Written by pumpkinJuice

29 Nov 2007

I saw him at the train station. He was selling tickets & I needed one & so I approached him. He was really cute, sexy, in his 20’s and my imagination went into overdrive… I was thinking about him naked and sweaty with a huge erect cock when suddenly the chance came to caress his hand ever so softly. However I couldn’t hold back & he didn’t mistake it for a chance touch neither & responded instantly with a broad smile and saying he was called Bill.

He quickly invited me for a beer but Said he needed to pick up something first from his place, which he promised was close by, so off I went with a complete stranger at least 10 years my junior, lust filled and dizzy in the back of a black Hackney! In back of the cab on the way to the pub he was making jokes about being alone and without sex for as long as he could remember. I retorted that all that masturbation must be affecting his memory and stroked his cock under his trousers! I walked very close to him and smeld his scent, it was very masculine, I grabbed his neck to smell it some more and I playful bit and licked his neck. He took hold of my hips and squeezed my arm. Ten minutes later we were in disarray arriving at his house in a nice side of town. We hadn’t even got passed the doorway before we started to turn up the heat some more. In the entrance he was caressing my neck firmly, my back, my nipples, they were hard indeed, his hands were on my tummy & all then all over everywhere.

Because of the heat, I don´t like to use my bra in summer so his access was perfect. Also I don’t have huge breasts but my aureole is dark and huge and being hot they get really hard. He eventually closed the front door to give us more privacy & took off my shirt in the hall and proceeded to chew at my nipples & licking them and adding little bites too & obviously acting on my responses…(wow I had found an attentive lover!).

I asked him to go down and look for my pussy but my jeans were still on so he had to unzip them and squeeze me out of them first. As soon as he had access he inserted his fingers in between my legs trying to reach in to feel my hot moistness, where my wet & slippery little hole was waiting….i was recently shaven so no hair down there and that obviously excited him a notch…. I told him that i wanted him to eat it and then maybe I’d let him fuck me… I was so excited that I grabbed his dick out of his jeans and started to careses his cock, and balls feeling all the way round to the crack in his ass….

We both obviously needed sex but somebody called him to his cell and he casually answered “ok see you in 5”. I was dumbstruck, were we going to lose our chance? No need to be shocked just yet… he led me to his bedroom and told me that he wanted me to be his bitch and of his desire to fully dominate me. I said “okaaay” as long as we both get to take turns on that game…

The game only had one rule…I could only ask for a desire at the end of the afternoon after he had come in me at least once…I agreed because I wanted to be fucked by that huge dick that I had so rightly imagined just an hour before.

So he undressed me and left me with just my thong on & started to rub and grind himself all over my back using his hardening cock, my eyes were covered with glee as he was telling me all the naughty things he was going do to me. While using his hands to good effect on my clit, i was totally exposed when somebody entered the room. In he walked & said hi introducing himself to me as Carl the younger brother of Bill, who had apparently just invited him along 5mins before on his mobile.

I was then talked into being blindfolded & of course couldn’t see anything any more, Carl was a strong young man just out of his teens and had very little experience of a mature lady, but he did have a very sensual voice that spoke of forbidden desires. Bill was already on my pussy and Carl wanted me too and so “naturally” approached my ass, too which I didn’t object. He opened my legs even wider and Bill told him to penetrate me there but to be gentle... i just love being fucked by fresh young meat & Carl was doing a perfect job on my ass except he did come a little too quickly

However I felt even more hot knowing he was inexperienced and i wanted to give him all the sensations he desired so with the first part of the game over it was my turn to be boss! Impossible....i was being dominated by two brothers... and so Bill untied me and ordered me to stay in a doggy position so they both could have access to my pussy and my mouth…Carl was in front of me, I could hear his breathing and smell his hot dick…he stuck his cock in my mouth for me to lick it and encouraged me to swallow as much as I could take.

Meanwhile, Bill was eating my cum filled pussy but I was so wet that he wanted to take advantage of it and decided to enter me too. All this fucking was making me feel exhausted but I couldn’t help but come again as he did it too me more rampant than his brother last time… he was playing with my G-spot with his finger while fucking me with his large cock and I was eating very fast the younger brother. Carl asked to come inside my mouth but I didn’t have time to answer as he flooded come inside me…his cum was very sweet and I ate every last drop. Bill was starting too buck faster, and in a final thrust I felt him explode inside me emptying his heavy balls over a couple of minutes…. the three of us were spent …but I still had my own special desires to be satisfied… but I’ll leave that for another day.