21 Jun 2015

I’d had a frustrating day, the meeting I’d flown out for was unceremoniously cancelled, and I was stuck in this dull hotel room until my return flight the next day. I didn’t much fancy venturing out into the city alone but the in room entertainment was lacking too. Out of desperation I ventured down to the hotel bar. At least I could get a drink, and who knows maybe bump into a cute girl!

It was quiet, being midweek and late most guests had retired for the night. There was a clichéd piano track playing gently in the background and soft mood lighting. I approached the bar and ordered a whiskey.

“Staying long?” The barman enquired as I fixed my drink. I laughed and explained my situation. He told me that many people end up like this but that I should take advantage of the time out. We chatted for a while, he told me of some wild things he’d seen at the hotel, streakers, prostitutes, the works. After a while he excused himself and headed off to do a stock check. I sat alone finally relaxed for the evening. My eyes took in the room and over in the corner I spotted a black couple chatting. I’d though i was on my own and hadn’t noticed them before. She was a stunning woman, slim with long black hair and a generous cleavage on show, he was a muscular man with a bald head. I’d say they were in their mid to late 40s. I caught myself staring a bit too long and met the gaze of the lady. She smiled the sweetest smile and for some reason instead of looking away I smiled back. She beckoned me over and her partner turned in his seat to encourage me. I could use the company so i picked up my drink and headed over to their table. They stood up to greet me and introduced themselves as Steve and Faye. They were a warm couple and she was even more eye catching close up. We immediately got on, chatting like old friends and laughing as the drinks flowed. They were well educated, he a college professor and she a nurse. We bonded on many subjects, our mutual appreciation of fine wines and love of a good punishing workout. I have to say it showed, despite their more mature age Faye had a divine figure and Steve was built like an athlete with rippling lean muscle. As the night moved on we were politely informed that the bar was due to close. I motioned to say my goodbyes but Steve stopped me. “No need to end the night here mate, we’ve got a bottle or 2 of wine up in our room fancy joining us?”

As I had nothing else to do until my flight the following afternoon, there seemed no reason to decline the invitation. The lifts were taking too long and they were only one floor up so we took the stairs. As we ascended I glimpsed Fayes toned ass gripped by her silken dress. My cock twitched in excitement as I imagined how it felt. We got to their room which seemed far nicer than mine with a generous superking bed and luxurious bathroom.

I positioned myself on the sofa as Steve uncorked the wine. Faye perched herself on the bed and was teasingly at an eyeline where i could see up her dress and glimpse her white panties contrasting with her dark skin. She saw me looking and casually crossed her legs giving me a better view whilst Steve’s back was turned. We continued to drink, and conversation got saucier as we became intoxicated. Faye was a terrible flirt and Steve had no problem it her innuendo laden chat. The subject came up of the purpose of their visit and the pair looked at each other with a smile. Steve nodded and Faye broke into a broad smile.

“We were waiting to see a friend who didn’t show up” She said

“Not a very good friend, did they not call?”

“Alas no, this has happened to us on a few occasions” She pouted

As i pondered why this was a regular occurrence, Faye leaned forward giving me a fantastic view of her large tits

“We’re swingers” She whispered.

Those two words make my heart jump and my cock grow. I must have gone red as Steve jumped in “Don’t worry mate we’re not going to jump your bones” he laughed

I grinned a little embarrassed but very turned on.

“Well, I can’t say I’ve ever met real life swingers. What got you into the lifestyle?” I asked

“We both love sex and we both fancy other people. It seems a little silly to deny yourself the pleasure of other bodies” Faye replied

It was refreshing to see their casual nature to sex

“No jealousy?” I asked

“None at all” Steve replied “We love each other dearly and it’s a huge turn on to see each other getting off”

They went on to tell me how it had started with a few kinky pics posted online then moved on to arranging a meet with another couple and they hadn’t looked back since.

By now I was more than turned on and Faye spotted my erection through my jeans

“Like what you hear?” She asked

I nodded and smiled

“Well don’t sit over there then, join us up here” she motioned.

I sat on the bad next to Faye and she leaned in, kissing me. She was passionate her tongue slipping into mine making me so hot. I opened my eyes to see Steve caress her from behind, unphased. Faye took my hand and lifted it into her breast. She had amazing tits, I’d say at least a 34D and they felt so soft as I squeezed them. She began to unbutton my shirt and slipped a hand inside to caress my chest. Her spare hand trailed down to my crotch and she began rubbing my already hard cock through my jeans. Steve in the meantime had hitched her dress up and was rubbing her pussy lips through the white cotton panties. A wet patch soon appeared making my cock throb and she moaned with pleasure.

“Stand up” she instructed me, spreading her legs wider to give me a better view. I did as I was told and she unzipped my jeans letting them drop to the floor. She pulled my boxers down and my cock sprang out.

“Yummy” she said with a smile and began licking the pre cum from my cock head. Soon she had taken my whole shaft in her mouth and was sucking hungrily. Steve grinned at me and gave me a wink. He began to strip, his taught ebony body glistening with sweat. As he removed his underwear his thick cock was revealed. I had heard tale of BBC and was impressed to see this was true. His member was large thick and long, a good two inches larger than my own. I found myself staring at it as he wanked over his wife giving a bj to a stranger.

After a while, Faye pulled my cock from her mouth with a pop and smiled at us both.

” Room for two?” she asked in a cheeky voice.

She reached out and took Steve’s cock in her hand and began duel wanking us. I’d never seen another guy even wank so this was a new and arousing experience. Greedily she pulled us both in and to my surprise took both cocks in her mouth at the same time. This was the first time i’d felt another cock against mine and I had to say i liked it. All three of us moaned as we enjoyed her oral performance. She pulled our cocks from her mouth and shuffled back onto the bed, slowly removing her dress. We both stroked our cocks as she stripped.

“You can touch it if you like?” Steve suggested , motioning to the cock in his hand. He had obviously seen my fascination and curiosity got the better of me. I took his thick shaft in my palm and gripped it. It was weighty, thick and rigid, the kind of cock I’d always dreamed of having myself!

“Thanks” I smiled and turned my attention back to Faye who was now in her white underwear. She removed her bra and her magnificent brown orbs became visible. They were perfect, the kind of tits you would love to suck your cum from.

She smiled and got on all fours with her ass facing us then slowly peeled off her panties. What a sight, she had a large round ass that glistened in the light and the tightest ittle asshole. Below that her pussy peeked out, juicy and shaven with fat ebony lips and a cute pink inside.

“Which one of you studs wants to fuck me first?” She asked in an innocent manner. At this point I got a little stage fright. Seeing my nerves, Faye smiled and motioned to Steve.

“Don’t worry mate, I’ll warm her up for you” he said patting me on t he shoulder.

Faye arched her bum in the air and her fingers found her pussy rubbing it and spreading the lips exposing the juicy pink interior.

Steve positioned himself at her entrance and slid his thick black tool inside. She moaned with pleasure as she took his full length with ease.

Slowly they began building up a rhythm, Faye’s pendulous tits swinging in time with his thrusts, getting harder with each stroke. I fetched my phone and stood stroking my cock.

“Is it ok?” I motioned to my friends.

“Go for it mate, we love pics and vids of our adventure” Steve laughed before continuing to fuck his wife.

I took a whole bunch of snaps as I played with myself, making sure to get lots of close ups of Steve’s shaft covered in Faye’s wet juices. Faye soon came hard on his cock and within a minute Steve had followed suit, his body turning rigid as he unloaded into his wife.

Steve looked at me with a smile “Your turn”

I put my phone down and joined them on the bed as he slid his cock from her, a thick stream of cum leaking from her perfect cunt.

She took his tool in her mouth and sucked their combined juices off him.

“Condoms?” I asked, embarrassed that I hadn’t got any in my wallet.

“You won’t need those honey, I like to feel my lovers” Faye purred arching her cum filled ass back up in the air.

Steve got off the bed and took on photo duty as i brought my cock to his gorgeous wife. Rubbing the head up and down her lips felt fantastic as it got coated in Steve’s thick spunk. Slowly I eased inside, her cunt squelching as it happily took my bare cock. Mmm” Faye moaned ”That feels great babe”

I looked down to watch my cock slowly slide in and out of her. It was so horny to see the contrasting skin colours, her brown cunt lips wrapped around my white shaft. It had long been a fantasy of mine to fuck a black woman and I couldn’t believe I was so lucky. I took my time, building up a slow rhythm and getting off on hearing her moan, then fucking her faster and harder. Faye came again, crying out and squirting all over my cock. It was a massive turn on and I could hold it in no longer, unloading my spunk deep inside her wet cunt. She shuddered for a minute or two, too sensitive to move.

“Good job” Steve laughed giving me a high five and i grinned at the randomness of the situation.

Faye kissed me and thanked me for the fuck rolling me onto my back. She mounted me in a 69 position and began to clean my cock. Her cum filled cunt hovered above my mouth, still twitching from the orgasm. It dripped onto my face and initially i was hesitant, but I was feeling horny and experimental. I opened my mouth and licked the cum from my cheek. It was sweet, a little salty but nice. I had tasted my own cum in the past but another guys mixed in was a first. I became more confident as I felt her tongue licking me clean and leaned my head up, licking at her clit. It was so horny as her cunt opened up involuntarily and the cum flowed from her lips into my waiting mouth. By now inhibitions were out the window and I swallowed ever drop.

Steve joined us on the bed, once more hard and ready for action. I looked up with a front row view as he dipped his thick cock into her pussy then pulled out. It seemed he had other plans as his head found Faye’s puckered asshole and slowly fed inside. Anal was a favourite of mine and It was amazing to see it this close up. She didn’t take his tool as easily this time and it took a few attempts for her to accommodate his thick shaft, even then only able to take the first 6 inches. I watched fascinated as he fed her stroke after stroke. With me licking her clit she eventually loosened up. By accident my tongue caught Steve’s cock as he fucked her tight bum but nobody seemed to mind. Faye clearly got off on anal too and it didn’t take long for her to cum to a shuddering climax spraying her pussy juice into my mouth. I love the taste of a girl and swallowed the lot.

Steve pulled out and Faye rolled off me. “Fancy fucking her ass” He offered.

I didn’t need to be asked twice and soon my cock was hard enough for round two. Faye lay on her back and pulled her feet over her head exposing her stretched asshole. I mounted her, this time not waiting for a warm up. I gripped her wrists pinning her to the bed as i sodomised her. Faye’s eyes kept a firm lock on mine, and she begged me to fuck her harder. She wanted me and she needed me, who am I to refuse such a gorgeous ebony lady. Steve joined her side and fed his cock fresh from her ass into her mouth and she sucked hard stifling the moans. She came as I shagged her ass but pulled Steve’s dick from her mouth to tell me to go on. As she wanked his shaft she offered it to me. I’d never sucked a cock but was too horny by now and took his length in my mouth. It was an opening of my sexuality, previously straight I felt like nothing was out of bounds at this point. I took Steve’s cock from my mouth and pulled out of Faye’s ass. Lying on my back i pulled her on top of me and pushed my cock back into her tight anal passage. Steve got the idea and fed his cock into her open cunt. The look on her face was priceless as she was ravaged by two horny guys at the same time, dp’d to within an inch of her life. After a while, we flipped her over switching holes which by now were happy to take our cocks. I have an idea Steve said. Pulling his cock from her ass i felt it push alongside mine in her cunt. She gasped as he slowly eased his length in her with mine. Once she had gotten accustomed to the stretch we began a rhythm, all 3 of us connected by the same hole. She came hard almost immediately but we kept going. Soon it was too much to take and I shot my load inside all over Steve’s shaft, shortly followed by him doing the same. All three of us collapsed in a panting sweaty mess on the bed, lightheaded and euphoric. It took a while to recover and soon we were chatting and laughing once more. Faye headed to the bathroom to clean up and Steve joined her. It wasn’t long before I heard her call my name. Curious I stepped into the bathroom to see Steve on the floor and Faye squatting over him.

“Not sure If this is your kind of thing but I’ve had too much wine and I’d like to share”

I realised she was talking about watersports. It was something I loved to do but had only done so on one occasion with an ex who wasn’t into it. I wanted to taste her so joined Steve on the floor. Her black lips opened up and a hot stream of piss flowed from her pink pussy. I opened my mouth and drank heavily, she tasted divine. With the last few drops I licked my lips and sat up. “Your turn” I told her. She confessed she’d never taken Steve’s piss orally before only on her clit but this was a night of experimentation. Steve and I kneeled above her and unleashed our piss into her open mouth. She spilled some but managed to drink most of it as she rubbed her pussy lips.

We kissed goodnight, exhausted but elated and I returned to my boring room for some sleep. In the morning I woke with a note under my door. It had Steve and Faye’s email on it and a big kiss. They had gone home by the time i got up and i returned back on my flight. Over the course of the next few weeks we exchanged emails including all the horny pics we’d taken. They luckily don’t live far from me and we’ve already booked in our next kinky adventure together!