Written by onedayiwill

22 Feb 2009

As I walked down the pathway to go past the garages I noticed that one of them was open, and as I went past I gave the interior a glance and noticed it was reasonably full of stuff, furnishings and the suchlike.

About to take another step I heard a moan coming from the interior, followed by another and my interest was aroused. I went into the murky interior, being careful where I trod and followed the route that the stacked furniture allowed, into the now realised hidden area.

Right in front of me was a guy 30ish, medium build and in a tracksuit with the bottoms around his ankles with his eyes shut and his cock inside the mouth of another older guy, who was kneeling between his legs sucking it down deeply and fondling the guys arse and bollocks with his hands.

I got rock hard and was still entranced when the guy opened his eyes, smiled and asked if I wanted some. I immediately got down on my knees and took on the role of sucker while the other guy moved out of the way. But he didnt go far, his hands went around my waist, undid my belt and pulled my jeans down as far as my knees so that he could play with my cock.

Fuck I was in heaven, an impromptu spit roasting with two complete strangers.

More to come........