Written by John-allen

17 Oct 2013

Jo also kept asking me what it was like in the gents toilets near where we lived. She had seen guys hanging around, and had worked out what was going on. She didn't know that I had met up there from time to time with like minded guys.

So I arranged to get her into the toilets and also tipped of some of the guye I had met there, so they could join in too. I wasn't sure what Jo expected, but I did know that she was game for most things!

We strolled along the front towards the toilets, taking our time until I was sure that there was no one about. Just to make sure, I slipped inside, and made sure all the cubicles were empty. There was no one there.

I beckoned to Jo to join me and she took a look around to make sure that no-one was watching, and quickly came into the building, and I tell her to go into the nearest cubicle. She goes inside, and notices a hole in the wall to the next cubicle. “What's that for?” she said, but I am sure she knows!

As soon as Jo is in the in men’s cubicle, her panties are down to her ankles and she is bending over loo, arse facing me. She is reading out loud the graffiti of a guy who fucked his neighbours daughter in same cubicle and how he shot his load everywhere.

Drawings in walls of erect spurting cocks, and more stories of gay fucking and spunking.

Jo says as my cock slips into her tight arse "Do you want to fuck me in the ladies? There is great graffiti in there, much better!" I am too interested in taking here than to take up the offer, as tempting and interesting as it is!

I bury my cock deep into Jo's hot and yielding bumhole and she moans with pleasure. I can hear the other guys outside, who, having slipped in unnoticed by Jo, are desperate to know what we are doing. The door opens and they see me ramming into Jo working towards a climax. One of them pushes through and runs his fingers down my crack before dropping on his knees to start licking and tonguing my arse. My arse muscles tighten and relax as I bang away at Jo.

Her hot tight arse grips my plunging cock as she squeezes and relaxes. Two guys are looking down over the top of the cubicle from the adjoining ones, cocks in hand, enjoying the scene. Jo cries out as she starts to shudder with her climax "Fill me with your spunk, give it to me now". The other guys watch on. The guy licking my arse takes some precum from his cock, slips two fingers in my hole and massages me hard forcing a sudden explosive and intense climax, my spunk jetting out and filling her.

I pull my dripping cock from her hole, and drops of spunk appear, slowly sliding down her arse crack and into her cunt. Jo turns around and award in the toilet, frigging her wet pussy, my spunk and her juices mixing together. Lifting her fingers to her lips, she tastes the heady mix and coolly says "Mmm, that tastes good! Who's next?"

The waiting guys, cocks already in hand, hard, are ready to fuck her one after the other. She says to the nearest, who has a cock oozing liquid "You, come here". As commanded he steps into the cubicle

As he moved towards Jo he let his trousers fall, and his cock leapt free. The bulb of the head was swollen, hot and red, glistening as his clear precum leaked out. The shaft was thick and his balls hung low, heavy with his spunk. About 7 or 8" Jo looked at his cock before leaning forward cupping and squeezing his balls, and stroking his cock. "You want to FUCK me with that" she asked. The others looked on waiting for their turn

He stepped forward, his cock jutting out in front of him, swollen and ready. His slipped a finger in Jo's cunt, still dripping with my cum and her juices after being sodomized. "You want to watch me fuck your wife" he said, turning to you "see my prick filling her cunt? Fill her with my hot white cum?"

"You don't need these" he said, and ripped her panties, down round her ankles, away. "Let’s see what you've got" he continued, lifting her dress up and over her head. She was wearing nothing else, and her tits were stiff and tight, she seemed to be enjoying the attention. Sitting on the loo, kegs together, baked, she wondered what would happen next. "Open your legs, show me your cunt" he demanded. Slowly she opened her legs so he saw her pussy.

By now, some if the others, who had even wanking in the background enjoying watching Jo being used, had cum and the air was full of the smell of spunk and puss from the urinal. Heady and just what you wanted.

He grabbed Jo by the wrists and took her out into the more open space by the urinals. "They, and your pervert of a husband, want a good view of me fucking you" he grunted.

"Lean over here" he said, taking her to the king urinal "and put your hands here". She was now facing the wall, naked. He kicked her kegs apart and stepped forward, cock ready.

Placing a hand on each arse cheek he pulled then apart, revealing her fucked arse and globs if spunk still dripping out.

Placing the tip of his cock against her cunt hole he prepared to thrust inside her.

He held his cock against her, and suddenly without warning, thrust forward and sank his cock deep into her cunt. "How's that, you bitch?" was all he could say. Jo gasped at the suddenness and depth of his penetration. Not waiting for an answer he started rhythmically pumping his cock, hard and stiff

The floor was wet and now splashed with spunk from those who had wanked themselves off watching Jo bring used. Some had turned to another and had sucked and tossed each other off. The floor was slippery. Jo let out the occasional cry ad he rammed his cock into her. "You are liking this too much, you fucking tart" he said, pulling out and pushing onto the floor. She was then covered in spent spunk and piss. They all crowded around her, several on their knees. One lifted her head and pushed it towards his cock, joined by two others, and made her take them in her mouth. They were already sticky and covered in spunk. As they did that other hands probed her cunt and arse, and she felt lips and teeth working on her tits.

With a moan one if the guys kneeling between her legs suddenly came and a stream of hot spunk spurted out in an endless stream covering her belly and pubes. As he finished he reached down and swept his spunk up and then rubbed it unto her cunt, fingers slipping in and out easily between the lips and probing deep into her hole and massaging her clit, hard and erect. He kept rubbing until it was all used up. Her pussy lips were red and swollen and covered in spunk, and lot as now inside her.

They knelt over her, their pounding slowing down, but they rubbed and milked their cocks as more spunk came out, which they let spray onto her face

She had three cocks in her face, two in her mouth at once, sucking and licking them. The three were brought closer to a climax. "Don't cum on your own" she said between sucking as one of them was closer than the others. "I want you to all to spunk together". She slowed down her sucking as the other two started to wank themselves "My god, I'm fucking cumming and can't stop" cried one, and then all three shot their loads over her face and in her hair. Excited by what had gone on before they all had loads of spunk, which poured and jetted out in out white streams and globs.

Their spunk was in her hair, her eyes, nose and mouth. There was so much it had dripped onto her neck and chest. Hot, sticky, white, and the smell of cum everywhere.

By now the others had formed a ring around her. She was laying on the wet floor, slippery now as more of them wanked off and their spunk went all over her, before dripping into the floor to mix with everything else there. Guys were taking it in turn to rub the mixed cum into her every hole and part of her. The crack in her arse, her arse, her cunt - between the lips and deep inside her, over her belly, tits and face.