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It’s a fantasy and a itch I must scratch

"I pushed her mouth on my pussy"

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I am married , I have had this curious itch for years , I have always been turned on to possible girl on fun . It’s always in my thoughts and in my head , sadly that’s we’re it stays . I work with a girl who is very pretty and I know ........well I’ve been told she had an affair with a married lady. My dream would be we meet up during a course away and she asks me to help her with some papers in her room , a few drinks , were sitting close on her bed , I could smell her perfume if intoxicating, her eyes , her touch is making me wet , I ask her if the rumours of her having an affair with a woman were true , she said why do you want to know . I stammered like a teenager , she said why don’t I show you , I stupidly said I’m married , she said it doesn’t count , I want to see you naked , I want to taste you. I almost wet myself with her words. She kissed me , pulling me close , I was putty in her hands , she was assertive , kissing my neck , her hands were on my boobs her touch was electric. She said strip off for me , like a fool I tried to be sexy , I was down to my undies ,she stripped we got under the covers ,papers strewned on the floor , we kissed , her hand was in my panties , she said you are so wet , finger ticking my clit and kissing my neck and I was ready to cum, Pulling my panties off , she said I want to taste you and her head is between my legs , her flickering tongue was too much , I pushed her head into my pussy as I came , we kissed I was alive with sensations running through my body , she ordered me to take off her panties , then kiss her inner thighs , the smell from her pussy was drawing me in , then I was kissing and licking her pussy lips , she coached me to finger her pussy as I licked away . He breathing became panting , she was vocal telling me to lick harder on her clit , I was in heaven I wanted more. We kissed and cuddled we came so many times , then she asked me to finger her , 1-2-3 fingers in , she was grabbing my wrist like a sex toy , then 4 fingers in , she wanted fisting , I got my thumb in and my whole hand was in her pussy , she gained her composure then with her guidance I fisted her pussy , it was mind blowing , her clit was bulging , her fingers were on it , she came so loud. She called me a naughty girl and said for making her cum too quickly I was to be spanked , I was up for that , laying over her knees , she wooshed my arse cheeks with a slap , the more she slapped my arse the more redder my arse was getting . She asked do you want more spanking I said yes please miss - I was rubbing my clit with each slap until I came . Legs entwined we embraced and kiss ,I was in the moment .......... Then I woke up in my bed alone ,my husband at work and my pussy wet, I’ve had too many of these fantasies , maybe they will become a reality.........I hope My friend Kyle has offered to scratch my itch , but I am worried we do it and she opens her mouth , the other option is to confide with my fella and have a FFM 3 some , licking a pussy as I’m being fucked doggy style now that could work .
Written by Sugar lips

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