Written by Thrill_

21 Jun 2009

you are wearing your rugby kit :P

You put your arm around me and grab my ass and rub my back through my backless top. Then you pulled me into you, and started to kiss my lips gently, eventually building up the passion and getting harder and harder. I slipped my hand under my skirt whilst were kissing, slowly rubbing my clit through my knickers. You see what I’m doing and take over, rubbing my pussy gently and slowly sliding a finger inside me whilst still kissing me. You hear me moan quietly, you kiss me down my neck and nibble it a little making me moan louder.

You picked me up, and I wrapped my sexy legs around you ;) as your grabbing my arse I slowly slide up and down you grinding against your big hard cock, teasing you and making you horny.

You carry me behind some houses so no one can see us…

You put me down and I take off your shorts and eagerly pulling them down. I slide my hand into your boxers and pull out your hard cock and slowly tease you with my tongue, I then begin to pump your dick in and out of my mouth making sure I use plenty of spit on the cock deep throating it, I take my time licking your cock up and down and also the balls, I hold your cock at the base with my hand and move my hand clockwise, then counter clockwise as I move my mouth up and down over your big hard cock.

As your about to cum I go faster, till you cum in my mouth, I swallow it all.

Then you put me on your shoulders with my back against the wall, and my pussy in your face so that you can lick me out and slowly lick around my pussy with your tongue , you entered your tongue in my pussy fucking it going really hard and fast hitting my gspot every time making me scream your name ;)

‘oh ohhhhh shit :$’you play with my big tits, licking then and teasing my nipples making them incredibly hard

Then you put me down and slide your big cock into my tight soaking wet pussy, you make love to me gently first but get harder and harder with every thrust after 5 minutes of this we change positions, we both stand up and you bend me over and slide your cock into me hard, you grab on my tits and as your about to cum you pull my hair making me arch my back and your cock going inside me even deeper, I orgasm at the same time as you, you’d given me the best orgasm ever, and afterwards I cant walk properly as my legs are shaking. Afterwards we kiss and go back to yours for some more fun...;)