Written by fantasy factory

9 Jan 2009

This is a fantasy I recently had about my wife. Is this yours too?

One evening you tell me that you have invited a few work colleagues round. At 8pm the door bell rings and the first guest arrives. It is a mid 30's guy called Alex, you show him into the lounge and he he sits down on the sofa and small talk starts.

The small talk continues and then the phone rings, it is one of your colleagues ringing and they say their car has a problem and they will not be coming.

You say, "What a shame".

You then ask me if I could make us all a coffee. I go into the kitchen and make some drinks, when I come back in I see that he is now sitting next to you and you are reading some work documents.

After a while I pop out to go to the loo, and when I come back I hear a noise and before barging into the lounge I look through the crack in the door and see that you and the visitor are kissing. I watch for a few minutes and see him caressing your breasts and running his hand up and down your thigh.

I back off and make a noise. I then come into the lounge and you both look up and act as if nothing has happened. The chat continues and then you suggest that you show the visitor round the house. You disappear into the kitchen and I hear you taking about cooking, then you both go upstairs. After 10 minutes you are still upstairs. I creep up the stairs and when I get to our bedroom door I hear murmuring. I listen at the door and can hear sounds, it is you making sighing sounds, after a few minutes I hear the sound of the bed creaking. The bedroom door is slightly ajar and I look through it and can see you lying on the bed with the visitor kneeling in front of you with his head between your thighs, he is giving your pussy a lovely licking. I can hear you cumming. After a short while he moves and I see you unzip his flies and pull out his cock and start to suck him.

In a few moments of frenzy he pushes you onto your back and slips his now erect cock into you, I see and hear you being fucked. It seems to only take a minute but must be much longer before I hear him cumming.

You shout out, "Honey, we will be down in a minute, can you make a drink".

I slip downstairs and go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I make the drinks and come into the lounge to find you both sitting on the sofa, you are both engrossed in reading a work document. I pass you the drinks and the small talk continues.

After a while the visitor gets up and then leaves.

You mention nothing of the activities upstairs and behave as if nothing had happened.

I ask if you will be holding another meeting soon and you say that it is quite possible, but that the next meeting may be one afternoon while I am out.