Written by Vladimir

13 Sep 2009

Some may say this story is a fantasy, sometimes even I think so. Strange as it may seem, it is a warning.

I don’t know where to start. I would like to start at the beginning. It is just that I am not sure where it all started.

Perhaps it was Cardiff. It was one evening. My wife and I were going to a concert, but on the way we had an argument. I do not recall what it was about, just a silly argument.

I ended up in a bar off a side street. I was nursing a glass of Jura, when I heard a voice. I looked up from the floor, past the flat shoes, long bare pale legs, short pleated skirt and a top that would have looked more at home if she had been in bed. Our eye met, and she repeated, “Are you going to drink that or fuck me?”

It took time for the words to sink in. The stranger’s blond hair fell over her shoulders, just short of her pale breasts. I downed the drink, cast aside thought of my wife and asked “How about both?”

She took a hold of my right hand and pulled me to a door on the side of the room, pushing it open. As the door swung close behind us, she turned her back to the wall, lifted her top and put my right hand on her left breast. Her left hand went to my belt, soon my trousers were falling. I had gone from a two inches to six in the time between the bar and the door. I was ready for her, and I gave it to her, as fast, deep and hard as I could. My right hand was squeezing her left tit pushing her against the wall, her hand holding my own in place. My left hand was on her ass. She surprised me coming almost as soon as I entered her. She came twice more before I came, all too soon.

I stepped back, still hard. “Again”, I was not sure if she was asking or demanding. I did not care; the answer was “Yes”

She pulled me into the gents. I waddle after her holding my trousers just above my knees. She sat on the bench that held the wash basins, pulling up her short skirt. Cum smeared over the inside thighs, more draining from her hole. I moved in, just as hard and fast as before. She pulled her top off and ripped my shirt open. Again she came and came calling for more and harder. This time I lasted longer, but was limp when I emptied myself into her.

She slipped from the bench and sucked on my cock. I leaned on the basin, enjoying her attention. Then before I knew it she picked up her top and was gone out of the door. I pulled up my trousers and followed. Stuffed my shirt in, but by the time I got to the bar she was no where to be seen.

I asked the barman where she had gone, but he did not know.

I returned to the gents. My shirt only had three buttons remaining. I washed my cock and felt it sting. There was a tear in my sheath. I had not noticed it happen. I pulled myself together as best I could and headed back to the hotel.

I tossed the shirt under the bed and showered. My wife had the tickets and I waited for her to return.

By the time she came back I had picked up flowers and wine. We sank into each others arms, what ever the argument was about no longer mattered.

We made love tenderly, nothing like the secession in the bar.

In the morning I found bruising on my wrist. That was only the first thing I noticed. Over the next few weeks I found that woman flashing into my mind as I made love to Sally, and I wanted to make lover to Sally more and more.

Soon I found I wanted more than she wanted to offer. I was leaving work; the company secretary was getting in her car, I made an off the cuff remark, and found myself in her flat. It seemed so easy. She pulled her shoes off and fetched wine. We never drank it. We were on her bed; she stopped me, to hang her outfit up. By the time she had done so I was naked. For an hour we fucked each other silly. Then I went home. Had dinner and tried to control myself till bed time. When I made love to Sally.

Soon I was having Sally before breakfast, then Sue the secretary on the way to work and on my way home, before Sally night. Once I had Sue over her desk, one lunchtime.

Then some months later I started to feel lethargic and sleepy all day. I went to the doctor and he told me I was anaemic and to take iron supplements.

Soon I was feeling better. I was back to myself again, my new self. Sue was becoming less eager to have me around. Sally was getting tried of my constant demands and soon I was spending nights in the sea front bars. Hen parties were easy prey and I could get off with someone each night. Once I even had five maids and the bride.

As time went by I wanted more and more, and all the time that woman from the bar was there in my head. Soon Sally went to stay with her mother. Now I had the house to myself and I could do what I wanted, but it was not enough. I was spending more and more time out at night and never stepped out without sunglasses in the day. I had to find that woman again.

I went back to Cardiff. By the time I found the bar again it was late. The bar was busy.

I knew if I waited long enough I would find her again. Perhaps she could tell me what had happened.

Perhaps if you are willing to listen I will tell you. It is just that I do not know if I am ready to tell you my deep dark secret. Perhaps I can tell you another day, and tell you what happened when we met again.