Written by sara

17 Feb 2007

hi my name is sara im 27 and engaged to steve 33 he,s divorced, ive been with him for three years now although we dont live together he spends the weekends with me at my mums, he got me into the dogging scene about a year ago and we both really enjoy it, I drive a small van around the northwest delivering car parts its a really good job although the money isnt very good I do enjoy it and steve has a good job which pays well,over the last few months steve has been getting me into flashing you know the sort of thing going to the pub with no underwear and sitting with my legs slightly parted and watching some dishy guy trying to see my shaved pussy,or sometimes going out with just my coat on, this gets me very wet and horny, a while ago I had to go to a place just outside winsford to drop off five boxes of parts, and as I had just finished my period I was feeling very horny, as I usually am after my period, sorry if that sounds crude ,I dropped the parts off about three in the afternoon and set off back towards chester , I decided to stop at a picnic area just off the main road, it was very quiet just a van and about three cars all empty, after about five minutes three guys came out of the wooded area got into their cars and eventually drove off just leaving the van, so I pulled my skirt up and started to gently finger myself I was very wet and I knew it wouldnt take me long to cum, I was working my fingers around a bit faster when I noticed a shaddow at the side of my van, as it was now just starting to go a bit dark,I thought it must be guy from the van , I thought about stopping and driving off but then the situation made me even more horny so I just carried on, he moved forward a bit so he was now standing next to my window ,I could feel my thrill building up, when I saw his cock in his hand it looked so inviting I just felt myself cumming and closed my eyes, my legs were now spread wide open as I had my left leg on the passenger seat and he was leaning over the bonnet looking right between my legs , he beckoned to my passenger door but im not that daring I like to feel totally safe and in control, I came again, now he was back at my window wanking his cock slowly, he tapped on the window so I opened it just enough for him to push it through and I took it in my mouth ,still working my fingers on my clit I started to suck him off, slowly he pushed it through so that he was now flat against my window I came again and then I felt his cock start to throb and a jet of sponk hit the back of my throat then another four in all and I still had it in my mouth, I felt myself about to cum again and slowly I felt his cock going down he withdrew it and blew me a kiss and walked back to his van and drove off, it was so sexy,ive since been to a place on the wirral but it all went wrong, I did the same thing parked up only this time I took my skirt off and pulled my top up I never wear a bra for work as I dont have very big breasts, anyway this car pulled up just as I was having my first orgasm so my eyes were shut, he walked straight over to my passenger door and tried to yank it open , I was petrified I started up and drove out of the car park, he followed me for about three miles flashing his lights , needless to say I will never even stop at a car park or picnic area again not even to have my dinner , when I told my b/f he went mad and made me promise not to ever do it again , pity really cos I was begining to get really confident and I was even thinking about getting out and maybe standing next to my van so guys could look at me and wank off, but it was all spoilt by that horror , thanks for reading my story , sara.