Written by Sandra

2 Nov 2007

I'm thirty five, not a raving beauty but I have the most beautiful breasts and, unfortunately, a huge pussy. I've always had beautiful breasts, and this isn't a boast, they're not huge, 36 C but have a wonderful shape with little pink nipples (even now) that are tip-tilted. These attract men like no-one's business, which I like. My pussy, as I said, is large and by that I mean extremely long lips, my first husband measured them and reckoned that they were nine inches long! He couldn't resist fucking it, which obviously I liked very much, unfortunately his constitution didn't, he fucked himself into such a debilitated state that he eventually died. The same thing happened with the second, which took a bit longer because he was a big strong man, not strong enough obviously.

Now I'm married to a third, by comparison to the others he's a wimp, five foot seven, slim and only weighing seven and a half stone. But... he can fuck like a rabbit! His cock is a respectable seven inches and thicker than either of the other two. He always burrows between my thighs and tongues and sucks me to orgasm after orgasm before pushing his cock up me. If the lips of my cunt are long then my vagina is loose, however Tom has mastered this, his cock seems to manoeuvre it's way around inside and is always rubbing my clit or thumping against my G-spot. The big difference with Tom is that, although he does fuck me a lot, each fuck lasts for ages making me come time after time. So far he has lasted a couple of years longer than the best of the other two.

We always fuck when ever we feel like it no matter where we are or what we're doing. Let me take you through a typical week.

A couple of weeks ago Tim took me with him on a typical working week. Before we dressed that Monday morning Tim fucked the arse off me just to get the week off to a good start. I was just taking my nightie off preparatory to taking a shower when he pounced, he was naked of course and showing a respectable erection. He waited until my nightie was thrown on the bed then did the same to me, I felt his ccok pushing into my ever open cunt, almost immediately I felt myself getting very wet. He splashed happily away, rubbing my clit. 'This is just a quickie,' he panted and it was, thus proving that he could be quick if he wanted. About five minutes later he spurted deep inside my sloppy fanny, 'You'd better put on a pair of substantial knickers,' he said as he extracted himself, ''cos there's going to be spunk up your cunt all day!' I got up off the bed and went to shower, Tim followed me and I was fortunate enough not to waste any more time by being fully dressed and downstairs when he emerged.

Off we went after breakfast heading for Wales. We stopped somehwere east of Cardiff for breakfast. Tim paid the bill and as we left I popped into the 'Ladies' for a pee, he followed me in. I lowered my two pairs of knickers, the inside pair soaked in spunk, instantly he was bending me over and I felt his cock in my loose cunt. 'Easy quickie!' he said and another load of spunk kept me filled up. Back in the car after a pee and a clean-up we headed West. First call was Port Talbot, I relaxed in the passenger seat listening to a nice disk and feeling spunk oozing, lovely! He added another load in a picnic area, fortunately deserted, about twenty miles further on, this time he gave me a good fucking lasting about half an hour. On again to Neath, while I waited I thought, 'All this spunk is soaking through.' I got out and locked up then went looking for a cheap women's clothes outlet, finding one I bought a dozen pairs of old women'e thick cotton knickers. I then sought a bigger place with toilets, went in the 'Ladies',stripped off my spunky knickers, cleaned myself up and put on two pairs of newly bought drawers,the smell of all that spunk was lovely, but I did wonder what the next user of that cubicle thought at finding my used ones!

Tim came back and we went for a coffee, then on again. Carmarthen next, a call then lunch and a stand up fuck in a deserted yard at the back of the hotel. Tim laughed at my thick 'Granny knickers' as he called them and proceeded to fill me with yet another load which virtually dropped straight out of me as I stood with my legs wide apart. Clean up and on again.

'Got something to show you,' Tim said as we made our way towards Haverfordwest. He went off route, 'You'll like this one'he said as we drove into a grassy car park. It was a stately home, but it wasn't the house he was interested in, it was a tower. Before we left the car Tim told me to take my knickers off, I had to clean up again of course. There was small queue waiting to ascend to the top of the tower, it took some time as only two people were allowed up at a time. In time up we went, I heard a few murmurs from below as I ascendedabove eye level. At the top Tim grinned, 'A few down there got an eyeful!' he said. The view was fantastic and there were lots of people down on the grass looking up at us, there indeedwas only enough room for two and that only when the hatch was closed.

Tim told me to lean on the stone parapet, then he flipped my skirt up and shoved his cock up me once again and gave me another quickie. I was thoroughly in the mood and, whether it was the angle he was doing me from behind or what I don't know, but I came and came. One or two people down below looked surprised, was I making a noise I wondered. Whatever, it was soon over and Tim's contribution by now was lessening considerably. After he'd finished I cleaned myself up with a tissue and we descended, this time I heard definite sound of disapproval by several mainly female voices.'So kind!' I said as the next couple made way for us to leave. We had a fit of the giggles walking back to the car.

'You might like to know,' Tim said, 'that that's the last fucking you'll get until we're in our hotel room tonight.' I sat back in the car and enjoyed the slow ooze of his spunk.

We stayed at a motel halfway between Haverfordwest and Milford Haven, we booked in and spent the time between then and dinner lying naked on the bed with Tim's cock resting inside my happy cunt. After dinner Tim did his paperwork before we went to the bar for a drink or two before bed.

Well that was our Monday, hopefully Tuesday will follow.