedroom door ajar and went in.

Emma stirred from her sleep, is that it fixed then? Come and give me a baby big boy!

Confused alf said a baby? Alright then!

Emma suddenly realised it was alf not me in the room.

No! Alf get back to your room! This is Emma's room!

Alf had by now stepped out his pyjamas and was rubbing a flaccid cock. Alf go away this is Emma room my husband will be back in a minute she cried.

Alf was confused but aroused by the smell of pussy, I'm here to give you a baby he said! You wanted one?

Yes I do but my husbands not yours!

Ok then I will keep you ready for him till he comes back he said, not better not Emma said, but it was too late, he was lapping at her fanny just how she liked, and she couldn't help but enjoy it, ok just do that then go Emma said!

She loved the feeling of another mans tounge on her clit a soon found herself rolling out another orgasm.

Ok alf said my turn, his cock was now fully hard and he eased himself into Emma's fanny lips, whoa steady on! Emma said, my husbands down stairs, we are just married! Trying for a baby!

I won't take long alf said, his penis was up against the neck of her womb when he finally shot his cum into her after 30 seconds.

Emma's body needed semen, it ached for it, her body cried out for a baby.

Emma knew this was wrong but it felt so right to be brimmed with cum, for it to be running out of her lips, and millions of sperm swimming towards her egg.

She just didn't think an old man could cum so much or actually be an ok lover.

By now I had restored power and the lights came back on.

I raced upstairs to impregnate Emma, and burst into our room.

Emma was still tied up on our bed, but to my surprise old alf was embedded between her legs!

His penis was still inside her, and he was suckling on her tits!

What the fuck I said!

He made a mistake came into the wrong room in the dark, I asked him to impregnate me cause I thought it was you Emma said.

He has cum inside you I cried?

Yes sorry mate alf said, things got carried away a bit

Get out of here I said, and untied Emma

Slowly Emma said!

I don't want to loose any cum, so alf withdrew really slowly, and a long string of sperm dangled between their genitals for a minute.

Emma then grabbed a cushion and put it under her bum to keep alf sperm from falling out.

Sperm is sperm she said! And we want a baby!

I frogmarched alf back to his room and returned to mine, Emma was wanking with her dildo so her orgasm sucked up more cum into her womb as I walked in.

I couldn't believe it! Your going to have an old mans baby I cried! I threw myself,down between her legs and stared sucking alfs sperm out.

Emma started to laugh she thought it was funny, I can't really get pregnant from an old man, don't worry!

You could I said, and kept sucking the sperm out, there was tons of it, foul smelling and thick, he hadn't cum in years.

My alarm clock then went, shit, I have to go and get ready to go!

I hadn't had time to fuck my wife on my honeymoon night, a ninety year old had!

Three weeks later I was back from offshore. Emma had one thing to shoes me, a positive pregnancy test stick!

It must have been alfs baby, his was the only cum she had for weeks.

Oh well Emma is glowing as she gets bigger everyday now and I'm sure alf is fucking her when I'm offshore, as each time I'm home, and we make love, I'm sure I can taste cum in her fanny, and the sheets have cum stains on them. Her milky tits are always sucked dry before I get to them, and Emma wants to have pregnant threesomes with old men in the future!!