Written by Donnie's Girl

11 Jul 2008

She was an ordinary looking girl, if anything she was a little plain. But when she smiled, you knew exactly what she was thinking. Her attraction lay in her attitude and manner. If he could bottle that, he’d be worth a fortune. She just had something. She made men want her, purely for the animal instinct she brought out in them. She knew they wanted her and she played it for all it was worth, and that was half the attraction. Her strut, as she walked to the bar in those jeans - that looked as though she was poured into them. Her rounded breasts moved freely without restraint under the black shirt she was wearing. And then there was those boots. They were so tall that they made her legs look like they went on forever. As she strode over to the bar, every man there wanted her…and she knew it.

But she chose him over everyone there. “How ironic” he thought, he himself had come to that bar with the same need. Sex was the only thing on his mind. He had been playing pool and had just finished his game. Going outside into the cool night air, he had lit himself a joint and walked over to the deserted car park. He leaned against his car and dragged deeply. It was then, that he heard her coming. Those boots gave her away. She shivered slightly, and asked him for a cigarette. He passed over the joint and watched her place the smoke in her mouth. He admired her full lips and the way her mouth opened and closed around that joint. “Shit”, he was giving himself a hard-on, thinking about those luscious lips wrapped around his cock. She stepped forward to hand back the joint, and stumbled on the uneven ground. She fell forward, almost full length onto him. He put his hands up to catch her but only succeeded in catching her left breast. Smiling apologetically, he let her go.

Not one to miss an opportunity like this, she leant forward again, this time on purpose. She fitted next to him like a glove. He could feel her body heat. Her perfume smelt of musk and vanilla. Pushed up against him like that, she had no choice but to notice his hard-on. She smiled and reached around him and grabbed his butt in a firm hand. He shied away, but only for a split second. He reached out, and by the hips, he pulled her in tight. She tilted her head up at him and looked up at him. Was that lust he could see in her eyes? He leaned forward to kiss her full lips and she tipped her head back, exposing the expanse of flesh from her neck to her cleavage. He left a trail of kisses that started from her jaw and went all the way to the V of her shirt she had on. He felt her heartbeat quicken, and her hips pushed hard against him. Still holding her to him he slid his hand down her body, feeling the fullness of her breasts straining against her shirt. He felt the nipples poking hard against his palm. He caressed them through the cotton. She moaned at his actions. He ran his hand down her side, past the softness of her belly, to the waist of her jeans. There was no way he was going to get his hands under them, they were way too tight for that. He let both hands roam around her denim-clad arse. “Oh my god?” he thought. “there is nothing under those jeans but her”.

Grabbing her none too gently, he turned her so she was the one leaning against the car. With one hand under her neck, he let the other run down her body. He ran his hand between her legs and felt her shudder. Rubbing her snatch, he could feel her wetness seeping through the material. She pushed against his hand with her pelvis. He massaged her through the denim. There was no mistaking her readiness for what was to come next. He leaned forward and kissed her softly at first, but then passion took over. He kissed her lips that hard he imagined he could taste blood. She responded with such force, that he knew she would not be a gentle lover. He reached up and pushed her head to the side and licked the side of her neck and her ear. He felt her go weak at the knees. Knowing that, he roughly kissed the side of her neck with such force that he knew would leave marks tomorrow. She held him tight against her. He reached down and unbuttoned her shirt. Freed from the confines of her shirt , her breasts shined in the moonlight. He could see the pertness of her nipples hardening against the combination of cold and anticipation.

She opened her eyes at the sound of him catching his breath. Catching her lower lip in her teeth, she looked up at him. Still holding his gaze, she leant forward and undid the button of his jeans. He heard the zipper, and felt the cool air on his thighs as she slid his pants to his ankles. He quickly stepped out of them as she roughly caressed his monster hard-on through the satin of his boxer shorts. He groaned, and leaned against the car next to his. She holds his cock in both hands massaging him and drops to her knees. Suddenly his arse feels the cold metal of the car behind him. He steps out of his shorts, as her hot breath warms his balls in the night air. Grasping him with one hand and holding her hair back with the other, she runs her tongue up the entire length of his shaft. He closes his eyes and grabs her hair. Slowly, she slides her mouth down, enclosing him in those luscious lips. She draws back and glides down again. He feels her suck him all the way down to his toes. She pushes the tip of her tongue into the dip at the head of his cock. His hips buck and she circles him with her mouth again. Her hand lets go of her hair and she leans forward to grab his balls. Her hair falls against him and it feels soft and silky against his skin. Up and down, she sucks the life out of him and then breaths it back in again. He feels the pressure building up and so does she. She massages his balls like they control his brain. He has no idea what she is doing…only that he fucking loves it. He pushes her by the head to move faster and she does. She sucks him in deeper and deeper.

He feels control just beyond his reach. He doesn’t care. He only cares about what this girl is doing to his cock and his senses. He begins to thrust with his hips in time to her deep throating him. She increases her speed and suddenly he finds himself on the brink of cumming. Abruptly, she stops. He almost stops breathing, then he hears a sound. It is her. She is unzipping her jeans and he smells the muskiness of her. She leans back against his car and spreads her legs. In the moonlight he can clearly see that she has a pussy as smooth as the day she was born. Dropping to one knee, he licks one thigh. She squirms. He runs his tongue from her g-spot to her arse. She shudders. He grabs both thighs and lifts her snatch to his mouth. He sucks deeply at the hood that encloses her g-spot. She swoons above him. “Enough” she says, huskily and pulls him to his feet. She pulls him in close and wraps one leg around his waist, leaving the path to her snatch clear. He slides his cock in. She is so hot and so wet that he slides right in and nearly cums straight away. He slows right down, savouring the way she feels. Pinning her against the car, he slowly slides in and out of her. She reaches up and pulls his head down so his lips meet hers. Hungrily, she kisses him, his face, his neck, his eyes…it doesn’t matter. Kiss kiss, hug, pash, suck and fuck…they are her mantra when she goes looking for a man.

He slows and looks at her. Reaching down, he picks her up as if she was a feather and sits her on his bullbar. She wraps both legs around his waist and seems to take another two inches of him inside her. He holds her hips as she leans back. He reaches down between them and rubs her in time with his thrusting. She arches her back in response and he slams it in harder. She is moaning and calling to him now. He grabs her arse in a tight grip and thrusts even harder. She starts cumming in small spurts, then all of a sudden, she orgasms. Her snatch strangles him and he fights to keep control. She is so fucking wet everywhere and moaning and pulsing that he cannot control it. With a guttural moan, he pumps her pussy like an animal. He comes with violent shudder and shoots hot cum into her snatch. Still panting, he lifts his head to see her smiling back at him. Suddenly she clenches her pussy muscles, and he almost falls to the ground. He slides out of her and rolls over to lean beside her. She is already sliding her jeans up those long legs and zipping away that golden snatch. Tying her shirt under her breasts, she picks up her handbag. He is still catching his breath. Lighting two cigarettes, she leans over and kisses his lips briefly before putting a cigarette between them. Winking, she walks back toward the bar. Calling back over her shoulder, she says “ see you babe” and laughs. The sound of her boots fades, and the car park is quiet again.