Written by ken

16 May 2007

When at a party a few weeks ago where a lot of the girls there were nurses, I made an acquaintance with one of them, she had lovely long legs and was just about as tall as I was. I must admit the thought of having sex with her in the standing up position crossed my mind; it is a position I have never used, being as most girls are smaller than me. Of course I steered the talk around looking after patients and washing them. She explained how things are normally done, and I said to her I could do with some of that bodily attention. She was up for it and said why not and when could we meet. I suggested we went back to my place when the party was over.

Before the party actually finished she said lets go now. When we arrived at my place I poured some more drinks and went up to run the bath. When the bath was ready she told me to go up and sit in it and she would be up in a minute. When she came up she was wearing just a bra and very tiny knickers. My cock really started to rise, but there were plenty of suds covering it. She got the sponge and plenty of soap and washed my shoulders and back. My chest was then washed, her hand moved down between my legs and I could feel her hand touching my cock with the up and down movement.

She did comment that generally her patients don’t have their cock standing up on show. I said well I hope you don’t mind, she slid her hand down to feel my cock and gave it a gentle wank I think that answers your question she said. She got me to stand up facing the wall and washed my arse and legs. Then her soapy hands came around and took my cock and balls in her hands. I placed my hands on the wall to steady myself and watched her hands as they played with my cock.

She asked me to turn around and when I did she unhooked her bra and showed her tits off to me they were lovely to look at not big ones but nicely pointed with her nipples just sticking out. Her knickers were then dropped. She had just a touch of hair between her legs. Stepping into the bath we put our arms around each other and kissed passionately. I could feel her tits against my chest and I held her arse cheeks and pressed my cock between her legs. I washed her back and bottom and brought my arms around her so that I could feel between her legs. She was already very moist and soon my fingers had her juices really running. Whilst doing this I rubbed my cock up and down between her cheeks.

She turned around and spread her legs slightly and took my cock in her hands the head of it was lined up with her entrance I was told to slowly put it in. It was a bit awkward at first but once it was lined up my cock felt great as it slid into her as far as it would go. I put my hands on her hips and slowly withdrew it and gently put it back in. We got a wonderful rhythm going between us and soon we were both on the verge of cumming. I brought my hand around and rubbed her clitoris, she loved it and was writhing around so much that we both quickly came. I could feel my cum gushing into her. I held her arse cheeks and pulled into her as far as possible as my final spurts came.