Written by Jack5O

26 Sep 2008

Joss and Mary.

My wife Jane and myself Mike, decided to take a last minute holiday

for one week in Spain. We arrived very late at night

And Just had time for a drink in bar.

The Barman Joss was well built Black Guy. As soon as

Jane saw Joss she was delighted because she as always

Enjoyed the company of black men.

After our drinks we when to our room and fell asleep.

The next morning we sat relaxing on the Sun Terrace.

When Joss came over to us with him was very good

Looking black lady with very large tits. Joss introduced

To us as his wife Mary. They sat down with us and

We all had more than a few drinks . During our

Conversation Joss told us that he and Mary owned

The Hotel.

They then invited us to their apartment that evening for

Dinner. During dinner Joss and Mary told us that they

Where into the local swinging scene in which only

Black people where involved. This got Jane’s interest

As she always had a desire to be Fucked by a black


When we told Joss and Mary that we have had some

Experience on the swinging scene. They said well

Lets try it now.

With that they both went to the bath room. And returned

Wearing only a white towel round each of their waists.

They walked towards us and stood about two yards away.

Then at the same time they dropped the towels to the floor

Revealing all. Mary stood there with her honey brown nipples

On each of her very large breasts standing erect.

She had a jet black bush of hair covering lovely love hole.

My cock became rock hard.

Joss stood in front of Jane with his monster ten inch brown cock

Sticking out like a pier at the seaside. His purple cock head

Was big and round. By this time both Jane and I where naked.

Mary then sat me on the sofa and took my cock into her mouth

And moved her mouth up and down my shaft.

Jane was kneeling down in front of Joss taking his monster

Cock in her mouth. The delight on her face was that of complete joy.

She Jane laid back on the bed with her legs wide open and said

To Joss fuck me with your lovely big black cock fuck me now.

At the same time Mary sat on my hard and proud cock

Taking it into her warm soft love hole.

Joss had entered Jane who groaning each time Joss trusted

His Cock into her pussy.

Mary began to work herself up and down on my cock.

Starting slow working herself to a big orgasm just

As she reached her climax I shot my load right up her

She cried out with pleasure.

Jane had cum twice. While Joss was fucking her

And when he came his load she really climaxed.

Screaming Yes, Yes, Yes,

We then had coffee thanked Joss and Mary for everything.

And returned to our room where we fucked all night.

We will be going back to that Hotel to meet Joss and Mary

In the very near future.