Written by jaynjude

27 Jan 2012

As we pulled into the car park I already had his jeans undone and his cock in my hand, my pussy was soaking from the his teasing hands, half an hour driving in the car with his fingers playing with my clit and I was just gagging for him to fuck my brains out. Trouble was we had family down to stay and with a house full of people we were limited with how much noise we could make.. And tonight needed to be filthy dirty sex, which meant it was going to be far too noisy to be done indoors! We had checked this particular dogging spot out on several occasions before as it was pretty local to us, but we’d always found it to be completely inactive, so I told him I wanted him to fuck me over the bonnet of his car, our own private little dogging session. We parked up and instantly started grabbing hungrily at each others bodies, clothes being pulled off to get better access to the bits we wanted to lick and suck the most. I couldn’t see to undo his belt so flicked the light on, released the buckle and he slid his jeans down to his knees so I could get on with driving his cock deep down my throat. 10 minutes must have passed, the two of us just feasting on each others bodies, me on my back with my legs in the air, his head buried between my legs gorging on my dripping wet pussy and two fingers buried deep inside me just working me up towards my first orgasm of many when someone knocks on the window! We both instantly jump up, the windows are all steamed up so it’s not clear who it is, we’re thinking at best, a random dogger, at worst it’s the police come to give us an earful.. We scramble around to get decent, Jay’s dressed and getting out of the car before I’ve even located the whereabouts of my knickers. I sit there feeling slightly embarrassed, when I hear some laughter and the door on my side of the car is opened. Jay just smiles at me, says ‘It’s ok baby don’t worry.. We’re not in any trouble.’ I breathe a sigh of relief, it can’t have been the police, may be someone dogging, perhaps this spot isn’t inactive after all! I don’t bother getting fully dressed, just step out of the car in my tshirt knickers and heels, the cold air on my hot pussy making me shiver with pleasure. As I’m standing up however, I spot the police car parked up behind ours, and instantly panic. Jay sees the look on my face and just takes my hand, leads me round to the front of the car where the copper is leaning on the bonnet. ‘Come and say hello to Bradley.. He’s very keen to meet you!’. He leads me round to the front of the car, stands me in front of Bradley and goes to stand beside him, leaning on the bonnet arms folded just looking at me. ‘So there you have it Bradley, that’s what a cumslut wife looks like.’ Bradley smiles slowly, ‘So you say she’s a good girl then, does as you say?’ Jay grins ‘Oh yes, she does exactly what she’s told. Babe, why don’t you show our friend Bradley how much you love sucking cock?’ I walk towards Jay and he just laughs, ‘No no, not my cock darling. His!’ I’m surprised, we’ve talked about this sort of situation before but it’s never actually happened. I wasn’t expecting it to be sprung on me quite like this. But a slut wife I am, and I’m a good one too so I get on my knees in front of Bradley and wait with my willing mouth open while he unzips his trousers, and slides his already hard cock in my mouth. I get to work, sucking and licking his shaft, all the while looking up at Jay, seeing him smile at the sight of his wife with another mans dick in her mouth, his hand down the front of his jeans feeling his cock harden. I gag on Bradleys cock, it’s about the same size as Jays but more curved so hits my throat in a different place, making me gag over and over again. I feel a hand on the back of my head pushing me hard onto his dick, it turns me on so much but I get a real rush when I glance up and realise it’s Jays hand and not Bradleys. I do love being a slut for him, I love seeing how turned on he gets watching me behave like a filthy little whore.

Bradley starts to fuck my mouth really hard and I grab his cock, wanking and sucking it like my life depended on it. I hear him groaning just before I’m yanked backwards by my hair ‘Ohh no, not yet. You’re not getting his cum yet!’ Jay laughs and helps me on my feet. Sliding his hand down the back of my knickers his fingers find my pussy, already juicy and wet, and he slips two fingers inside me. ‘You want some cock now babe? I think Bradleys cock would look great filling your hungry little cunt up’. The whole time he’s talking he’s working on my pussy and within seconds I’m gushing everywhere, streams of hot liquid running down my legs through the crutch of my drenched knickers. He walks me over to the car and bends me over the bonnet, and fingers my pussy, two, three then four fingers deep in me making me moan and cry out in pleasure. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and doesn’t stop until the clear liquid is replaced by a stream of piss flooding out of me. ‘See? I told you she was a dirty little slut didn’t I? Don’t move baby, close your eyes and keep them closed until I say you can open them.’ I shut my eyes, the thrill of the situation building up inside me, my pussy fizzing with pleasure. I stay still, waiting, my legs spread wide apart leaning over the front of the car. A pair of hands start running over my arse, round my hips, down between my legs. Fingers just glance over my swollen clit and I gasp in excitement. The hands continue to explore my pussy as a second set of hands take hold of my arse cheeks, parting them and with one swift movement I feel a cock pushed deep into my cunt. I cry out, partly in surprise, partly at the amazing feeling of finally being fucked. The second pair of hands are gone, the first grab my hips and start pulling me backwards onto the hard cock now pounding hard into my pussy. I hear the car door open, and I know now that my husband has gone to sit and watch while another man fucks his wife. It’s a scenario we have talked about so many times and the realisation that I’m being fucked by a complete stranger turns me on so much I start to cum on his cock. My eyes still shut, my back arches and head goes back as I moan loudly as I cum hard, waves of pleasure course through me. Bradley slows down, I can feel his cock twitching inside me so I know he’s close to cumming. He pulls out and I catch my breath, hoping it’s my husbands turn now but without a seconds hesitation I’m pushed back down onto the bonnet and with out a word his cock pushes hard into my arse. I can’t help my open my eyes now, I gasp, I see my husband watching my face, the instant of pain and pleasure written all over it. He smiles, I know he’s loving it. He would have told Bradley where he wants him to come, I guess tonight Bradley gets to fill my arse, and my husband will be filling my pussy with more than one load of his spunk.

It’s all I can do to stay standing now, I’ve cum so hard but my arse is getting fucked so furiously I’m pinned to the bonnet and can’t move. Bradley slams his cock hard into my hole over and over, his balls slapping against my wet pussy as he fucks me harder and harder. I hear him start to moan louder, he pulls his cock out, says ‘Turn around, he wants my cum all over your face, wants me to give you the real slut treatment’. I quickly drop to my knees, positioned so Jay can see exactly what’s about to happen. Bradley stands over me, his throbbing cock in his hand, and starts to wank fast and hard. One last loud groan and his hot white cum starts pumping out, he cums over my face, it’s all over me from my forehead down my cheeks and dripping off my chin. I lick my lips to taste this strangers spunk, salty and strong. His hand holds the back of my head and he pushes his cock in my mouth so I can suck every last drop of cum from his dick. He walks away and stands behind me, I stay on my knees and wait. Jay gets out of the car, comes and picks me up off the floor. I stand there and he looks at me, my face covered in thick white spunk and he kisses me. He wipes all the cum off my face with his fingers and tells me to suck them clean. I don’t swallow Bradleys cum, instead I kiss Jay long and hard, both of us sharing the taste of a strangers spunk and loving it. ‘My turn now baby. Your pussy needs a good hard fucking’. His cock is rock hard, throbbing from the sight of his darling little whore getting fucked. He lays me back on the bonnet, pushes my legs up in the air and rubs his cock over my pussy, teasing my swollen clit with his helmet before sliding into my wet cunt with ease. We are both so horny, so turned on it takes very little for us both to come hard. He slams his cock into me, telling me the whole time what a dirty little slut I am, what a good cumslut I’ve been and how he’s going to cum deep inside me. I can’t take any more, I start to gush, I’m cumming so hard I don’t know what’s happening and there’s liquid everywhere, our bodies slapping against each other so loudly as he pumps me harder than ever and fills me up with a massive load of spunk. Both of us moaning, groaning, loud cries of pleasure echoing around the dark and empty carpark. We take a minute to catch our breath, his cock still inside me, looking at each other just savouring the moment that little bit longer before we both smile and laugh and turn to look over at our most unusual dogging partner. Bradley just grins broadly, ‘Well guys, what can I say? That has to be the best case of indecent exposure I’ve ever seen!’. I have to say, I completely agree. Beats getting a fine any day!