Written by Collins

16 Nov 2013

I was working in my home office when the door bell rang. On answering there was a woman asking for my wife. I told her she was away for a few days but would be back on Friday. She asked if I could possibly help her as she was having problems with the tax man.

I invited her to my office which was off a downstairs bedroom we used for occasional guests. She commented on the strange arrangement and I explained. She was French and had lived in England for two years and was called Isabelle. She told me of her problem and that as her English was not good enough to really understand the papers she was told my wife who dealt with tax problems might be able to help. I looked at the letters she had brought and suggested we had coffee whilst I read them. I went off to the kitchen.

When I returned with coffee Isabelle had removed her coat and was lying provocatively on the bed. I stared at her. She said I could not work for her without payment and she felt like making a down payment now. I put the coffee down and not being one who has ever been known to turn down an offer especially where sex is concerned I joined her on the bed.

She moved to me and kissed me fervently. She pulled at my tie and undid my shirt. She broke the kiss and began to suck on my nipples. They have always been sensitive and I felt my stiffening cock harden further. Her hand slid down to my waist and she undid my trousers. My cock sprang out. She moaned as she took it in her mouth.

I reach across her and pulled up her jumper to expose a pair of small firm tits. I began to play with them. Her sucking became more frantic and she was soon swallowing my load. As the wife was away My cock had not delivered for several days and it was big load.

She broke off and licking her lips suggested we drank our coffee. Taking advantage of the pause we both stripped. She was forty and told me she 34-26-35. Her skin was pale and her hair was naturally blonde.

We lay back on the bed and I began to play with her tits. Her small pink nipples sprouted from small rosy aureoles. She groaned as I worked them. I slid my hand across the flat of her belly and cupped her mound. It was covered in fine hair and was tidily trimmed. My finger slipped into her already moist slit and found her clit. I took it between my forefinger and thumb and began to work it. Her breathing became very rapid and she arched her back and the collapsed lying there shuddering. Her first climax. At her climax my fingers had found there way inside warm wet cunt. She squirmed as I felt for her spot. One touch and I felt her stiffen. I massaged it gently. After some minutes she cried out and began shaking violently. I felt the hot wetness of her second climax.

I moved on top of her and pushed her legs wide. I looked at her, her breasts rising and falling as she fought to regain her breath, the slight sweating from the exertion. She nodded her head and I pushed my cock along her slit moistening it before entering her. She was warm and tight. I pushed deep into her and felt myself connect with her cervix. She tightened her vaginal muscles around my cock and I slowly began to push in and out of her. I played with her tits and her breathing became broken.She shook and I felt the heat of her juices as they washed around my cock.

I increased my speed, banging harder and harder into her. She climaxed once more and not being able to contain myself I joined her Shooting my cream deep inside. My cock slipped from her and as I rolled off her our combined juices flooded from her. We lay together kissing for some while. She suggested we take a shower.

I went to the ensuite and ran the shower, we got in together and began to soap each other. It wasn't long before I had her bent over and was riding her from behind. It took some time but what a climax we both had. We washed and dressed.

She left me the papers and said she would call by later that evening talk some more.