Written by Robbie_nudd

13 Nov 2007

This is the sequel to the story 'Just For Angelac', which many of you read and commented favourably on. Thank you and enjoy!

My wife announced that there was another cosmetics party, this time at the house of her eldest sister and that she would be staying over. It was no surprise; the last cosmetics party had been three months ago at our house – how could I ever forget that? The way these things worked, someone at each party would be persuaded to hold the next one. It was a good way for a company to sell its products, but to the ladies it was an excuse for a girlie night of drink and gossip. As I discovered after the last party, it was also an opportunity for titillation as there was more on offer to interest the sexually adventurous than just perfume. I was happy for my wife to enjoy herself. Even though our marriage had become sexless, I was as fond of her as ever. I planned a quiet night in. There was a football game I wanted to watch. It would be a lot different from the last party when in the space of one incredible night I fucked crazy, lovable Sharon, the daughter of Molly, my wife’s best friend, and then, amazingly, Molly herself while Sharon hid under the bed. That was the least of it. I had also been the means by which Sharon had indulged in her favourite fantasy for the first time. She had always wanted to fuck a man like a man fucks a woman and with the help of a dildo she had purchased earlier at the party and a surprisingly willing participant in me, her dream came true. The very thought of it made stomach churn and my cock twitch.

When my wife left the house that night, I began to prepare for a pleasant night of relaxation. I put some bottles of beer in the fridge and took a shower before dressing in comfortable jogging pants and teeshirt. I cracked a cold beer from the fridge and checked the time. There was still a half-hour to go before the football match. It was then that I noticed my mobile phone on the dining table. I had a message. When I checked it I saw that it said, “Can we come round? We’ve got a favour to ask. Sharon and Jak xxxx.”

I had not seen Sharon since our mad fling but I had heard that she had got a boyfriend and I was pleased that she had found someone her own age. I wondered what they wanted. The favour that was often sought from me by family and friends was based on the fact that I worked in IT. Now that everyone had computers in their homes I had become their unofficial helpdesk. I liked Sharon so much that even her strange tastes seemed normal. I sent her a text to say it was ok for her to come round.

The match, which was proving to be an exciting game, was well under way when the doorbell rang. I felt momentarily put out, but then assumed that Jak would be happy to watch the match with me until half-time before we discussed the favour they wanted. I went to the door and opened it. Sharon stepped in breezily followed by a petite, olive-skinned Asian girl with long, jet-black hair.

“Hi, Mike, ” Sharon said happily as she made her way into the dining room followed by her companion. She eased a heavy-looking shoulder bag onto a chair and turned to face me. She was wearing what looked like a short dress, with a wide neckline that exposed her shoulders and showed off her enticing cleavage, over denim jeans. She had lost some weight since I had last seen her but she was still curvaceous. I knew she was smiling in response to my look of perplexity.

“This is Jak, ” she said introducing her friend. The olive-skinned young woman smiled and something playful twinkled in her dark eyes. “No, she’s not a guy like most people seem to think. At least I don’t think so.”

She turned to her companion who was wearing tight jeans and a figure hugging red jumper through which, I could not help but notice, her nipples, which crowned beautifully round tits, poked provocatively. Sharon put her hands on her friend’s waist and pushed up her jumper until it was resting over her gorgeous, bra-less, exposed tits. She cupped the dark globes, which had large dark-brown aureoles in her hands and said, “No. These are definitely a woman’s tits. Feel them, Mike. They’re lovely.”

Stunned, I did not move. Jak spoke for the first time. “Don’t be shy, ” she said, stepping towards me and pushing out her lovely chest. She took my hands and rubbed them over her large nipples, which seemed to grow even more; a phenomenon that was being replicated by my cock in my pants.

“We’re bi-sexual, ” Sharon said, almost proudly, as I continued to stroke Jak’s tits. “I’ve got you to thank for finding that out, Mike. You are the one that opened the door for me. No wonder a man was never enough. I’ve told Jak about our little adventures. She’s fascinated. She wants to see for herself and maybe have a go. Mind you, if you’d rather watch football, we can go and leave you to it.”

It wasn’t only the fact that Jak was rubbing my cock through my pants while I kneaded her tits that suddenly made football seem as attractive as a hole in the head. The knowledge of Sharon’s wicked ways made my stomach turn to molten metal. Sharon smiled. “That’s the favour. I know Jill’s out for the night because she’s with my mum at the cosmetics party. I thought we could use the guest room for old time’s sake. Is that alright?”

I could only mumble assent as I was sucking on one of Jak’s delicious nipples which she had directed me to with her hand on the back of my head. Sharon became business-like. “Come on then. Put them away for now, Jak. We’ve got all night ahead of us.”

She pulled two bottles of red wine out of her shoulder bag and told Jak to get glasses from the cabinet. I turned off the television, locked the house doors and turned down the lights before leading the way across the patio at the back of the house to the guest room, which was a converted garage and the scene of an incredible sex romp with Sharon that I had always believed would never be topped. My legs felt shaky with the knowledge that that might not be true. In the guestroom, Sharon was in charge. She told me to sit in an armchair and relax. Then she poured us all a glass of wine and sat down on the bed with Jak. For a while we sat and chatted as if it was a normal social gathering but the frisson of excitement in the room was tangible. Jak even commented politely on the room and the décor, but her dark eyes were shining brightly and she kept pushing her lustrous black hair behind her ears as if she needed something to do with her hands. In fact, Jak did most of the talking while Sharon and I drank our wine and held each other’s gaze, barely listening to the stream of social niceties that were flowing nervously from Jak. Eventually, Jak stumbled into talking about the elephant on the table.

”I couldn’t believe when Sharon told me about you two, ” she said. “I don’t mean because you’re so much older, ” she added quickly. “I mean, what you got up to. It sounded so horny. I’m so glad you’re so open-minded about me being here. I can’t wait to see you two. God, I’d better put this wine down. My hand is shaking.”

Sharon took the wine glass from her and placed it on the bedside table alongside her own. I continued to sip at the rich red wine as I watched them turn to face each other kneeling on the bed. Their lips met in a tender kiss while they began

to stroke each other’s tits. Sharon dropped her hands to Jak’s waist and quickly lifted her jumper over her head to reveal the luscious tits that I had fondled earlier. Jak then pushed Sharon’s mini-dress top down over her shoulders to her waist so that her full tits fell out and nestled above her lickable, rounded belly. Jak set to work greedily with her tongue and mouth on Sharon’s tits while Sharon began to moan softly and squeeze Jak’s in return. Sharon claimed that I had opened up her sexual horizons, but the truth is I had led a mundane sexual life before she sneaked into my bed after the last cosmetics party. I had never seen what I was now witnessing for real before and my cock stiffened in my pants. For the moment, Jak was in control and she pushed Sharon back until she was lying full length on the bed. While still kissing Sharon’s tits, her hand began to stroke her crotch where her mini-dress had bunched up. As Sharon’s hips began to squirm, Jak quickly pulled down her mini-dress and removed it before dropping it onto the floor next to the bed. Kneeling over her, she stroked Sharon’s swollen mound beneath her jeans and then began to slowly undo the button of the fly. Sharon reached up and squeezed Jak’s tits as the zip of her fly was pulled down by the other woman. Slowly, Jak pulled Sharon’s jeans open and I gasped. Poking out of the band of her bright white knickers was the bulbous head of a stiff cock!

It took a moment for me to realize that it was a strap-on dick. Talk about being prepared. Anyone who didn’t know that it was a strap-on would have sworn it was a real cock by the way it sprang up when Jak pulled back Sharon’s knickers and released it. They would have also been convinced that Sharon could feel Jak’s hand close around the shaft by the way that she moaned and raised her hips. They would have put their house on it when Jak put her head down and took it in her mouth and began to give it a blowjob while Sharon grabbed a handful of Jak’s thick hair. Godammit, I was convinced and I knew the truth. My hand began to rub up and down my jealous cock as Jak purposefully removed Sharon’s jeans and knickers, before hurriedly undressing herself. In no time, her lips where paying attention to Sharon’s pussy, which looked as though she was nibbling her balls as Sharon’s gleaming cock swayed above her. Jak’s bum was stuck up into the air and it was a sight to behold. Firstly, it was firm and perfect. Secondly, the mound of her cunt between her thighs was accentuated by a pair of tattooed butterfly wings on each cheek. Her pussy looked as though it was about to take off and fly around the room. I got to my feet without thinking and went over to examine it closely. I just had to reach out and touch her pussy and as my fingers came into contact with her lips, she pushed backwards and expanded her cheeks so that the wings moved. I was determined to make that thing fly and my fingers stroked and probed until they were dripping wet. Both women were moaning and squelching when Jak raised herself and moved forward so that her fanny was above Sharon’s strap-on cock.

“Put it in for me, Mike, ” Sharon croaked.

I ran my fingers up and down the shaft of her glistening cock and she moaned loudly. I was falling for it too. Then I guided it into Jak’s juicy fanny and Jak lowered herself down on it. She began to ride slowly, making sure that her lips stroked every centimeter of the cock with each rise and fall of her butterfly arse. My cock had magically found its way into my hand and Jak instinctively turned to look at it.

“There’s some jelly in the bag by the side of the bed, ” she panted while squeezing Sharon’s bouncing tits. I needed no second invitation. I retrieved the jar of jelly and quickly coated my cock. Then I eased my slippy fingers into her bumhole and lubricated her while the butterfly’s wings fluttered. Sharon’s fingers were digging into Jak’s slim waist and her breath was coming in gasps.

“Fuck me quick, ” Jak cried out.

I replaced my fingers with the bell-end of my bursting cock in an instant and then did not have to do anything as Jak jammed herself on it to the hilt in one go. She was petite and tight and felt fucking marvelous. We all began to fuck for all we were worth and even though we regularly went out of sync with each other that only seemed to make it more frantic and spunk-gushingly fantastic as tits jounced wildly and we all shouted and bawled like crazy banshees.

Jak gave way beneath me and we all collapsed on the bed in a heap. And then, spontaneously, we all began to laugh and kiss and hug each other as if we had just achieved something really earth-shattering as we rolled around in spunk and cum. After a while, we calmed down and Sharon got up to get more wine. When she came back to the bed to fill up our glasses I could not help but smile at her with her voluptuous figure with her strap-on prick sticking out in front of her.

“Do you wear that thing all the time?” I asked her teasingly.

“No, ” she said, as if slightly offended. “I like to wear it in advance before if I know I’m going to use it. When I’m wearing it under my clothes and nobody knows, it feels really horny. We went to a pub before we came here to chill ourselves out. We’ve never had a threesome before. A guy kept looking at me as if he fancied me so I started stroking my crotch. You should have seen his face. I wonder what he would have done if he had known I was stroking my cock.”

We all laughed and for a while we just sat on the bed and drank wine, but we all knew what this threesome, (also my first), was all about. I didn’t see any signal but the girls suddenly seemed to be working together. Firstly, Sharon complained that I was still wearing clothes and between them, they quickly stripped me of my teeshirt and the jogging pants that were round my ankles. In the course of doing this, they maneuvered themselves so that I ended up in between them. From either side, they then began to arouse me, one kissing me while the other stroked my cock and balls. Having two lovely young women play with me was agonizingly horny in itself, but when they both started to concentrate on the same area, my blood began to sizzle. Sharon stroked my prick while Jak sucked the end of it. Sharon lifted my balls while Jak began to lick behind them, which drove me crazy. Jak shifted herself around so that her pussy was near my face while Sharon turned me partly onto my side. I began to lick at Jak’s pussy while she pushed her head between my legs helped by Sharon who raised my thigh. While Sharon pulled apart the cheeks of my bum, Jak’s hot, hard tongue began to rake up and down the length of my crack, each time rasping against my hole and making me chew on her wet pussy as if I was biting on a leather strap.

“Make him wet for me, ” Sharon urged and I could tell that she was stroking her strap-on cock right behind me.

Jak began to moisten her tongue and I groaned when she began to push it into my hole. Then she pulled it out and moistened it again before slipping it back in, this time even further while Sharon pulled my cheeks apart as far as she could. Jak kept repeating this and each time her tongue seemed to get longer as my hole got wetter. Each time she did it, I pushed my tongue into her cunt. It was like a contest to see who could get the deepest, but with her incredible tongue she won by what seemed like a mile.

“Now, Jak, ” Sharon groaned. “Suck my cock and make it wet.”

I could feel Sharon’s strap-on cock sliding between my cheeks as she pushed it in and out of Jak’s mouth. At the same time, Jak’s hips were rocking as she ground her fanny into my mouth. I knew what was coming shortly and the tattoo on Jak’s arse was not the only butterfly in the room. I felt Jak’s head move away from my bum and rest on my knee. My other leg was resting on Jak’s shoulder. Sharon’s cock-head began to nuzzle against my hole and even with the help of Jak’s saliva, it felt too big to enter. Sharon had used jelly before, but without it the cock felt twice as big. Jack’s swollen clitoris was distended and I began to suck hard on it as the big bell-end began to force its way into my hole. Jak gasped, either from what she was getting a close-up of or because I was using her clit as a lollipop. Sharon pushed hard and suddenly my hole swallowed the bell-end like a thief snatching a purse. Once she was in, Sharon began to move her arse and stroke her cock further into me. With minimal lubricant it felt enormous and a huge fire began to rage in my gut. The incredible Sharon was gasping and fucking in a way that told me she could actually feel my tight hole throttling her prick. She placed her hands against my shoulders and pushed, leaning back so that she could achieve a straighter and deeper entry. As always, she was talking dirty to me between grunts and groans. Jak’s hand was now stroking my cock and her lips were beginning to nibble at my balls. Sharon was beginning to fuck me in earnest and my arse was so on fire that I had no idea what I was doing with Jak’s pussy or whether there would be anything left of it when all this was over. Suddenly, something happened that had not happened before when Sharon had fucked me with her dildo. I came in my arse. That’s the only way I can describe it. My arse convulsed. My brain exploded and suddenly the passage that was being pummeled by Sharon’s cock flooded. Sharon felt it. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders and her strap-on cock began to glide in and out of me like a well-oiled piston. She began to pant and gasp and fuck for all she was worth. Jak caught the vibe and fucked my face madly and at the same time bent my prick downwards so that she could suck deeply on it. Sharon was the first to come with loud cries as she bucked like a rodeo rider. My spunk flooded into Jak’s mouth and only then did I become aware of how wet my face was as I looked into Jak’s heaving, swollen gash, the pink fruit glistening against her dark skin.

A short time later, we were all lying back on the bed feeling battered and bruised.

“You actually came, didn’t you, Mike, ” Sharon said wonderingly. “I mean, you came up there. I didn’t know that you could.”

“Neither did I, ” I said. “You’re the only one I’ve ever done this with and I’m not planning on making a habit of it with anyone else.

“What about me, ” Jak said in a little girl voice.

I couldn’t refuse, could I, but first we all decided to take showers. The two women went in together and soaped each other and laughed themselves silly. I noticed that Sharon still did not take her strap-on off. I found a new bedcover and remade the bed and when we were all fresh again, we sat around and drank some more wine.

It is strange how the atmosphere knows everyone’s thoughts are turning towards the same thing, even if no-one says anything. I could tell that Jak was getting fidgety. Eventually, Sharon said, “Come on then Jak, it’s your show now.” Jak asked me almost shyly to lie on the bed, which I did. Then she reached into the bag at the side of the bed and pulled out a strap-on dildo identical to Sharon’s. When she had

it on she climbed onto the bed and lay down next to me. Sharon remained sitting in a chair watching, while Jak turned to me and began to kiss me. I hadn’t noticed it before but her mouth tasted incredibly sweet and she kissed with a cool yet tremulous hint of deep passion. With fingers, tongue and mouth, she began to ready me for what she was going to do to me. First she pleasured my cock and my balls before turning her attention to my arse, which she began to stroke with her nimble fingers. Sharon decided to offer Jak some advice.

“It’s really best face-to-face, ” she said. “Then you can see his face when you’re fucking. It’s really horny.”

Jak’s face was buried in my raised bum and my legs were over her shoulders, but I’m sure she heard. Her slender fingers began to tease my hole. I looked across and saw Sharon watching intently and stroking her strap-on prick absentmindedly. My hole was tender but not sore and Jak’s tongue and fingers were sensitive and soothing. I reached across to the bedside table and got the jar of jelly and unscrewed the top and patted Jak on the shoulder. I lifted my legs off her and she kneeled upright between my legs. Her lovely tits were outstanding and her skin was like honey. Her waist was slim and the strap-on cock looked incongruous on her, whereas on Sharon, even though she was a luscious woman, it was beginning to look normal. She rubbed her tits and tweaked her nipples while I rubbed jelly onto her strap-on cock. After my last experience, I needed jelly, but I also did not want to use too much. The feeling I had when I ‘came’ in my hole last time was incredible and I wanted to feel it again. When it was ready, I took a thick pillow from the head of the bed and placed it under my buttocks so that my bum was raised up from the bed.

“Ready?” Jak whispered dryly.

I nodded and tilted my pelvis upwards to make her entry easier. Holding her strap-on cock lightly, she guided the end towards my hole. She was careful as she began to probe gently with the bell-end, pushing it in ever so slowly. I didn’t realize how tender my bumhole was after the pounding that Sharon had given it. It was incredibly sensitive and I felt every millimeter of the gently pressing bell-end as my ring began to expand to accept it. Jak was watching me closely and even though I knew she did not have Sharon’s bizarre knack of feeling with her cock, we were both sharing something incredibly sexy. Sharon would have been in me by now and banging away.

Behind Jak, now standing up from her seat, I saw her staring and wanking her dildo. Jak was continuing to push ever so gently and when my hole suddenly accepted the bell-end she almost lurched forward. I held out my arms and drew her down to me and we began a long sweet kiss. I gripped her buttocks with my hands and showed how hard and deep I wanted her to go with each stroke. Her hands crept around my head as we kissed and settled into steady, rhythmic fucking. Her firm belly scraped my throbbing cock and I knew that the strap-on dick was pleasuring her cunt too because I could feel the dampness against my balls. I had applied just enough jelly so that we could ride hard and yet thrill to every tiny feeling, just like good sports suspension. Even if Jak could not experience it like Sharon could, I knew she could sense it from the perfect, sensual amount of resistance to each stroke. I raised and spread my thighs and placed the heels of my feet lightly against the back of her thighs and felt her soft skin slide against them. The perfectly round and smooth cheeks of her bum grew harder as she began to tense. She pulled her mouth from mine and began to raise herself and her tits pulled away from my chest with a soft suck. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as we entered a fantastical fuck paradise. On the crest of this wave I felt a primeval growl deep with in me that grew into a roar and then died as my hole began to flood. Jak felt it too as her cock began to fly in and out and at that moment I turned my head sideways and realized that Sharon was holding onto the bed-head and pushing her pelvis towards me so that the head of her strap-on cock was at my lips.

“What the fuck!” I opened my mouth to say and she pushed her cock right into my mouth.

Jak was coming like a train with her tits dancing in front of me and her nails digging into my shoulders. Her lower belly was wanking my cock but the bell-end was protruding and pointing towards the head of the bed like a howitzer. I had no choice but to suck Sharon’s cock otherwise she would have choked me with it and once I was compliant, she was loving it, drawing it right out each time. My cock exploded and a jet of spunk arched through the air, bisecting Jak’s lovely shaking tits and landed right on the bell-end of Sharon’s strap-on cock just as she withdrew it from my mouth. She froze for a moment in surprise and a large globule of spunk began to form on the tip of her cock in preparation for sliding off the edge. She groaned loudly and I knew what was coming next but I could do nothing about it as she rammed her cock back into my mouth and began to fuck it with short, jerky strokes. Jak was still fucking my arse and Sharon was fucking my mouth and both were coming loudly. They had made me a slut! I was fucked and they were both still using me. Jak collapsed on top of me and I used that moment to extricate myself from them both and ease myself away, leaving Jak lying face down on the bed and Sharon kneeling next to her. My prick was still rock hard and I grabbed Sharon from behind and hissed, “Right, bitch. Now you’re going to get fucked.”

I manhandled her so that she was kneeling over Jak’s face-down, prone body and grabbed the jar of jelly. Without much finesse I roughly smeared some jelly over my cock, not too much, and literally rammed it up Sharon’s arse, feeling her stiffen as the bell-end seared along her tight passage. I began to fuck her as hard and as roughly as I could and Sharon being Sharon, she soon began to respond and slap her cheeks against me. While I was hell-bent on giving her a rage-fuck, she suddenly pushed herself back, catching me off guard so that she was almost sitting on top of me. I was pinned back and with her one of her now-free hands, she scooped up some jelly from the jar and began to apply it unceremoniously to the crack of Jak’s pert bum. Jak began to stir and tell her to stop as Sharon worked it in regardless while still pressing back on me. I wanted to get her back onto her hands and knees, but having got me in this position, she was difficult to shift, even though I swore and shouted at her. Determinedly, Sharon smeared jelly on her strap-on cock and put her hands on Jak’s slim waist and yanked her onto her knees. Now Sharon raised her arse from my lap and I could resume giving her bad arse the fucking it deserved. At the same time, she drove her greased strap-on prick into Jak’s puckered jewel of an arsehole and began to give her as good a fucking as she was getting from me. The poor butterfly was being stabbed repeatedly and its wings flapped and fluttered helplessly. We were all shouting at each other; me at Sharon; Jak at Sharon; and Sharon at god knows who. Because Jak was smaller than Sharon and I was bigger than Sharon, we were perfectly coupled, or should that be tripled. We hammered away like this for ages until we all collapsed in a soaking heap.

Any anger I had felt had long since drained out through my cock and Jak and Sharon lay in each others’ arms like satisfied kittens. I told them that I was leaving them to it to go and sleep in the house and even though they protested, I left them to it.