Written by collins

6 Oct 2011

I was holidaying in Carnlough N.Ireland some years ago and staying at the local hotel. They had organised an outing for guests which involved a coach trip to the Giant's Causeway and a walk through a local beauty spot in the afternoon. I decided I would go despite prefering to do things on my own.

I got on the coach and looked around the other trippers. There was no-one I knew. The morning passed quietly and we had lunch in a hotel near Carrickfergus. After lunch some new people got on the coach including a young woman about my age. We were taken to the top of a local gorge and told if we followed the track down the gorge we would arrive back in Carnlough in an hour or so. I set off and after half an hour sat on a bench for a drink. I became aware of someone sitting by me. It was the young woman from the coach. She told me she was called Hilary and had joined the party for the afternoon walk. She was staying at the same hotel as me.

We walked together for a while and she was holding my hand. It seemed quite natural even though we had only just met. Suddenly she pulled me off the track and behind some bushes. Her lips were on mine and she was grinding her croch against mine. I could feel my reaction growing and she was obviously aware of it as she ground herself harder against me.

She broke of the kiss and said 'Do you want me?', looking straight into my eyes with her bright blue ones. I didn't know the woman but who could refuse those blue eyes. She lead me up an embankment onto a disused railway track and took me into an old workman's hut.

Again her lips were on mine and her hands were undoing my trousers. The fell to the floor and she felt for my cock. She began to massage it very gently. Soon I knew I was going to shoot my load. She seemed to sense it too and slid down my body onto her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her suction would have taught Dyson a thing or two and I soon shot my load down her throat. She cleared up every drop.

She pulled me to an old but clean matress on the flor and finished undressing me. My cock was beginning to recover as she slipped off her knickers and straddled me. My hardening cock slipped into her warm wetness and her muscles gripped it. She rocked gentley back and forth. It felt wonderful. I had not experienced that before. I reached for her breasts but she pushed me away saying 'Those are for later if you are a good boy.'

Her rocking grew fsater and our breathing heavier. She spasmed and I felt hot juices run round my cock. Her rocking was now frantic and she was screaming 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' Suddnely I felt my balls contract and my spunk shoot into her. She let out a wild groan and fell onto me. My spent cock slipped from her and I felt our juices running onto my stomach.Our breath regained she got up and replaced her knickers and told me to dress.

We left the hut, regained the path and walked holding hands in silence.

Upon reaching the Hotel she said she would book us a table for dinner and see me in the restaurant at 7.30 p.m. ........