Written by Robbie_nudd

26 Nov 2007

for those who enjoyed "Just for Angelac" and "JFA2" here is the final part of the saga.

A cosmetics party is something that every man would do his best to avoid, but the last two cosmetics parties that had been held by my wife and her friends had coincided with the most incredible sexual experiences of my time on this planet. After the first I had not only fucked Sharon, the insatiable daughter of Molly, my wife’s best friend, but also fucked Molly herself while Sharon hid under the bed. Sharon had also realized her biggest fantasy of fucking a man like a man fucks a woman by using a dildo on me. She had liked it so much that she had bought a strap-on cock and had fucked me with that a week later. I had been straight all my life, but with the crazy sex-mad Sharon, these had been incredible experiences. Sharon claimed that I had been the catalyst for her sexual liberation, but all I had done was to enjoy sex with a gorgeous, much younger woman and go with the flow

of her desires. On the night of the second cosmetics party, this time at the house of my sister-in-law where my wife

had stayed over, Sharon had unexpectedly turned up at my house with her new bi-sexual friend, Jak, a beautiful young

Asian woman. The night had turned into a mad fuckfest during which we had all fucked each other’s brains out. One slightly disturbing feature of that night was the fact that Sharon seemed to be becoming disturbingly attached to her strap-on dick.

A couple of weeks later, Jak, who I didn’t really know despite the incredible sex we had had, sent a text to my mobile asking me to meet her that night in a pub in town. Of course I went. Jak was a horny bi-sexual, but she looked sweet and innocent that night. I bought her a drink and we sat down at a corner table where we could talk in peace. The first thing that she told me was that she had finished with Sharon, who she said was now wearing her strap-on cock all the time. I could not help feeling sorry for Sharon, who was crazy but not bad.

“I enjoyed that night even though Sharon tried to take over as usual,” she

said in a low voice. “You were nice. Would you like to have another go?”

My smile was saying yes. Then Jak really surprised me. “I want to fuck Sharon’s mum, Molly, and I need you with me.”

My mouth fell open. Jak quickly explained all.

“When Sharon told me about you I was turned on by the bit where you fucked her mum while Sharon was hiding under the bed, especially the bit where she squeezed your balls. Molly came round to Sharon’s house when I was there, but Sharon made me hide because she had told her mother that she had a boyfriend. I was interested to see what she was like so I spied on them. Guess what? She is really fit and I recognized her. She’s advertising on a swingers’ website I use. She’s new. She says she’s bi-curious and looking for her first experience with a woman. I want it to be me. There is nothing sweeter than being with a first-timer, especially an older woman who is breaking down life-long barriers. They are so gorgeously nervous and then they come like volcanoes.”

“So where do I come in?” I asked, intrigued.

“She’s insisting on a couple,” Jak said. “I need a man and you will be perfect. I’ve been corresponding with her on

the site and pretending to be a couple. I’ve described you and that seemed to give her confidence. Little does she know it’s you.”

Then Jak dropped her bombshell. “We’re on. Molly’s place - tomorrow night.”

I was in. I liked Molly and had avoided her since my fling with Sharon, which I felt guilty about. If she was taking this road to explore her sexuality, then at least I could make sure that she would be starting out safely.

The following night, I picked up Jak and we made our way to Molly’s house. On the way, we agreed that I would put Molly at ease first because she knew me and then Jak would join in. I knew Molly would be shocked when she saw me and she might at first feel embarrassed, so I was prepared. When she opened the door, she saw Jak first and smiled welcomingly at her, but when she saw me, she looked alarmed. Her secret was out in the open. I stepped into the house quickly and took hold of her arms and began to kiss her while murmuring reassurances. There had always been a sexual frisson between us, even before we had succumbed to it and fucked for the first time a few months previously. While I was calming Molly down, Jak strode boldly into the living room and removed her coat.

She looked stunning with her long dark hair, short skirt, tight top and high heels. Molly, who was wearing a figure-hugging jump suit that suited her lithe, shapely figure, broke away from me and started to act like the hostess at a coffee morning. I let her fuss around us thinking that the distraction would calm her nerves. First she took our coats and then brought us drinks. For some reason, probably because she did not know what to do, she went back to the kitchen. I followed her. She started like a frightened kitten when I came up behind her and slipped my arms around her waist.

“Mike, I can’t do this,” she said desperately.

“Of course, you can,” I said. “You were up for it before you saw it was me. Well, I know you like me and, believe me, Jak is incredible.”

I took her hand and began to lead her through the living room and upstairs to the bedroom. Jak smiled sweetly as we passed but did not move. In the bedroom, I kissed and began to undress Molly, who quickly began to melt. Soon she was naked and so was I. I gently laid her back on the bed and began to kiss her tits and stroke her pussy. She was moaning before I slid two fingers into her moist cunt and began to slowly finger-fuck her.

That’s when Jak appeared. She was naked with her long dark hair flowing over her shoulders and onto her perfect tits. Molly’s eyes widened when she saw this vision at the side of the bed and she froze. I rolled away from her and watched with bated breath. Molly began to tremble like a leaf as Jak reached out a honeyed arm and held two fingers of her hand a millimeter above the hard nipple of one of Molly’s tits. Smiling, Jak began to caress the upright nipple with trailing fingers as Molly made a noise like a sob. Leaning forward, she kissed Molly full on the lips and began to stroke and squeeze her tits, before her lips began to travel down her neck. Molly threw back her head and groaned as Jak licked each of her nipples before continuing her downward journey. By the time Jak’s lips were hovering above Molly’s shaved pussy, Molly was trembling violently and gripping handfuls of the duvet. Slipping her hands under Molly’s bum, Jak buried her face into her pussy. Molly’s hips began to rise and fall and she began to wail while Jak reached back between her legs and began to frig herself. Reaching sideways, Molly gripped my stiff cock; the electricity flowing through her was enough to provide power for a small town, never mind the lighthouse that was my throbbing prick. I had to do something with it and so I slid down the bed and placed myself behind Jak’s upturned bum. I stroked the butterfly wings tattooed on each brown, beautiful and unblemished buttock and slipped an unsubtle hand between her thighs. Her pussy was wet and her clit swollen and I knew that she was ready to be fucked. She really did love a first-timer. I pushed my cock inside her inviting cunt and began to fuck her with long strokes. Molly looked up at me with bulging eyes and her hips began to buck wildly against Jak’s expert tongue. The juicy cunt that gripped my cock was providing me with a fantastic fuck and I held on for all I was worth, feeling my calf muscles knotting as I gripped her by her slim waist. Molly was coming over and over again and drumming her heels on the bed when I finally let go and shot my load deep into Jak’s tightening pussy, feeling her flooding juices mingle with mine. Jak raised her head from Molly’s soaking lips, tightened her supple cunt around my pumping cock and continued to fuck even harder while leaning forward and sucking hard on Molly’s tits. Molly’s hands were in the air with her fingers extended like someone who just been born again so I reached out and locked my fingers with hers.

Jak’s tight and greedy cunt was leading me to a place I had never been before – a dark cave in the beginning of time, when the raw primeval senses of a man had not been dulled by modern living. The earth trembled beneath my feetand a mighty power surged up through my loins and engorged my prick. Jak cried out as she felt the sheath of her cunt being forcibly expanded and Molly’s fingers tightened around mine as if she could feel it too. When I had finished fucking this woman, I was going to go out and kill the biggest fucking dinosaur I could find. Jak did her best to hold her ground but she was forced forward by my bludgeoning thrusts so that she was straddling Molly’s waist, while the once nervous older woman began to suck greedily on the big brown nipples that appeared above her. Jak’s coming was like the bursting forth of a deep, underground spring as juices began to flood her passage around my ramming cock and spill onto the open pink flower of Molly’s pussy below. Jak unsheathed my gleaming sword from its scabbard with ease and stretched herself upwards against the wall against which the bed-head stood. She placed her knees on the pillow at each side of Molly’s head and began to grind her sopping snatch against the willing tongue and lips beneath her. Molly’s hands broke away from mine and began to squeeze Jak’s tits while I lifted her up forcibly by the waist from the bed and plunged my slimy hard cock into her cunt, which sucked hungrily at every pummeling inch. The six-legged beast began to dance, accompanied by the sounds of flesh on flesh and the primitive, disjointed music of grunts and moans. The frenzied monster would surely have collapsed if it had not been braced against the wall, but even so it shook wildly and bellowed into the night, before suddenly being overcome by a violent spasm and collapsing into pieces.

We lay side by side, Molly in the middle, staring at the ceiling.

“That was amazing,” Jak said dreamily from the other side of the bed.

“It was beyond amazing,” I muttered. I felt as though my prick had turned into a bird and flown away.

“I’ve never known anything like it,” Molly said in a faraway voice, before adding tentatively. “Jak, I’m having a cosmetics party on Friday. Would you like to come? You could stay over.”

“Who needs a cosmetics party, ” Jak said, rolling over so that her face was an inch away from Molly’s.