Written by jennifer

9 Sep 2007

Sean had been back to my house for a few tuesdays and was becomming good at making love

He came round one tuesday morning and we sat having a coffee

Jennifer he said What would you do if someone had photos of you and me together

Why I said I would have to do anything they said so that ny husband didn't get to see them

Fine he said because I want you to do as I say go and put on your sexiest underwear then come back here

I went and put on a black bra and thong suspenders and stockings and a black slip then went back to Sean

Very nice he said and got up and lissed me just then the doorbell rang and he went to answer the door I heard voices and then he came back into the room with two other lads about the same age as him

Stay still he said to me These friends of mine know all abot you and would like to join in with us

OK I said why not and all three stripped off I hard 3 hard cocks pointing at me the 3 lads came up to me Sean started to kiss me and the other 2 started to take off my bra and thong they then started feeling my tits and I felt a hand on myfanny and two fingers slip into my fanny and ticckle my clit

After afew minutes I was aroused ad said Fuck me boys

They laid me on the floor and one of the lads moved me onto my side and sld his cock into me Sean was at my head and put his cock into my mouth and I started to suck it

I wondered what the other was doing when I felt something at my arse I then realised it was his cock and he started pushing it in me

It hurt at first and then it was in to me All three than commenced thrusting into my three holes

I was in heaven and felt myself comming with the thrills

I moaned in ecstacy and as I came so did they filling me with their hot cum

We laid resting then I said change places boys I want a lot more We spent the rest of the day fucking and sucking before they left leaving me dripping cum from my fanny

It was later that night that I realised that they had not used condoms then I thought so what I'll ask them to use them next week when they come to service me