Written by Shakespoke

27 Aug 2007

The following takes place in the mid 1980's, and is based on a true story.

Jolene followed her father as he was posted around the world with the Air Force. By the time she was 22 she was living in the Shetland Islands, working in the administrative section.

Being only 5 feet five inches tall with long blond hair, a slim figure with perky 32 c breasts, she stood out among the other women as a real beauty.

To escape the humdrum life of the offices she had graced, Jolene had taken up walking, often long treks across country, which in the Shetlands could be beautiful, and worthy of caution. Leaving the camp on such trips meant leaving an itinerary at the guard room, with the estimated time of return.

Whenever the small officers mess had a function Jolene would be invited by a junior officer, not just because there was a shortage of good looking single women, or because her father, now commissioned after much faithful service, could help a mans career. Jolene found none of them all that attractive, some of them being like overgrown schoolboys at times.

After about three months on the island, Jolene was hiking when she heard the plaintive bleating of a sheep in trouble. Following the sound she discovered a sheep caught in a muddy crevice, and, after much pushing and lifting she helped the beast get back onto firm ground.

"That was very well done for a city girl!" came a gruff voice from behind her. "Thank you, she is a good animal I would not like to lose!"

Jolene looked up to see a weathered man of about six foot two inches, obviously a local by the dialect he spoke and his style of dress, more like her old Grand father.

Taking the offered hand, Jolene climbed up and said, "You could have helped!" Smiling as she said it.

"I did not want to get in the way, you seem to know your way around a sheep" he exclaimed.

School holidays on my Uncles farm!" Jolene explained, now following the as yet un-named man as he walked after the animal. "That would do it" he agreed, "And you must have enjoyed those times be my eye!"

They talked for a while as they walked, Jolene found she was talking with Douglas, a widowed farmer, who had offered her a chance to clean up and have something to eat.

"I don't suppose you have a phone do you, I gather they are still rare up here?" True though that was, Douglas had had a phone put in the year before, so he could keep in touch with his son, who was a vet in the north of England. Jolene continued, "Only I need to call in to change my plans with the guard room you see!"

Douglas knew of the rules and said that would not be a problem.

As often happened in that part of the world, the weather suddenly got very cold and wet, the wind brining in the rain almost sideways on, and drove it through clothing very quickly. Douglas sped up and led Jolene to an old shed on the edge of the old farmstead, full of mud and old bits and pieces of equipment, it at least held off the rain for a while. They used the time to talk about the island, and Jolene did most of the listening.

After a while Douglas suggested that as the rain and wind had slackened for the moment they could hurry to the bungalow. No building was more than ground and first floor Jolene had learned due to the high winds.

As they dashed the two hundred yards to the front door Jolene lost her footing and stumbled. Not falling to the ground, Jolene did rush through a deep puddle, throwing up a lot of water and making them both even wetter.

Once inside Douglas said, "The phone is in the hall there, I will stoke up the fire and get some towels!"

By the time she had completed her call, Douglas had fetched Jolene a big fluffy towel and had the fire throwing out heat. "Off with them wet things girls, rub down and sit by the fire, I will make some tea!" Douglas ordered, and Jolene decided he was a man that could take charge.

Feeling a little awkward with the old man still in the room, she stripped and rubbed herself down. Douglas kept his back turned. The tea was strong and had an alcoholic edge. "Home made Gin, good stuff!" he explained. "I will be back in a moment!" and he left the kitchen, to return a few minutes later in a thick dressing gown over what Jolene thought of as 'Old man pajamas'.

They talked this time more about Jolene's life and as they got up to date she mentioned how impressed she was at the stamina of such an old man compared to the young officers.

"Old am I?" Asked Douglas as they finished a thick mutton sandwich and started on neat Gin instead of loaded tea. "62 is not so old, and life here keeps a man fit, old indeed!"

Embarrassed, Jolene stumbled on, tripping over her words and making the situation worse.

"Old still am I? Well not so old I could not put a young Miss such as you over my knee and teach you some manners!"

Smiling, Jolene replied, "I should like to see you get away with that, Old Man!"

With a speed that surprised her, Douglas was round the table and lifting her under one arm before she could move. By the time Jolene had gasped her surprise she was across one knee and Douglas had lifted up the towel to slap a big firm hand across her rump making her gasp again. A warm glow spread out from the hand print and as Jolene gathered her thoughts and realized she was actually all but naked, another firm slap sounded over the kitchen.

Jolene squirmed on the old farmers knee, but even she knew she was not giving her all in an escape attempt. After the ninth stoke Douglas extended his middle finger and briefly inserted into Jolene's now slightly moist quim. Another slap arrived before any protest could be made, and the finger again was a feature. Another five slaps of this kind and the slaps stopped while the finger, and then a second, carried on.

Jolene could feel the stirrings in her tummy that meant an orgasm was on the way. She reveled in the control and power Douglas was exuding and knew she was all his. Before she succumbed completely, Douglas lowered her onto her hands and knees on the thin rug before the fire. Quickly, before she could rally herself, Douglas was deep inside her but not, this time, with a finger. Over nine inches of thick muscle was embedded and began to move out and in firmly, and all the right effects on a 22 year old woman. None of her three lovers so far had made Jolene feel like this.

The feeling in her tummy spread, and Jolene soon had the greatest orgasm of her young life. As she returned to earth, Jolene realized she was being carried, and was soon on a very firm bed with thick feather pillows. The towel had gone and Douglas was dropping his Old Man pajamas on the floor, showing a paunch but also a very fit frame and, the muscle that Jolene realized she wanted more of.

Douglas moved over her and pushed a knee between hers saying, "Old Man? Well let this old man show you how a girl can appreciate experience instead of age!"

Straight in, all the way, just as she wanted it, then for what seemed like ages, long powerful strokes bringing her off again and again. Jolene knew she was Douglas's through and through. A real man not boy in a grown up body.

Some time later Douglas announced "And now my turn, and I do not waste any thing I do not have to, so you'll take this like the woman you'll be wanting to be!" And with several of the deepest strokes yet, Douglas planted his seed in Jolene's very willing body. Jolene felt complete as she came once more in time with her new lover, and was not even disappointed when, after staying inside her until his manhood had become flaccid, Douglas pulled out, rolled over and went straight to sleep.

On the seventh occasion that Jolene went to help Douglas in return for his unique appreciation, explaining the visits to her family as "getting back to nature!", Jolene was nearing her third orgasm shortly before tea time, as Douglas held her very firmly by her hips and drove his gnarled manhood in and out of her. It was more because the noise stopped that Jolene caught it.

"Douglas, a car, some ones here!" she called, and tried to get up. Douglas, not missing a stroke and holding her tightly in place even as her upper torso rose up, said, "Aye, and on time they are too!"

"What? Who? Douglas stop, quick!"

"It's about time you met the family young Miss, now be quiet!" And Douglas went deeper and harder, forcing Jolene to concentrate on the bedroom not the yard.

Two doors slammed shut on the car, and moments later the bedroom door opened and two men came in. One could have been Douglas had he not have been driving Jolene mad with his stiff cock and his casual attitude at the same time.

The second man was around forty, and the family resemblance was again very strong.

"Douglas?" wailed Jolene as her orgasm again began to rise in her body.

"Jolene, meet my Brother Kenneth and my Nephew, James." Both men nodded as their names were spoken, and began to undress.

Jolene was distracted from this by Douglas powering into her and forcing her to orgasm, helped by her determination not to do so.

As equilibrium was regained, Jolene was lifted like a toy by Kenneth and placed on her back, in which position she stayed as Douglas's brother moved between her unresisting legs. "And now to show you how the stamina runs in the blood line young Miss!" Kenneth said as he slid his just as impressive member into Jolene's eager moistness.

For forty minutes Kenneth, only a year Douglas's junior, kept Jolene in ecstasy until, he too planted seed at the entrance to her womb.

James was positively welcomed when he took his place inside Jolene. She delighted in being turned over and back as he made her body blush and glow. This time, as a spent member was withdrawn from her flooded sex, it was Jolene who fell asleep, completely satisfied.

Twice more Jolene would visit the farm and be taken by the combined age of 163 years. And in part two, there is more!